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Episode 20: The Greatest Love Of All

Episode 20: The Greatest Love Of All 2018-02-02

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Welcome back to Once More, with Podcast; the nubile podcast which look at Buffy thematically. We've had a brief hiatus but we're now back and ready to take on 2018. So that's Buffy's 21st year. The show can drink in America now. This makes us feel old.

Also making us feel old is when you go back to episodes when Giles is our age and we'd actually go out with him as a peer - it's depressing. We really need to start hanging out with some high schoolers.

It's the Puppet Show, with our special guest star.... US! And Sid!

Athena can't say Plincipar Flurblur's name, so we kept that little gem of a faux-pas in the episode for lols. "Prince-i-pal Flooooot-teeeeee"! And once you go wood, nothing's as good, not even 90s pleather.

Taake was the mean girl in high school. She was actual Cool Girl Number 4! And if your skirt is 1mm higher than knee length, Granny Taake will be on to you. And once you go vampire..... that's.....better (tumbleweed)

But really, we just wanna talk about Sid. He's creepy, he's pervy and he's full of innuendo about wood; Athena loves Sid. Taake just thinks he's creepy and pervy. Time's up for you too, wee little puppet pervert!

See you at the realm of evil for some short dresses and boots. Because cool girls don't wear denim.

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