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Ep3: Is This A Penis Metaphor?

Ep3: Is This A Penis Metaphor? 1609-01

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This episode, Taake and Athena take sides on the overrated/underrated debate on Season 3, Episode 13 'The Zeppo' (naturally, they have to agree to disagree!).

We have zombies, cake baking, a 1957 Chevrolet Belair (thanks, Uncle Rory!) an apocalypse going on in the background and Xander Harris, the 'everyman' of BtVS taking centre stage. Taake thinks the episode is underrated, Athena thinks it's overrated and for some reason, the innuendo starts flowing!

Will Taake be able to convince Athena of the brilliance of The Zeppo? Ding ding, round 1 of the first in our series of "Overrated/Underrated"!
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