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Episode 18: Rubbish People Skills

Episode 18: Rubbish People Skills 2017-12-01

No permission to download
This episode we pull on our backless braless tops and dance with other girls' boyfriends in clubs, as Faith rocks up in Los Angeles and does a rather rubbish job of not standing out like a sore thumb! If only there was an evil law firm to help her earn a quick $15,000?! Turns out, all she needed was a hug in a rainy alley from a vampire with a soul....

Taake's body is still rejecting peas, and she cooks oats like chicken. It's a shame about that anaphylactic shock.
Athena makes a pig's ear out of explaining where making a pig's ear out of it comes from. Pig's ear is genuinely also Cockney rhyming slang for beer, as is Richard Gere and King Lear.

Why didn't Giles contact us to let us know Faith was in town?
When Phantom Dennis is a better security guard than in all of Wolfram and Hart, you know you need to make some changes to your evil legal firm staffing.

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