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Cast List & Plot Summary

Discussion in 'Sunnydale Cemetery' started by Buffy Summers, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Buffy Summers

    Buffy Summers Yataro Staff Member

    Nov 20, 2001
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    The City of Angels
    As well as having fun in Italy, Buffy Summers had been continuing her fight against evil, and one such fight ended up in the Italian headquarters of Wolfram & Hart. It was there that she discovered that things were not at all well in LA. The choice between her new life and helping her old lover and his friends was an easy one to make for the Slayer. After gathering her friends in Italy and contacting Faith, the Slayer took the first flight to LA.

    With the help of Willow, Illyria and Gwen, the battle of the alley was won. The companions have now been brought to the mysterious Joshua Tree Training Camp, where they figure out what to do next.

    After the group has some time to heal, Buffy reveals to them her plans - to train others like themselves all over the world and actively seek out the big nasties of the world. Their first target: a strange haven of vampires in the Canadian wilderness. The companions set out to destroy it...

    They encounter a new adversary: Ansara, the Slayer turned Vampire. After a fierce battle, the remaining vamps retreat, leaving more questions than answers and an old friend...Drusilla has been captured.

    Returning to the desert training camp, the allies discover that Drusilla has a case of amnesia, while Angel and Oz set out to find Nina.

    Upon their return to LA, Angel et al discover a strange mystery involving a string of murders by...a severed hand? Discovering that the hand was in fact the evil hand of Lindsey McDonald, Angel's team render it inert with a clever spell aided by Amy the witch. Would she be accepted as a member of the group now?

    And back at the camp, Buffy and those who remain are ambushed by an attack by the unscrupulous Ansara. Ansara succeeds in re-capturing Drusilla, whilst knocking Buffy unconscious. As the remainder of the team and the potentials flee the scene via helicopter, the compound is destroyed in a massive explosion.

    Thinking they were safe, hidden in the depths of England, and with Ansara and Drusilla apparently no where on the planet the gang took a breather. Before a second attack on their camp made them realise Ansara is still on the playing filed. During the attack all the files on the new Slayers were downloaded and copied.

    Having suffered another blow, the team received another kick in the gut when Sam and Riley Finn showed up to announce that Drusilla was in Nepal, and apparently working with one of the new Slayers, Indra. Xander, Faith, Dawn along with Sam and Riley and a few of the new slayers made their way to Nepal to look into it.

    Meanwhile Gwen, lead a team to New York to look into stealing an artefact for Willow. Who, along with Buffy were making their way to their new base of operations in Scotland.

    After a crushing blow in Tibet, the Slayers scythe was stolen by Ansara.

    Now a year later and a war is raging between the groups with each side rushing to gather as many slayers as possible.

    Cast List


    Angel - played by Slayergal
    Illyria - played by Angels Baby101
    Spike - played by Mesektet Ra

    Buffy Summers - played by Keanoite
    Willow Rosenberg - played by Black Eye Guy
    Xander Harris - played by palabravampiress
    Faith - played by Faith
    Gwen Raiden - played by Lyri


    Indra - (Slayer) - played by palabravampiress
    Drusilla - (Vampire) - played by DarklyDreamingDrusilla

    Characters not in actionNot being played

    Nina -
    Gunn -
    Dawn -
    Giles -
    Kennedy -
    Amy -
    Sam -
    Satsu -
    Connor -
    Robin wood
    Andrew -
    Riley -

    Additional Characters (not available as roles)

    Ansara - Vampire Slayer turned vampire
    David - Buffy's personal assistant

    Demon - Can be any demon for story purpose - played by Black Eye Guy

    Slayers (not available as roles, but can be used in Story)
    Isabel Frazier - Slayer, Really enjoys the slayer life.
    Lena Lowell - Slayer, Very talkative
    Raven - Slayer, fiery girl, with allot of rage.
    Sarah - Slayer, 17 has long rown hair.
    Laura - Slayer, Only recently joined the fight.
    Tatum Cohen - Slayer, lives near the compound but not actually with the group.

    Lisa - Deceased
    Rachel - Deceased
    Emily - Deceased

  2. Black Eye Guy

    Black Eye Guy Taking over the World!

    Aug 16, 2005
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    Black Thorn
    Available Roles

    Robin wood

    If you are still active and had one of these roles, PM me about getting it back, it's now open for someone else to take because you haven't posted in a while.
    DrusillaRox: BEG, I really need a reply on my connor audition.
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