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Sam Lawson Why we Fight

Discussion in 'Season 5' started by GraceK, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. GraceK

    GraceK Grr Arrg

    Nov 3, 2016
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    I know a lot of people don't like this episode for different reasons, but I actually do like it. I don't like Angel in this episode though.

    I actually feel really bad for Lawson and I think that Angel is unbelievably callous about what he did. ..shows no remorse whatsoever cause he felt it had to be done. It also makes me feel that I might not want Angel to get redemption for things he has done....I think he deserves to suffer. He may be a hero now but that doesn't wash away all the pain and lives he has ruined. I'm expecting to get a lot of hate for this opinion lol. Lawson makes me sad. A genuinely good person who wanted to not only help his country but save his crew but is sacrificed. He has very good reasons to be upset . And I'm not excusing his actions to the rest of the gang when he turns up...I don't know This whole episode leaves a bad taste.
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    Ok I want to amend this a little..Angel does show remorse so I was wrong to say he didn't. Still leaves me with a bad feeling about Angel that I don't like :(
  2. white avenger

    white avenger white avenger

    Sep 30, 2006
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    rome, georgia
    This is all pretty much part and parcel to Angel's character, his certainty that he, and he alone, knows what has to be done to serve (his personal version of) "the greater good." Of course, it could be argued that Lawson was dying anyhow, and the only chance for the few remaining survivors of the crew was to take the action that he did, but I couldn't help wondering the first time that I saw it, if his actions in creating another monster like himself, then turning it loose on the world, weren't as bad, if not worse, than just letting the submarine sink. Surely, that "greater good" would have dictated that the deaths of the few remaining crewmen would be less than the number of victims Lawson would take, undoubtedly some of whom would be women and children, since they seem to be the preferred victims of most vampires.

    Of course, it has to be remembered, Angel at that time was in no way trying to be any kind of hero, champion, or patriot. He didn't know anything about redemption, and the love of a good, if totally naive, teenage girl who just happened to be a Slayer. All that he wanted to do was to get back to dry land and get as far away from the Initiative operatives as possible.
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