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Buffy Boards Podcast Pilot 2016-06-28

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Athena and Taake got together one Saturday afternoon on Skype to trial a recording of a brand new Buffy Boards podcast. This is the result.

Hosted by: Athena & Taake
Episode: 0 (Pilot)
Duration: 55:04
Buffy Boards Latest News
Hot Topic: Your Best Average Episode of Buffy
Athena chose 'Doomed'
Taake chose 'Lie to Me'

Special thanks to Mr Pole for the editing!
First release
Last update
4.60 star(s) 5 ratings

Latest reviews

Really solid start. I like the naturalistic flow of the chat, and thought you got into the meat of the episodes very well. Agree with the overall assurement that Doomed is an episode of moments, but the plot is pretty flimsy. IMO Fond is the only weak link in Lie to Me. Look forward to hearing more.
Love everything about this. Very interesting, I have trouble paying attention to things like this for long periods of time, but this one kept me paying attention because of how great it was!
Nice podcast, very fun! I'm glad we've cleared up how to pronounce Taake's name. lol. I think Doomed is actually a bad episode, not average. lol. Average is like A New Man.
Brilliant episode, really good discussion, though Lie to Me is anything but average ;-) Well done everyone involved!
Interesting and professional sounding. I loved it!
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