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Episode 11: You Had One Job, Phil!

Episode 11: You Had One Job, Phil! 1705-01

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In this month's episode, we take on the gargantuan task of redeeming two episodes designated as 'the worst' by the Buffy-Boards members: Gone and Get It Done. Two epic fails of episodes which, like Jurassic Park's Dinosaur Supervisor, should have known better. You had one job, Phil! Can we redeem these episodes? Or should we just Invisibility Ray them out of canon? Sadly, we can't do that, but we do at least try to look at the positives of these heinous episodes.

In this slightly fruitier-language-than-normal episode, we discover that:

Phil, aka Taake, thinks Spuffy is just fanfiction (don't worry Spuffy fans, Athena puts her straight!) but most importantly, Season 7 should just stop trying to make 'fetch' happen! Thankfully, Norway DID give votes to Sweden at Eurovision - PHEW!
Athena's a big fan of the 'Rachel' haircut (it's still in fashion, right?) but an even bigger fan of Spike's abs and she's definitely not The First Evil (just regular ol' human evil!)

And we still don't find out where Sunnydale's docks or airport actually are.

Whilst Taake & Athena disgree on pretty much everything the other says, the one thing we can agree on is that Invisibuffy is truly AWFUL as is Get-It-DoneBuffy. Bad Buffy = bad episode. Thankfully, we have Dawn. We never thought we'd ever say that!

Special appearance from the DivaCat in the background, miaowing her disappointment at our attempts to redeem these episodes. She could have done it so much better, obviously. We had one job, Phil....
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