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How To Make Season 7 Better.

Discussion in 'Season 7' started by Xanderectomy, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Dora

    Dora Potential

    Apr 1, 2016
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    I agree White Avenger I am no Bangle shipper, Buffy and Angels getting together certainly in season one to me smacks of paedophilia.Buffy said she loved Angel more than she would love anything in this world, but we never saw Angel / Angelus in every episode . Why did we need to see Spike in every episode? if he was not on screen in season seven people was talking about him. Take Lessons why did Buffy have to see a nutty Spike in the cellar , in the next episode it made Buffy look like a idiot for not telling Xander and Dawn that she had seen him ?Faith back earlier would have been great , and as you say Spike could have arrived back later maybe saving the Day in some form making him a repentant hero, I certainly feel the Spuffy Fan base and JW and MN obsession with the character Spike came at a detriment of the Show generally, certainly season seven. I think Buffy was better when it concentrated on the Scoobies and Buffy mission , before Spike started stalking Buffy, before James Marsters started taking his shirt off .As for the Eliza thing I read the other Day that there was plans for Eliza to take over from Sarah , Sarah did say as long as they had not killed off Buffy she would come back if required for some episodes but Eliza would not sign as JW would not guarantee his every day involvement
  2. white avenger

    white avenger white avenger

    Sep 30, 2006
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    rome, georgia
    True, we didn't see as much of Angel in either Seasons 1 or 2 as we did of Spike in Season, but one reason for that might be that Spike in Season 7 was both more popular by then and had a more important role in the general story line as it was depicted. Angel didn't have that big a part in the early Seasons simply because he wasn't all that important a character in the beginning. Until Angelus returned, he was mostly just Buffy's snuggle puppy. By Season 7, Spike was a fully developed character, integral to a well established cast, and his new soul and connection with the First Evil were major elements of the story line. With a few tweaks, his story could have been changed to depict Willow, Giles, or Faith, and by doing so they, instead of Spike, would then be a central element, and a lot of time would have been devoted to them.

    The way that Season 7 was written, one key character would be under the thrall of the First Evil and would as such, have commanded a lot of screen time, and, for whatever reason, Spike was the one chosen to be that character.