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BBRadio: *J4* Show #4

BBRadio: *J4* Show #4 2016-01-17

No permission to download
Main Cast:

Tom aka Tome

Luis aka NY State of Mind

Chris aka WileyDairyGnome

Abby aka Kittenpoker

Katie aka xFivebyfive

Guest Starring(singing):

Jenn aka BuffyHead

Kristen aka KristenVictoria

Dan aka Dan-k

John aka PieceofGosa

XDruX aka XDruX

Foster aka Foster

With special appearances by:

Steph aka SlayerOfVampyrs

GRR aaargh monster aka GRR aaargh monster


As promised last time, this week we are releasing a very special show. One that will let new members enjoy one of the biggest events we've had on BB, and that will let the veteran members rediscover it. :) You will be able to hear most of the contestants from BBGT (Buffy Boards' Got Talent) covering what range from OMWF songs, to popular tunes and even an original piece! This show prove without doubts that BB HAS talent.

Comment Thread: BBRadio: *J4* Show # 4!
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