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Episode 21: Don't Mess With The Nest Egg

Episode 21: Don't Mess With The Nest Egg 2018-02-21

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This fortnight we talk about Smile Time, an episode of Angel we both adore. Puppet Angel is literally the greatest version of Angel ever, even if his nose is made of felt and comes off. Why is Angel so much more comfortable as a puppet than as a soulless vampire human hybrid? I guess once you go felt, it's the hand you're dealt. Nina loves Puppet Angel so much he needs a Gepetto. That is not a euphemism.

We're officially the only podcast where "to Illyria" becomes a verb. Have you Illyria'd anyone recently? We don't advise it.

Why is Wesley acting like such a douchebag this episode? Fred is clearly automatically into you! We know she wasn't before, but for the purposes of serious plot progression she is now! So stop being an idiot before you lose her for good.... it's almost like it was written as a tragedy on purpose?!

We also find out that:
Athena really likes wood and has just found out H&M are Swedish. She's weirded out by creepy child actors who can roll their eyes back into their heads. How do casting agents find these kids? Tom-ahh-toe
Taake really likes felt and doesn't like orange velour pants from H&M. She also says "nasty" in a weird way. She also does not want anyone to buy her a real life Puppet Angel, even though she thinks he's SO CUTE! Tom-ay-toe

We also discuss the habit TV shows have of always putting couples together; and where characters always switch from one partner to another. Most people aren't cool if you dump them and go out with their friend, so why do TV shows insist that it's okay? What about the logistics of secret passages behind cabinets? How do you get out? How do you re-block up the doorway with the cabinet from the other side? What if someone puts something heavy in the cabinet and you can't get out? So. Many. Questions.

We still love Smile Time though!

Many thanks to @Fuffy Baith for suggesting we review this episode. We do take suggestions, so please feel free to message one of us with any ideas!

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