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Episode 12: Cave People Didn't Have Sandwiches!

Episode 12: Cave People Didn't Have Sandwiches! 1706-01

No permission to download
(This is our first live-watch episode, watching Season 4's Beer Bad! So if you want to watch along with us, prep your DVD. We start the episode about 10 minutes in)

Coming at you live from Stockholm! This was actually our first time meeting face-to-face, so this show is kind-of a big deal. Like Ron Burgundy. We also have many leather bound books and Taake's apartment smells of rich mahogany. :D

We also drink. Not bad beer, but good wine. Drunken podcasts are usually not advised, however luckily we have no advisors. So, we met up and we recorded a podcast whilst watching Beer Bad and drinking wine. It actually turned out pretty funny, and we're surprisingly proud of this episode.

But we digress. We had a great time together (Athena mentions this many times!) and hopefully we'll do it again soon. Just FYI, as this was a completely live recording, there is no editing at all. Everything happens in real time (like an episode of 24) so there is some mild drunken language. Listener discretion is advised.

Turns out Beer Bad is actually a really fun episode to discuss while drinking. Who'd have thunk it?!

We also have fun discussing:
Xander's caterpillar
Willow's Oscar
Buffy's golden bits

We also find out that:
Taake wants to climb farmer Riley like a tree. She still stands by this statement.
Athena's brand new single "Emo Song" is probably (not) coming to a record store near you soon!

And we ask the age old question:
Would Taake create a stupid Athena-bot, or a smart Athena-bot?

Thanks so much for listening to us for the last year. To celebrate our anniversary, we created an Instagram. Find and follow us at @oncemorewithpodcast
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