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Episode 10: Everyone Here Is a Crazy Person

Episode 10: Everyone Here Is a Crazy Person 1704-01

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Welcome to another aptly named episode of Once More with Podcast, the large and unfrosted Buffy's bathroom window into your soul.

This episode we're talking all about the number one in Buffy Boards recent top 144 - Becoming Part 2; but because Becoming Part 1 is rather essential to the story, we stick that in the mix too. Why is Becoming so beloved in the Buffy Boards community? We wanted to discuss and find out!

We also learn that:
  • Athena can't pronounce An-jealous, or is it Anj-eluss? She does it both ways basically, and that she thinks Giles is a phantom of knowledge (I think she meant 'fountain')
  • Taake wouldn't say no to being in an Angelus-Spike-sandwich... whatever that means, and she admits that Spike is actually right about wanting the world to be saved (there's a first time for everything!)
  • And that bullets travel faster than humans. Don't say we're not educational!
Special appearance by Morgan Freeman. Mr Freeman, we're such big fans, feel free to buy us some milk anytime.

Britney, Beyonce & Shakira also get a mention, in a Buffy podcast, because why not?!

You podcast listeners are just lucky that our breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains.

All together now!

Atheeeena, Athena
Taaaaakeeee, Taake

This episode is sponsored by Acathla; he wants to swallow your world.
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