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Ep1: The Government Gave Me Bad Hair

Ep1: The Government Gave Me Bad Hair 01-1608

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Memory Loss. It happens to us all at some stage in our lives, but not usually by a spell!

In this very first official episode of Once More, With Podcast, Athena and Taake discuss two landmark episodes of Buffy and Angel which tackle memory loss (or memory regression), both of which caused by a good intention spell-gone-wrong!

Taake prefers Spin the Bottle, episode 6 of Season 4 of Angel, in which Lorne attempts to bring back the Cordelia we all know and love but instead they all become seventeen again, and the government gives her bad hair...
Athena prefers Tabula Rasa, episode 8 of Season 6 of Buffy, where a lonely, depressed Buffy is wiped along with all the Scoobies by a well-meaning Willow; Spike becomes Giles' son and we meet a lone loan shark...

Special thanks to @GwenRaiden for our lovely new podcast cover art!
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Another nice little chat. This one was a bit more to the point which I liked. Tabula Rasa is the better episode for me, but Spin the Bottle was a nice change of pace for that season of Angel.
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