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Rank the Season 3 Episodes

Discussion in 'Season 3' started by Samuel Reyes, May 10, 2015.

  1. wickedtiger86

    wickedtiger86 Scooby

    Apr 24, 2009
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    This is not the easiest thing ever.

    1. The Wish
    2. Band Candy
    3. Dopplegangland
    4. Earshot
    5. Graduation Day 1&2
    6. Lover's Walk
    7. The Prom
    8. The Zeppo
    9. Faith, Hope & Trick
    10. Revelations
    11. Helpless
    12. Anne
    13. Homecoming
    14. Amends
    15. Enemies
    16. Bad Girls
    17. Choices
    18. Consequences
    19. Beauty and the Beasts
    20. Gingerbread
    21. Dead Man's Party

    This is a really good season, though. The last three are the only ones that I ever feel tempted to skip on a rewatch, but even then, I end up glad that I watched them. For one scene or another. Like, I love the use of Call of the Wild in Beauty and the Beasts. And Giles' speech about the mask and Americans in Dead Man's Party. :)
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