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Episode 9: It Was Acceptable in the 90s

Episode 9: It Was Acceptable in the 90s 1703-01

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Happy 20th anniversary Buffy! 20 years ago you were born to this world and we salute you, in the only way we know how: with a total 90s love-in!

In this episode of the podcast, we look back on 20 years of Buffy, and we also find out that:
Velvet is back in fashion in Sweden
Athena dresses like Clarissa and looks forward to playing Sid, no that's not a euphemism
Taake & Athena go deep. No, that's also not a euphemism!
Missteppy missteps are the way to go, but not during Two to Go

We also go back in time and talk Saved by the Bell, Sweet Valley High and various other random 90s stalwarts. We also discuss Orphan Black's tenuous link to Buffy, as we discuss BtVS's legacy. Orphan Black seemed like a worthy successor to the Buffy crown.

This podcast is sponsored by Miami Sound Machine. Bad bad bad bad boys; they make us feel soooo good!
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