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Episode 13: Some People Stand in the Darkness

Episode 13: Some People Stand in the Darkness 1707-01

No permission to download
This month, we're having a discussion about the Big Bads of Buffy. We did a poll at Buffy Boards, and the results came in with a clear winner! Sadly, it wasn't The Master, but to honour fruit punch mouth himself, we're making him our cover star on Instagram for the release of this episode. He deserves some love!

In this episode, we also discover that:

-Athena elaborates with her butt and uses the "I had a friend" line far too many times. But she really did have a friend. It was the friend, okay. THE FRIEND!
-Taake is not amused by giant snake demons and has a puffy face during recording. Sadly, no evidence was recieved, but you know it was hilarious.

Special shout outs to some glorious Buffy Boards members who contributed to this month's show with their thoughts on who was the best Buffy big bad - @Blair @Priceless @sk73 @Mr Trick and @Smile Time . Your participation cheques are in the post, but we didn't know your addresses, so they'll probably never reach you.

There's also a special apperance by Glorificus herself, wanting her key really badly (it's actually Taake but because it's such an amazing impression, you'll never know!)

Why the title? Well, big bads like the dark and Buffy is the light. It's a metaphor. It's also the Baywatch theme song. Time to slow-mo run away....

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