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BBRADIO: *J4* (The Jamtastic Four) Show #5!

BBRADIO: *J4* (The Jamtastic Four) Show #5! 2016-01-17

No permission to download
Show number five. The final frontier.....nah....that won't work.....but this crew hardly needs an introduction.

They have worked and wended and welded their way into your collective consciousness, and all that remains now is the inexorable imperative to LISTEN. Because this is what entertainment is all about....this is *J4*!

Main Cast:

Tom aka Tome
Luis aka NY State of Mind
Chris aka WileyDairyGnome
Abby aka Kittenpoker
Katie aka xFivebyfive
Abbey aka Abbeycat

Guest Starring:

Laura aka wickedtiger86

With special appearance by:

GRR aaargh monster aka GRR aaargh monster


As suggested by some people, this week we've tried making our show shorter (less music and three topics instead of four).

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