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Ep2: Our Secret Weapon is PMS

Ep2: Our Secret Weapon is PMS 02-1609

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This episode, Taake and Athena dust off their scrunchies and neon leotards and travel back in time, to 1992. A time when a movie came out which would change history as we all know it - quite literally. Because without this movie, there would be no BtVS or AtS and we wouldn't be here doing this podcast! :D Yes, we're talking about the completely non-canon Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.

We discuss the troubled production and our shared dreams of graduating, visiting Europe, marrying Christian Slater and dying. (Ok, so we both live in Europe, so that's one we've both got sorted!) Only one of us can legally marry Christian, so Athena will probably be happy with Luke Perry instead. We also talk about the performances in the movie and just how fantastic Kristy Swanson actually was - yes, we did actually agree on something! :p

We also discuss the differences between the finished product and the much superior original script, which is available here for anyone interested in reading Joss' original vision for this movie.

Thanks for listening - we hope you enjoy!
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