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ANGEL/ANGELUS - Entire Onscreen Timeline Reference

Here is the account of the entire on-screen timeline of Angel/Angelus. This has been compiled as reference material for fic writer's use. Please feel free to pm a moderator about anything that may have been omitted...or point out any mistakes.
compiled by Old Master 3.0

1609. Virginia Colony. "Darla."

A blond pale woman is on her death bed with Syphilis. A doctor is bleeding her with leeches but it's not helping. A priest cloaked in heavy monk's clothes walks into the room. The woman refuses the priest, but he stays. He asserts that she cried for him in her delirium during the night and describes her as "A woman of some property, no husband, and no inheritance." She is a whore in an era when her occupation was taboo, now in her last moments of life. When they are alone, the priest uncovers his hood and the vampiric face of the Master greets her. He had visited her the night before, when she had mistaken him as death, but he explains, "God never did anything for you, but I will." He plunges his vamp face into her neck and Darla is born.

1753. Galway, Ireland. "The Prodigal." "BtVS: Becoming Part One."

Anna, the family servant girl, is in the courtyard while Master Liam is flirting with her. Liam's father returns from church early and reprimands his son, disgustedly calling him a layabout scoundrel. This is followed by a backhand to his son's face.

Liam is saying goodbye to his mother and sister. His father tells him he wanted a son who would be a man, to which Liam retorts that he could not fail enough for his father. He says goodbye once more to his sister and says that'll he'll return to her one day. He storms out of the house, with his fathers harsh words echoing behind him.

In a pub a very drunk Liam is brawling with the locals, as Darla and a barmaid, look on. The barmaid warns Darla that Liam will spurn her, and forget everything he has promised by sunrise the following morning, but Darla just smiles in amusement saying, "That wouldn't be a problem actually."

On his last day as a mortal human, Liam, encounters a beautiful, blonde woman on the streets at night. Darla. She tells him that she wants to show him her world. He agrees, she seduces him closer to her. She sinks her fangs into his neck, then uses her nails to make an incision on her chest, just above her breasts. Immediately, Darla pulls the Liam's mouth onto her bleeding cut, turning Liam into a demon.

At Liam's funeral. About a dozen mourners attend. Liam's mother and sister weep, but his father is stoic, watching his son's burial. When darkness falls, Darla steps out of the trees and waits for Liam to rise. Upon emerging from his grave, Liam is enthralled with his new "˜life?' The caretaker comes upon them, accusing them of being grave-robbers, Liam kills and feeds off him. Darla tells him he can have anything he desires, and Liam desires revenge and says he wants to wipe out his whole village.

Liam's father is at home, boarding up the windows. Liam turns up, surprising his father. His father says that a demon cannot enter a person's home uninvited. Liam explains to his father that his sister invited him into the house. Believing him to have returned to her as an "Angel." His father turns to see Liam's sister dead in the corner. Liam vamps out telling his father he has made something of himself after all. He kills his father.

Liam sits in the carnage of his family home, gloating over his revenge. Darla enters, and informs him that the victory over his father took but a moment, but his defeat of Liam will last a life time.

1760. London. "Darla."

Angelus dressed in red velvet and sporting long locks is standing before the Master of the Order of Aurelius. Darla is proud of Angelus and tries to impress her sire with her latest boyfriend's killing record. Angelus, however, isn't too impressed with the Master, considering he and his followers live in the sewers, shunning humanity completely. "Darla here tells me you're some sort of Master," comments Angelus with a look of disgust and cockiness. Darla tries to play her lover's cockiness down by explaining that he's young. While the Master champions his plan to destroy humanity, Angelus continues to show disrespect, insulting the Master's looks and lounging in the Master's chair. Angelus isn't too happy about the prospect of looking like the Master, pointy ears, bald head and just plain unkissable face. Tired of Angelus' disrespectful attitude, the Master begins to beat him. Angelus takes the punches, not fighting back, all the while promising to be with Darla forever, promising her everything. "Tell the truth: Who's face do you want to look at for eternity, his or mine?" Darla looks lovingly at Angelus. The Master is positive that she will choose him because he sired her, yet... The Master stops the beating, feeling Darla's sweet smile behind him. "You're leaving with the stallion, aren't you." Angelus is on the ground with a bruised and bleeding face. She helps him up and they leave the sewers. One of the Master's minions tries to stop them, but the Master lets them go, commenting, "They won't last. I give it a century. Tops."

1764. York. "Quickening." "Lullaby."

Holtz, the Vampire hunter is riding on a horse in the middle of the night to meet some men that have found Angelus and Darla.

Meanwhile, Darla and Angelus knock on the home of Holtz. His young daughter answers the door and they convince her to invite them in and Angelus locks the door behind them.

Holtz meets up with his men in front of a cabin. He enters with a torch in one hand and a stake in the other. He searches in vain, only to find a note tacked to a basement door, "How do you hope to save others when you cannot save your own??" He realizes only too late exactly where his two nemeses are.

Darla and Angelus give Holtz their message in the form of feeding on his young daughter and wife. The pair discovers a crying baby and Angelus asks, "Do you want to do it or should I??" Referring to who will send the child to his mother.

Holtz rides at a wild pace to his home, only to find his wife lying on the floor with two fang marks on her neck, but luckily his daughter is still alive or is she? He takes Sarah in his arms and begins to sing to her, but he checks her neck and spots the vampire marks. He sends away his two men and he realizes what his daughter has become as he continues to sing to her as she plays with her doll on the floor.

Morning. Holtz's men enter to take him out. He realizes it's time. Sarah is hunched in a corner away from the sun. Her father takes her, struggling, onto the porch as she fights him. He pushes her into the sunlight and watches his daughter burst into flames.

1765. France. "The Trial."

Being chased by a lynch mob led by Holtz, Angelus and Darla, on horseback, hurriedly enter a barn. They quickly shut the doors and light a lantern. Angelus keeps a careful lookout but Darla reassures him they lost mob back in the village of Arles. Distracting Angelus with sexy talk as she lays down on the hay, Darla tries to make the best of things. He falls down next to her, as a fiery long stake nearly misses him and instead plunges into a board right where his heart would have been.

The barn is filling with fire as Holtz's men surround the barn. Angelus sees Darla's worried look, and offers a plan to flee to the hills, but she knows they can't make it on foot before sunrise and the horse is too tired to carry them both. Angelus is ready to die fighting, a glorious end, but unfortunately Darla isn't. She punches him and as he falls quickly mounts the horse. She hopes he survives and offers that maybe they'll meet again in Vienna, as she rides off leaving Angelus to fend for himself.

1767. Marseilles, France. "Heartthrob."

Two couples, Darla, Angelus, James and Elizabeth are heading to the docks. They are full after having fed off a Count and stolen his money, money to be used to run from Holtz. But Angelus is not happy about James and Elizabeth burning the Count's villa as well, as this will surely alert Holtz to their location. Darla and Angelus recount Holtz's attempt on their lives from which Darla abandoned Angelus in a burning barn surrounded by Holtz's men, while she rode off on their only horse. Angelus smiles at their recollection and remarks to Darla, "Life is boring. You're full of surprises." James and Elizabeth are clearly in vampire-love, a strange foil to Angelus and Darla. Elizabeth spots a beautiful antique heart locket in a store window, but the store is closed and James breaks the glass to get it for her. She promises to never take it off. This draws the attention of the police, so Darla and Elizabeth run to the docks, while Angelus and James stand their ground. Not surprising, Holtz rides in with his entourage, Angelus's sarcasm is rich, "Hope she treasures that locket." Holtz's men surround them armed to the teeth.

Holtz demands to know Darla's location. Angelus and her ate the Vampire Hunter's family. He wants revenge. Angelus offers not only Darla, but Elizabeth and James, which infuriates James, and he attacks Angelus. They use the scuffle as an opportunity to ride off on a horse, but not before Angelus is skewered with crossbow arrows, luckily in all the wrong places. Later, in an alley, James leaves Angelus, as he rides off to meet up with Elizabeth to warn her about Holtz. He is disgusted by Angelus' "utter lack of concern" for his supposed love. Angelus sarcastically points out, "Why are people always running off and leaving me? Am I a bad bloke? I'm gonna need a doctor." And he collapses.

1771. Rome. "Offspring."

Angelus is running through the sewers beneath Rome, running from monks that are hunting him. He's not successful and falls through a tunnel and into the hands of the ex-communicated Monsignor and his followers. Holtz appears, still searching for revenge for the death of his family at Darla and Angelus' hand. Angelus is tortured for several days until Darla saves him but she decides not to kill their tenacious vampire hunter because she considers him part of their family. They escape in a wagon covered in old blankets.

1773. York. "Quickening."

Holtz sits alone in his empty home, drinking by the fire, his thoughts on his late beloved family. Behind him, Sahjhan materializes out of the shadows. Sahjhan tells Holtz he'll help him kill Angelus and Darla by taking him to the future or he can stay and die a bitter old man. In exchange for taking Holtz to the 21st century, Sahjhan demands that Holtz show the vampires no mercy when "the time comes."

1780's. South of England. "Somnambulist."

In a dark alley a woman is running from something. A man catches her but we cannot see his face. He slashes a cut of a cross in her cheek and kills her. Angelus asks "There now isn't that better?" All of a sudden another vampire rises; it was his first kill. The girl was the younger vampire's sister. He feels hungry. Referring to him as Penn, Angelus suggests he go kill his father since family blood is always the sweetest.

1789. Prussia. "Soulless."

During a shortcut on his way to Vienna, Angelus comes across a massacre of the Beast staged to impress him. The Svea of Priestesses had targeted the Beast for banishment and only a vampire could stop them. The Beast offers Angelus a pact to kill the Svea for him, but he declines and earns himself a hard punch to the face, knocking him out. Whilst Angelus lies unconscious, the Beast is banished.

1838. Dublin. "BtVS: Amends."

A man is walking through the snowy winter streets of Dublin being pursued by something unseen. Suddenly he is grabbed and thrown down an alley. He is greeted by a grinning, bearded Angelus, who informs him that he owes him money, he grabs him saying that he is unable to make good on his debt, and to cheer up as its Christmas, he sinks his fangs in his neck.

At a Christmas party in a wealthy mansion Angelus is under a stairway trying to seduce a servant girl, he vamps out, she pleads with him saying she has a son, Angelus informs her he'll make a fine dessert. He slays her.

1860. London. "Dear Boy." "BtVS: Becoming Part One."

Angelus is walking along the streets, and senses Darla in the shadows of an alley. She's just had a snack, two actually. Darla is feeling devious and Angelus knows that she has something special for him - she always has little surprises to entertain him. She leads him into the street just as a family with three sisters is stepping out onto the street. Angelus guesses the surprise is the three virgin sisters, but no, Darla's surprise is much nicer. The middle daughter has powers of vision! The young girl turns, and it's Drusilla. Her face quickly changes to one of terror; she recognizes the evil in Angelus and Darla and begins to walk off with her family. Angelus is about to walk up to her, but Darla holds him back, "Down boy, let the plum ripen." Angelus has to come up with something special for this one.

Drusilla enters a church and steps into the confessional booth, failing to notice one of the priest's arms reaching out in desperation before being pulled back in. Drusilla does not realize that Angelus has just murdered the priest and is now acting in his place behind the confessional screen. After Drusilla tells him of her problem with her visions of the future, Angelus torments her by claiming that she is a child of the devil. Drusilla does not want this to be true, and pleads for help. Finally, Angelus lets her go with a request for Hail Mary's and an act of contrition, and lets her know that "God" is watching her.

Angelus is in a church, as Darla walks in to find the bodies of nuns strewn about. In the corner is Drusilla, terrorized and crazed as Angelus is looking at her. Darla kisses him, and is disappointed because only Drusilla's family is dead. They kiss on the floor as Drusilla babbles on and Angelus reveals his plan to turn her into one of them. Darla is against this because Dru is now a lunatic. Darla is surprised at his plan, but Angelus is happy and asks, "Eternal torment. Am I learning?"

1880. London. "Darla." "Destiny." "BtVS: Fool For Love."

William the Bloody, as his comrades like to call him, sits around writing poetry. There appears to be a gathering on the verge of commencing. William looks up and sees the object of his affection, Cecily, coming down the stairs. He joins the crowd in an effort to get closer to Cecily. The crowd notices him and several party-goers ask him what he thinks of the strange attacks that have been occurring lately. Williams says that he prefers to focus his energies on creating things of beauty, such as his poetry. The crowd finds his answer amusing and in jest, one of the party-goers grabs Williams pad of paper and reads William's poem aloud:

"My heart expands It has grown a bulge in it Inspired by your beauty Effulgent"

The crowd erupts in laughter and someone explains to some of the others, less familiar with William, that he is known as William the Bloody because he writes this bloody awful poetry. William looks embarrassed but, soon his frown disappears as Cecily asks to speak with him privately.

Away from the crowd, Cecily asks if the poems that William writes are about her. William confesses that they are. Cecily cringes in disgust and William explains that he knows he is a bad poet, but he is a good man. Cecily interrupts his plea and asserts that she could never be with him because he is nothing to her. He is beneath Cecily. William is crushed.

Darla, Angelus and Drusilla are reflecting on their latest kill, a sailor. Dru sadly realizes, "I'm full and warm, yet all alone." As the trio returns to the streets, Angelus suggests she make herself a playmate. Dru dreamily fantasizes about finding herself a knight just as a blonde-haired poet breaks through the ranks, bumping into Angelus and clenching out through tears and rage, "Watch where you're going!" The three stare at his back as Darla suggests, "Or you could just take the first drooling idiot that comes along." They laugh and leave Dru behind as she stares at the retreating back of William.

In a deserted room, resembling a shack William allows his tears to fall. Dru comes in and immediately begins to caress his ego. She says that no one else (except her) can see his vision because they are fools. She tells him she has something he wants - something glowing, glistening, and effulgent (this word in particular strikes a cord for the obvious reasons). Feeling seduced, William admits to wanting whatever it she's going to give. She bites him. He screams. He falls to the ground as he is turned into a vampire.

Royal London Hotel, Drusilla and William burst through the doors into a suite belonging to a now dead Ambassador and his wife; they are slumped on the sofa, the bite marks evident, killed by Angelus. He suddenly he appears in the shadows and Drusilla proudly shows off 'William' and asks after Darla but she is not there as Angelus admits they have had a fight and she has gone to see 'The Master'. Angelus looks William over wondering why Drusilla turned him and he grabs William's arm, smoke coming from his hand, as he confesses that he would like to share the slaughter of innocence with another man so then William holds out his arm, his hand also smoking and Angelus laughs; he thinks they will be the best of friends.

In a carriage William and Angelus laugh together at the memory of their most recent kill and Angelus offers William the half dead woman in the carriage but William declines, keen to find Drusilla who is out prowling for street urchins, and confesses to Angel that she is his 'destiny'. Angelus agrees she is special, although a little mad, and stops the coach to let Spike out.

William walks into the bedroom to find Angelus and Drusilla having sex, he is clearly devastated as Angelus mocks him telling Drusilla that Spike thinks she is his destiny.

William orders Angelus to take his hands off Drusilla telling him that he knew she was his and then punching him. Angelus punches back saying that things are different now, he can take what he wants; when he wants, but nothing is his, not even Drusilla to which William informs him he is wrong, that he and Drusilla are forever. Angelus walks to Drusilla wrapping his arms around her, and tells William that if he wants her to come and take her so William charges at them.

1880. Yorkshire. "BtVS: Fool For Love."

Angelus holds William by his neck and asks why they shouldn't stake him. William asserts that his name is now Spike. Then he proceeds to laugh at Angelus for being so mad. Apparently, Spike has been drawing a lot of attention with his kills. Angry mobs are forming and hunting the vampires. Angelus and Darla are pissed that all the attention is forcing them into hiding instead of staying in nice hotels as they usually do. Spike thinks their anger is unwarranted. They are vampires after all. They should not have to fear measly humans. Angelus attempts to explain how such blatant disregard for human authority can backfire, but stops as he sees he is not reaching Spike. Finally, Angelus tells Spike that if he can't teach Spike the ways of life as a vampire then sure enough one day an angry mob will, and if not a mob, the slayer. Spike asks what a slayer is.

1894. Rome. "The Girl in Question."

The room of pain. Spike and Angelus are manacled and chained to the ceiling. Attempting to break free, they curse The Immortal as suddenly the door opens and a man in a suit arrives, backed by men with crossbows. The man apologises on behalf of The Immortal before explaining they were detained as punishment for acts they committed against his concerns. Angelus states that it is their city, they were here first, but the man informs them that The Immortal was, 300 years ago, and they are to leave the city and never return. Unimpressed, Angelus snaps his neck and warns off the other two and as they leave he tells Spike there is going to be a reckoning after he's had good meal and seen Darla.

Arriving back at their room, they find Darla naked under a sheet seemingly unconscious on the bed.

Angelus rushes to the bed to see if Darla is ok, rolling her onto her back and kissing her then realising The Immortal has tasted her. Angelus asks if he hurt her and she says not until she asked him to. Darla is obviously smitten and Angelus points out that he is his arch nemesis but Darla tells him it was only fornication. Spike thinks Angelus has been made a fool of as just then Dru, half dressed, enters the room and he realises they both have. Angry, he demands to know how Drusilla could let him touch her but Darla just says he was insatiable as both Angelus and Spike realise they were detained so he could violate their women. Giggling, Drusilla and Darla leave the room to go and have a bath. Furiously, Angelus and Spike decide on blood vengeance as Angelus states that it's time The Immortal knew who he was dealing with.

Angelus and Spike are outside a club where a bouncer, holding a guest list, tells them they are not on it and are not allowed in. As they try to barge through they are stopped by an invisible barrier which makes Angelus angrily shouts that it is not over!

1898. Borsa, Romania. "Five by Five." Untouched." "Darla." "BtVS: Becoming Part One."

Angelus and Darla arrive home after an evening out. Angelus is blindfolded. It is his birthday and Darla has arranged for a gift. A young gypsy girl, lying bound and gagged in front of the fire. Angelus morphs into vamp face and tastes the girl's inner thigh whilst she tries to scream as Darla watches.

Angelus and Darla are kissing passionately in front of the fire, Darla leans back and morphs into vamp face, she bites Angelus' neck as he vamps out too, he pulls her from his neck, they hear a muffled scream as they turn to face the bound and gagged gypsy girl, they are panting whilst grinning evilly at her thinking of the things they are going to do to her.

The dead body of the gypsy girl lays stretched out on the ground next to a fire, while an elder gypsy woman chants the curse of restoration. Glowing beneath her is an Orb of Thesulah. While she chants the curse, Angelus flees through the woods, trying to escape the scene of the crime, for he is the one responsible for the girl's death. The elder woman completes the curse, and Angelus is stopped in his tracks. He falls to his knees, and his eyes glow as his soul returns to his body for the first time in over a century. A gypsy man steps out of the woods and explains to Angel that he is being punished for the countless murders he has committed. Angel has no memory of these events at first, but slowly becomes to realize what has done and falls to the ground grieving.

Darla arrives home to find Angelus cowering in the corner. He's raving about all the murders he's committed over the last 140 odd years. He informs Darla that the Gypsy's put a spell on him. She realizes that he has a soul and attempts to stake him but he rushes off into the night. She shouts after him saying that she's going to kill him.

Angelus wanders the streets dishevelled. As a dinner party passes he approaches and goes after a young woman shouting "I'm a monster!" The men attack but he morphs out and fights them off and drags the woman back into an ally and bites her.

Angelus stumbles out of the alley muttering, "I can't, Oh God, I can't!" He wanders off into the streets as the woman, slowly appears from the alley, alive.

Angelus is walking aimlessly through the hills of Romania as Darla, Spike and Drusilla pay a visit to the gypsy family who cursed him with a soul. Darla tells the gypsy father "You took him from me. You stole him away. You gave him a soul." But he wants Angelus to pay for what he did. Darla tries to bargain with the gypsy father to reverse the spell or his family will die. Unfortunately, Spike has already snacked upon them in the wagon and Darla has no choice but to exact revenge as Angel begins his painful transformation alone.

1900. China. Boxer Rebellion. "Darla." "BtVS: Fool For Love."

With the Boxer Rebellion, buildings are burning and people are fleeing. Darla is carrying some packages and places them on a table, taking her time. Angel, dressed in old dirty clothes and exhausted from travel comes up behind Darla and grasps her warm face, just recently fed. He asks for Dru and Spike as Darla takes out a knife from a silk sheath near her. She turns and pins Angel to the wall, "I should kill you right now!" She threatens him, but she can't do it. He's back because he wants a second chance. He begs her for an opportunity. He has no place in the world and tries to return to his old self by returning to Darla. She is upset and can still feel his soul and knows that he has been feeding off rats. She is disgusted and spits out, "What do you want?" Angel surprises her, "A second chance." Angel assures her that he will try to be one of them, but Darla knows it impossible because he still has a soul and she argues, "Look at you; I don't know what you are anymore." Angel plays to Darla's yearnings and convinces her with a kiss.

Spike is fighting a young Chinese woman, presumably the slayer. The slayer appears to kicking the smack out of Spike, but after awhile he is able to knock her stake out of her hand. She fights him off as she tries to get her stake. Spike grabs her into a headlock right before she can get to it. She struggles a little but soon realizes he has won. Spike sinks his teeth deep into her neck. She tells him in Cantonese to tell her mother that she is sorry. He tells her doesn't speak Chinese and throws her to the ground, dead. Dru comes in and remarks that Spike has killed a slayer, her offers her some of the blood off his finger. The blood makes them frisky and they begin to make love besides the slayer's corpse.

Angel is walking through the streets in the riots looking for Darla. He walks into an alley, when he discovers a missionary family hiding from the rebellion. The parents, their daughter and a little basket with a baby inside are terrified and Angel can see it in their eyes as they cower against the wall. A man with a sword walks into the alley and Angel punches him knocking him out on the ground. He hears Darla calling him and quickly walks out of the alley and catches up with her before she can spot the family that would make the perfect snack for her. She tries to walk into the alley, "What's over here?" but Angel tells her there is nothing but bodies. She isn't very convinced but she plays along. As they walk back, Spike and Dru come with the news that Spike has just killed a slayer. They are both happy and elated, but Angel only stares solemnly at Spike. Darla notices his reaction, so unlike Angelus. Dru comments that she smells fear and Angel counters, "This whole place reeks of it." As the reunited group walks off, Darla knows Angel has changed. She looks at his back as he walks wondering what has changed.

Angel walks into the greeting room of Darla's house. Darla is waiting for him, upset, wondering where he has been. Darla is catching on. Angel points out that he has been feeding, but Darla adds, "On vermin." This thought disgusts her and she proceeds to let him know that she has taken note that he now feeds only on rapists and murders-the evil doers. "You swore to me. You said that if I took you back you'd prove yourself. . . Now's your chance." Darla smiles, and removes a white cloth from a basket on the table between them. Darla uncovers it and it's the baby of the missionary family in the alley. Darla returned to the alley before dawn and the family was still there. Angel stares at the baby in fear. She says, "I won't be made a fool, Angelus." Angel knows he's caught. He apologizes, but she doesn't want his words. She takes a step back from the basket, waiting for Angel to prove himself.

Angel looks down at the baby and says, "I can't" at what Darla is asking him to do. The price for companionship and a place in the world is higher than what he is willing to pay. He meets Darla's gaze and says, "I can't seem to be what I'm not. I'm sorry." Darla only has three words for him: "You disgust me." Suddenly, he takes the baby out of the basket and crashes through the window. The path to redemption is a lonely one.

1902. Ellis Island, New York. "Orpheus."

Immigrants arrive at Ellis Island as Angel roams the streets. Having hid in the ships holds to avoid human temptation whilst travelling to America.

1920's. Chicago. "Orpheus."

Angel, smartly dressed, is sitting on a bench, a car screeches around the corner; Angel suddenly bolts across the road, saving a puppy from being run over. The puppy's owner says she doesn't know how to thank Angel. Angel tells her to get lost.

1943. Atlantic Ocean. "Why We Fight."

Atlantic Ocean 1943 - Aboard a German submarine a red alert sounds and the crew are in a state of panic when the captain is attacked by an unknown assailant. As they attempt to rescue him we see he is clutching his bleeding neck and as he is once again attacked, the crew members, sprayed with blood, escape through a hatch into their quarters.

In New York City 1943, a sullen looking Angel sits in his apartment when suddenly the door bursts open and two men, armed with a crossbow and a stake enter, followed by an officer, Commander Petrie, who tells him to sit down as they need to talk. Petrie asks if Angel has considered joining the war effort as they need able bodied men but Angel knows they are aware he isn't a man; still he goes on to tell Angel that they have captured a T-Class German prototype submarine. Something went wrong when they tried to bring the submarine in and Petrie asks Angel if he has heard the sound of men screaming for their lives as a fourth civilian man, Mr Fury, watching from the door until now, says of course he has. The submarine, stuck in enemy waters, is essential to the war effort but it has sunk too deep for a human to withstand the pressure and Fury now approaches Angel announcing that he represents a new organisation, the 'Demon Research Initiative' who have been watching him and have decided he is their man. Angel says he's not interested and is punched in the stomach by one of the henchmen as Petrie makes it clear he has no choice and hands him a file adding that he knows what attacked their men; as Angel opens it he looks up at Petrie.

On the submarine in the crew quarters, Lawson discusses the situation with three other crewmen, Hodge, Tyler and Spinelli, they can't control the ship and they have only two days of air so they decide to ask the captured German officer, Heinreich, about their attackers; he doesn't understand. Suddenly they hear another crewman scream from the other side of the door and Lawson wants to go and help him but Spinelli pulls a gun, refusing to let him go as they will all die. They hear a sound above them and follow it through to the Torpedo room where they decide it is coming from the tubes and hearing an S.O.S tap on tube number one Lawson instructs them to open it - Angel is inside.

Angel, at gunpoint, asks for the captain and, upon finding he is dead, asks who is in charge before issuing orders under Naval Op 407 and confirming to Lawson the password, Nautilus. The crew lower their weapons as Angel asks them to remove the manacles from his feet. Hodge and Spinelli decide Angel is some sort of super-soldier as Lawson informs Angel that everyone bar them is dead. Angel goes through to the crew quarters where, at the door, he orders Lawson to lock it behind him refusing Lawson's offer of a weapon; he knows what he is up against. Angel goes to the door at the other end and opens the hatch to find Spike, wearing a swastika on his arm, at the other side.

Spike is surprised to see Angel and assumes he was also captured by the SS as they have been rounding up the 'baddest of the bad' and he introduces him (as Angelus) to Nostroyev and The Prince Of Lies, two other previously captured vampires. Angel asks if there is anyone left alive and Spike confirms they are all dead before asking if Angel has left any where he has been. At Angel's nod that there are some crew left, Spike and the vampires want to kill them but Angel tells them they are needed alive to steer the submarine back to the surface. Nostroyev grabs an axe stating that they will leave one alive but Angel bars his way and as Nostroyev threatens him he pretends to stand aside before dusting Nostroyev with the axe handle, making it clear that no humans will be killed until they reach land.

Back to 1943 and Angel leads the crew through to the main control room on the submarine, instructing them to stay alert and promising they will get out ok, before introducing them to Spike and the Prince of Lies. Lawson instructs his crew to man their sections and get the submarine moving again and as they go to their posts Angel suggests that Lawson help him move the dead bodies.

As they place the dead bodies in the crew quarters Lawson admits that he knows there is something more going on but that he doesn't understand why they are working with the monsters who butchered his crew and he assumes that Spike is in the SS but Angel tells him he isn't, he just liked the jacket. Angel tries to justify why they are being kept alive but Lawson will not accept his reasons so Angel tells him they just need to follow orders but Lawson thinks there is a difference between orders and purpose. Lawson tells Angel that evil is spreading and it is on his ship and he can handle dying as long as he knows it is for a greater purpose but Angel assures him he doesn't need him to understand every detail only that they are fighting on the same side, finally asking him to trust that he will get them through this safe and sound.

Back in 1943 on the submarine and Lawson check the progress of his crew as Spike informs Angel that he wants to be called captain; after all he did kill him he scoffs as Lawson holds back a member of the crew. Angel angrily orders Spike to check the torpedoes, meanwhile Lawson, watching the exchange, deduces that Angel knew Spike from before and tells Angel that he just wants to make sure the boat gets to its destination with his crew intact as Angel reminds him they all need to keep their cool. Just then there is a scream so Lawson and Angel run to investigate where they find the Prince of Light attacking Heinreich, he will not desist so Angel stakes him in front of Lawson and two of the crew. They are shocked that he 'exploded' and after Lawson has sent them back to their stations, Angel tells him the monster was a vampire. They wonder what set the Prince of Light off and Spike appears with a German document he suspects may be the cause. Spike vamps out, threatening the prisoner and Lawson, able to understand German, translates the text - it transpires that they have been testing vampires by cutting into their brains, the object being to raise a vampire army. Heinreich laughs and tells Lawson that Angel already knew leading Spike to the conclusion that Angel is playing both sides, Spike makes it clear that he won't be experimented on by the US government either. Lawson draws his gun but Angel tells him he will get the ship with the men that are still alive and that's all, with that he orders Spike to burn the document. Suddenly the submarine rocks as it is hit from above and they all fall to the floor.

Lawson enters the control room, closely followed by Angel and Spike, where Hodge informs them there are four destroyers above. Unable to take them on Lawson orders a 60 feet fast dive and all is silent for a while until they are badly hit again causing the motors to go down leaving them dead in the water. Hit once more the submarine rocks and Angel and Spike go to seal the compartments from incoming water as Lawson attempts to repair the motors.

Angel and Spike find a member of crew attempting to repair a broken pipe and Angel pushes it back into place with his hand as the man watches in awe and Spike suddenly notices that Heinreich has disappeared.

Lawson can't find the screwdriver and as he stands up Heinreich suddenly stabs him in the stomachw with it; Lawson manages to knock him down with a wrench before collapsing to the floor.

Back in 1943, Angel finds Lawson dying and he is the only one able to fix the engines so Angel, left with no choice, vamps out, bites Lawson then feeds him blood from his own wrist thus making him a vampire.

Back in the engine room, the air has almost gone and the crew are exhausted but Angel arrives to assure Spike that Lawson will get the job done, almost immediately the engines start.

Angel goes back to Lawson and confirms that the submarine is surfacing as the crew are out of air but Lawson is hungry so Angel reminds him they are still his men, Lawson vamps out and Angel grabs him, telling him he is new at this and they need to take a walk.

Back in the control room again, Angel informs Lawson he has eight hours until sunrise and apologises for what he did but warns if he ever sees him again he will kill him. Lawson climbs the ladders to the surface as Spike scoffs that Angel turned Lawson to save the ship only to send him to possible death by sunlight; he suddenly realises that he is going the same way!

1952. Los Angeles. "Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been."

The Hyperion is a beautiful, elegant hotel. The hotel manager and the bellhop are discussing the tenants. The bellhop discovers he has to deliver the weekly bill to room 217 -- a tenant who gives him the heebie-geebies. He goes up to the room, hesitantly knocks and mumbles his presence. Glad to see no answer, he quickly leaves the bill on the floor and nervously runs to the elevator. The door opens and the bill is picked up by Angel.

The hotel in its prime. A young, upset woman walks out as Angel comes in. The bellhop nervously tells him there are no messages for 217. The hotel manager turns away a black family. Angel is walking the corridor to his room. A man is waiting in front of a door. Two men, obviously lovers, are saying good-bye. Angel goes into his room and takes out a bottle of O negative from his paper bag and then steps out to get ice. As he's getting ice, he spots a man with a briefcase talking to someone out of view. A man knocking on a door distracts Angel. He turns back, but the man with the briefcase is now gone. Angel returns to his room and locks the door; something is up with the tenants of Hyperion. He chills the blood in the ice bucket and is surprised by a young woman who pretends to be the maid. Angel finds her out and she explains that she's running away from her boyfriend. Angel is annoyed at her presence. He's about to throw her out when someone tries to pick the lock. Angel opens the door to discover her boyfriend. The man flashes his gun and is about to step in when Angel glimpses at the girl's fearful face behind the door and instead slams the door into the man's nose and then shoves him into the elevator, where a startled bellhop is going downstairs. Judy is grateful and tries to thank Angel, but he shuts the door on her.

Angel is smoking in his room. Music from next door can be heard. The candle salesman is talking to thin air as he handles a gun. Angel pours O negative into a glass. The man holds a pillow to his head. A shot is heard as Angel takes a drink.

The hotel manager and Frank go to check out the suicide. It's the third one in three months! They discuss calling the authorities, but whispers start to feed on the manager's insecurities, convincing him that the place would be shut down. He tells Frank to stuff the body in the meat locker instead.

Word gets around fast. In the lobby, three tenants -- an actor, a call girl and a screenwriter --are discussing the suicide of the candle salesman in 215 and the cover-up. An elderly man overhears them, and whispers begin to tell him that perhaps it was not a suicide.

At the Griffith observatory, Judy spots Angel outside taking a smoke. She walks up to him and tries to make conversation, but he tries to ignore her as much as possible. She had to leave the hotel after the suicide. He asks Judy about her boyfriend, but she goes blank, and then recalls. Judy thanks Angel's back for his help. He finally turns to watch her leave.

In the lobby, the elderly man now joins the discussion. He convinces them that it was not a suicide. Angel is about to enter his room when Judy calls him over. She tells him it wasn't a suicide and warns Angel about the upcoming investigation. She felt she owed him. She is extremely nervous and Angel reveals that he knew the boyfriend was actually a private investigator. She finally comes clean: she was a teller at City Trust Bank in Salina, Kansas. She takes out a briefcase full of stolen money from beneath her bed. She was angry because she was fired for being part African-American. She can pass for Anglo, but her blood is considered "tainted." She can't fit in either place. Angel can relate. She spaces out for a few seconds and calls herself a thief. She's worried and Angel decides to help her. At the hotel, Angel and Judy are going downstairs into the basement. Angel hides the money. Judy is getting more nervous. She mentions that prison is like being buried alive. Angel notices the whispers and recognizes that there is something in the hotel that is making people crazy. Judy talks about forgiveness. Angel's eyes seem to flicker at the possibilities for himself, but it quickly dissipates.

Angel is at a bookshop to do research. Denver, the owner, throws Angel a bible that burns his hands and turns his face vamp. With a stake and cross in hand, Denver runs out to the front of his shop and rants about his hatred of vamps. Angel surprises him from behind with a headlock and asks to see the books in the back.

Frank tells the hotel manager that he had to adjust the body in order to make it fit in the freezer. An argument explodes in the lobby. The tenants are accusing each other of murder, convinced it's one of their own. Judy is reading a book, while the Thesulac is whispering to her. She closes her window.

Angel is downstairs looking through rare books , and Denver is giving him the 411 on the Thesulac demon. Such a demon is very difficult to kill. If it becomes corporeal after a big feed, this offers an opportunity to kill it. The other way is to raise it through a ritual using an Orb of Ramjarin. Denver is surprised that a vamp is trying to help humans -- so is Angel. He leaves for the Hyperion with the necessary supplies.

In the lobby, the tenants' argument is escalating. They are accusing the call girl, when the private investigator, C. Mulvihill, walks in and holds up a picture of Judy. The crowd heads upstairs to Judy's room. Angel walks into an uncharacteristically empty lobby and heads upstairs as well.

The group has Judy in their clutches out in the hallway. She breaks from their grasp as she sees Angel come up. He is about to help when she accuses him of being the murderer. A lynch mob forms. Mulvihill knocks Angel down and the others follow, beating him.

The lynch mob hangs Angel from the hotel balustrades. Judy is frantic. Once he's hanged, everything gets quiet and the tenants disperse. The hotel manager quickly regrets it and questions what they have done. After they leave, Angel takes off the noose and jumps down. The Thesulac demon is fed and reveals himself to Angel. The demon is enjoying his moment of triumph. He thanks Angel for preparing Judy for him. The demon taunts his efforts at helping and for restoring Judy's faith in people only to bring her down even harder, making her more delicious. The demon offers a final opportunity to save the tortured souls in the hotel. Angry and hurt, Angel contemplates the possibility for a moment, but the pain is too much. Angel says, "Take 'em all" and walks out of the Hyperion for the last time.

1970's American Diner. "Orpheus."

McCarthur Park plays on the jukebox as Angel enters a diner. Angel plays Mandy next on the duke box. a couple leave, the smell of humans affects Angel - it's the hunger. It's Angel who belongs on the outside but the battle between good and evil isn't so clean cut as we see when a robber enter and hold up the diner, he shoots the counter clerk.

The clerk dies before Angel can save him, but not before he's willing to feed on him. The beast within Angel still prevails. Angel looks up in realization, and screams.

1996. Manhattan, New York. "BtVS: Becoming Part One."

Angel stumbles through the streets of Manhattan, living like a bum ever since he fed off the diner clerk. He is approached by another demon named Whistler who say's he too is on the good side. Whistler offers Angel a chance to pick himself up from this foul life and become someone important in the world. But first, Angel has to see something before he can make his decision. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Angel agrees that he wants to help the slayer in her mission. To become somebody. But he doesn't want to dress like Whistler.

With this Angel sets off for Sunnydale.
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