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Episode 4: Big Overture, Little Show.

Episode 4: Big Overture, Little Show. 1610-01

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There are spooooooky goings on at Once More, with Podcast HQ. Taake's wearing a black hat and riding round on a broomstick and Athena's grown fur and is regularly howling at the moon. There's only one explanation: it's HALLOWEEN!

To celebrate the day when all the demons of Sunnydale stay home, we put up a poll asking which Halloween-based episode we should podcast about. In the end, there were two winners, both from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Season 2's Halloween and Season 4's Fear, Itself

We faced our fears, to watch and discuss these two episodes and aimed to answer the following burning questions:

Which is the better episode?

How much do we wish we'd seen more of Ripper and Ethan Rayne?

How cute are fear demons?


What exactly was Willow's costume underneath the ghost outfit? Sexy goth chick? Sexy rock chick? (Because as we all know, every outfit for women on Halloween must be sexy)
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