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Episode 6: 12% Of A Moment

Episode 6: 12% Of A Moment 1612-01

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It's Christmas (ok, well it's sort of not, but Athena hasn't been well over the festive period and therefore we're a bit late getting this out, but it was meant to be out on Christmas Day!) and to celebrate this festive period, and also our podcast 6 month birthday, we wanted to do something bigger than usual. So in our infinite wisdom decided to take on Marvel's The Avengers and (to a lesser degree) Age of Ultron, both written & directed by Joss Whedon and basically have a nice big discussion about them.

Turns out, they takes a while to talk about, so this episode is a slightly extended Christmas & New Year bonanza. Consider it our gift to you fine people, for downloading and listening to us for six whole months - we are very grateful. :)

We discover that:

-We both love a Hulk with a hairy chest. We're also sharing custody of Loki; one week in England, one week in Sweden for the foreseeable future.

-Don't mess with Norse Gods, it angers Taake quite a bit

-Athena's 5 and a half other pages of notes made excellent kindling for a Christmas fire

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from us both! Thank you for listening (it's a long old slog but it's worth it, we promise!) and see you in 2017!

Taake & Athena
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