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Episode 5: Monster Sarcasm Rally

Episode 5: Monster Sarcasm Rally 1611-01

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Buffy as a show has some great one-off characters. Sometimes those characters only need one appearance, or deserve one appearance. So we tasked ourselves with thinking of characters who only appeared once, but deserved to stick around for a little while longer....

Athena chose Sunday, the vampire from The Freshman, who makes a supremely sassy entrance, manages to kick Buffy's ass twice(!!) and then unfortunately is dusted by Buffy. And then Taake cheated and chose Kathy Newman, who was in two episodes (The Freshman and Living Conditions), but we let her have it on a technicality (that, and she really loves Kathy!). Kathy is sadly returned to her demon dimension after attempting to steal Buffy's soul.

The fact we chose two sequential Season four episodes was a complete coincidence!

We also discover Athena has a rather unfortunate thing for puppets and didn't recognise Oberyn Martell, and Taake's Mum made excellent certificates, but don't ever leave your used chewing gum near her. Also, Paake is not, and never will be, a thing.

But who was better? Sunday or Kathy? Kathy or Sunday? Hopefully this podcast will go someway to finding out, but we'll also post a poll on the boards too, to find out once and for all who did deserve to be in the show for longer.
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