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Angel / Angelus

Played by David Boreanaz.

Media comments

  • SAtF_03_Urru
    There's a pairing I just cant see. Guess readership was down and they had to inspire morbid curiosity.
  • 8B9D87F9-B512-488D-82C5-5DCFF71943DC.jpeg
    This looks great. I wonder though.. Spike seems to be pushing that kiss.
  • VampWander1
    Does anyone know the story behind this pic? I'm curious. And anyone recall a trend in the 90s of sucking on pacifiers? To the best of my...
  • out for a walk.gif
    LMFAO One of the best Spike moments ever. ♥
  • Cosmo03
    I should look for modern issues, because if they still have titles like that on the cover then it begs the question why a twitter mob hasn't gone...

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