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After Season Nine Library Edition ...

Discussion in 'Season 9' started by Puffy, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Puffy

    Puffy Guest

    ...Volume 2 (both Buffy and Angel/Faith) i cant wait for the next volumes. So i have to switch to paperbacks. (i am a late time fan, so until now it havent been a problem)

    What are the paperback volumes I have to pick up, so everthings stays in line..?

    "If" there are always two paperback volumens in one library edition, it shoud be paperback volume 5, for both Buffy and Angel/Faith, is that correct?
  2. gite63

    gite63 Gone

    Feb 21, 2015
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    Let's see...

    If Buffy Season Nine Library Edition, Volume 2 contains
    • Guarded, Part One
    • Guarded, Part Two
    • Guarded, Part Three
    • Billy the Vampire Slayer, Part One
    • Billy the Vampire Slayer, Part Two
    • Wonderland, Part One
    • Wonderland, Part Two
    • Wonderland, Part Three
    • Wonderland, Part Four
    • Wonderland, Part Five
    You have to buy Welcome to the Team - Volume 4 (#16-20)
    • Welcome to the Team, Part One
    • Welcome to the Team, Part Two
    • Welcome to the Team, Part Three
    • Welcome to the Team, Part Four
    • The Watcher

    I saw that Season Nine Library Edition, Volume 2 contains the mini-series Willow: Wonderland, which wasn't published on any of the 5 paperback volumes. Same with Spike: A Dark Place on Angel & Faith.

    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 15, 2015 ---
    Angel & Faith - Season Nine Library Edition Volume 2
    • Family Reunion, Part One
    • Family Reunion, Part Two
    • Family Reunion, Part Three
    • Family Reunion, Part Four
    • The Hero of His Own Story
    • A Dark Place, Part One
    • A Dark Place, Part Two
    • A Dark Place, Part Three
    • A Dark Place, Part Four
    • A Dark Place, Part Five
    You should buy Angel & Faith Volume 4 Death and Consequences
    • Death and Consequences, Part One
    • Death and Consequences, Part Two
    • Death and Consequences, Part Three
    • Death and Consequences, Part Four
    • Spike and Faith
    Puffy: Great help.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
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  3. Puffy

    Puffy Guest

    Allright. Thx for your help. :)

    I just bought both Paperbacks on Amazon.
    gite63: You're welcome!