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Rank the Angel season 4 episodes

Discussion in 'Season 4' started by Carrie Hopewell, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Carrie Hopewell

    Carrie Hopewell Little girl lost in the woods

    Jun 5, 2016
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    Lisbon, Portugal
    Last thread for the day!

    1. Home (amaaaaazing episode. Lilah/Wes, Connor/Angel are written spectacularly)
    2. Deep Down (Angel's speech is inspired)
    3. Orpheus (great character work)
    4. Salvage (Wes/Faith rock)
    5. Apocalypse Nowish (epic)
    6. Calvary
    7. Peace Out
    8. Spin the Bottle
    9. Habeas Corpses
    10. Inside Out (the Darla/Connor scenes are great, the Cordy scenes annoy as usual)
    11. Release (mixed episode. Angelus is too cheesy, but the Faith scenes are good and the fight between Angelus and Faith was wonderfully choreographed)
    12. The Magic Bullet
    13. Players
    14. Sacrifice
    15. Slouching Toward Bethlehem (too much Cordy)
    16. Supersymmetry
    17. Soulless (Angelus is too on the nose)
    18. The House Always Wins (not bad, but not great either)
    19. Awakening (I don't buy Angel's fantasy and the episode doesn't reveal us much about Angel that we didn't already know)
    20. Shiny Happy People (best part about it is Connor and Angel singing Mandy)
    21. Ground State (like some parts of it, but Gwen as the femme fatale irks me)
    22. Long Day's Journey (don't really like Gwen and find the episode silly)