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Episode 15: Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Podcast!

Episode 15: Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Podcast! 2017-09-30

No permission to download
(aka It's all very great and erotic!)
Guys. We really love Firefly!
Like, we can't stress enough how much we love it. It's cowboys.... in space!
It's so damn good. So we recorded a 15th anniversary show to literally fangirl all over it. And fangirl we did. It's smart, it's funny, it's dark, it's sensual, it makes us laugh and it makes us cry like babies. But enough about the podcast, this is about Firefly dammit!

It's literally the best cancelled show in the 'verse and if you've not seen it, do your DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming collection a favour and just buy it. Buy it and watch it. You won't regret it. We swear by our pretty floral bonnets.

In this actually saucier-than-you-might-expect extended episode dedicated to our favourite big damn heroes, we discover that:

Taake is on the hunt for hidden bird flipping and still can't find a link to that Livejournal. She would also like to make it clear that she does not have nits, however she is as mad as a box of Taakes.
Athena really really loves Alan Tudyk and were she not wed she would take him in a womanly fashion, whilst also deeply respecting Zoe and Wash as a relationship. #relationshipgoals indeed. Also never ever ask her to judge your poor village mud statue.

We also spend a little bit of time commemorating the wonderful and inimitable Ron Glass, aka Shepherd Book; the only main actor from the show to no longer be with us. RIP Ron, we loved your work in Firefly and Serenity, but mainly in Rugrats. You're much missed by all the fans.

We actually struggle to find stuff wrong with Firefly. It's not just so beloved because it's gone, but also because it was pretty damn great. But honestly, the show would still be the same without Simon & River. Just sayin'.

There's also no other podcast in the 'verse that can link Firefly and Anchorman. We guarantee it.

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