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Does Angel Sound Like David Boreanaz?

Discussion in 'Angel & Faith: Season 9' started by The Ferg, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. The Ferg

    The Ferg Mine is an evil laugh!

    Apr 7, 2008
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    Omaha, NE
    So, I've been rewatching/reading everything-Whedon in preparation for Age of Ultron, and I just arrived at Angel & Faith this week. On my first monthly read-through I absolutely loved it. To me, it was a return to form for the franchise after IDW lost it's license and Buffy got ridiculous in Season 8. Upon reading the first two volumes, it's still clearly very good. The characterization of Faith is phenomenal, the original characters (Nadira, Alisdair Coames, Pearl & Nash, Lavinia & Sophronia [to a lesser extent with these two]) are interesting, unique, and engaging, and the structure and themes of the season are kind of genius in a simplistic, to-the-point kind of way.
    However I'm beginning to have a problem with Angel's characterization. I've pretty much accepted the fact that Angel's not going to act exactly like he did in AS5 or AtF, and I've learned to let go of my annoyance of Angel's whole Twilight phase, but the dialogue just does not sound like it's the Angel we know from David Boreanaz's portrayal and likeness. This is especially disheartening after reading After The Fall just a few weeks ago. I'm no literary genius so I can't give you specific examples, but does anyone else feel the same way? Every time I start up an A&F book I have to talk myself into reading about a character who's not the character I assumed he was. Which, honestly, is pretty silly considering I literally hear the actor's voices in my head while reading these books, including Eliza Dushku and Anthony Head in this very book! (and besides maybe Spike, because apparently the only comic writer that can get Spike's voice down is Brian Lynch).
  2. Silverspike

    Silverspike Scooby

    Aug 31, 2008
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    Yeah I think Brian had many characetrs down pat. Not %100 per cent, but pretty close. Imo better then many of todays comic book writers.

    And no, I often don't 'hear' Angels voice in his own dialogue sadly.
  3. Zero

    Zero Townie

    May 3, 2015
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    Absolutely agree with you. I really love the Angel & Faith comics so far. 10 issues in and I really think Faith is on point. Sadly, After the Fall was much more DB than A&F's Angel dialogue. Maybe it's will get better as the comic progresses. I prefer Angel & Faith to the Buffy comics hands down but maybe I'm biased by I have always been a bigger fan of Faith ;)
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