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Episode 19: Stormtrooper Shooters' Academy, Class of 2000

Episode 19: Stormtrooper Shooters' Academy, Class of 2000 2017-12-17

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**Sorry for the weird delay issues. We had some general recording issues with the software we use to record Skype and it seems to inadvertently have caused a 1-ish second delay on one end which makes it sound like we're constantly talking over each other (which granted we do occasionally, but not this much!)! We will be using new software for the next episode!**

Also, Buffy's birthday is not 27th January, its 19th January! Ooops - faux pas!

Welcome to the final part of our Faith four-part adventure where we look at the Angel Season 1 episode 'Sanctuary'. It seems like only yesterday we met Faith, she was so deadly, so evil, so into torture.... and now she's so innocent and naive, and under Angel's protection, which doesn't go down well with his friends... y'know, the friends she beat up and tortured? I mean, what is Wesley & Cordelia's issue here?

And then Buffy comes back, and what's a girl to do when her ex-boyfriend is seen cuddling her ex-friend? Apparently, don't be yourself. Buffy isn't Buffy in this episode, which is odd considering it was written by Tim Minear & Joss Whedon.... but we digress.

We also find out that:
Athena never reads the books for book club, unless it's Sweet Valley High, and once again flies coach to get on her high horse about the English language. But not in a helicopter while firing a gun, because that's really hard, both for her and for the Watchers' Council.
Taake has some seriously love for Wesley, including many sketched hearts in a notepad. Honestly, we're surprised she hasn't started practising her signature as Mrs Taake Wyndham-Pryce.... is that before or after she marries Chris Evans though?

But really, the main thing we take from this episode is.... Is Angel his legal name? Is it actually Angel Angel? Does he have a social security number? How is his company legally recognised? Does the government know his true identity? How does he do his banking? And somehow this links the conversation to Super Mario Bros. Yeah, we wonder how this happens too!

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