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Guide to Viewing Buffy & Angel in Continuity

BB's own SilentDues posted an Episode Guide to BTVS/ATS that he took the time to format with both airdate and story continuity in mind. The BB Staff thought that it was a great idea that could be a useful thing to have on-hand for reference, so here it is. Thank you to SD for the obvious hard work he put into it :thumbsup:

Buffyverse Episode List
From AtS season 1 (BtVS season 4) to Ats season 4 (BtVS season 7)

Season 4 (Buffy)/Season 1 (Angel):

A; "City of" ~ |Crossover w/t Buffy|
B; "The Freshman" ~ |Semi-Crossover w/t Angel|
B; "Living Conditions"
A; "Lonely Hearts"
B; "The Harsh Light of Day"
A; "In the Dark" ~ |Crossover w/t Oz & Spike|
B; "Fear, Itself"
A; "I Fall to Pieces"
B; "Beer Bad"
A; "Rm w/a Vu"
B; "Wild at Heart"
A; "Sense & Sensitivity"
B; "The Initiative"
A; "Bachelor Party" ~ |Semi-Crossover w/t Buffy|
B; "Pangs" ~ |Crossover w/t Angel|
A; "I Will Remember You" ~ |Crossover w/t Buffy|
B; "Something Blue"
A; "Hero"
B; "Hush"
B; "Doomed"
A; "Parting Gifts"
A; "Somnambulist"
B; "A New Man"
A; "Expecting"
B; "The I in Team"
B; "Goodbye Iowa"
A; "She"
A; "I've Got You Under My Skin"
B; "This Year's Girl"
B; "Who Are You"
A; "The Prodigal"
A; "The Ring"
B; "Superstar"
A; "Eternity"
B; "Where the Wild Things Are"
B; "New Moon Rising"
A; "Five by Five" ~ |Crossover w/t Faith|
A; "Sanctuary" ~ |Crossover w/t Buffy & Faith|
B; "The Yoko Factor" ~ |Crossover w/t Angel|
B; "Primeval"
A; "War Zone"
A; "Blind Date" ~ |Semi-Crossover w/t Willow|
B; "Restless"
A; "To Shanshu in L.A."

Season 5 (Buffy)/Season 2 (Angel):

B; "Buffy vs. Dracula"
A; "Judgement"
B; "Real Me"
A; "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been"
B; "The Replacement"
A; "First Impressions"
B; "Out of My Mind"
A; "Untouched"
B; "No Place Like Home"
B; "Family"
A; "Dear Boy"
A; "Guise Will Be Guise"
B; "Fool for Love" ~ |Crossover w/t Angel/Angelus & Darla|
A; "Darla" ~ |Crossover w/t Spike & The Master|
B; "Shadow"
A; "The Shroud of Rahmon"
B; "Listening to Fear"
B; "Into the Woods"
A; "The Trial"
A; "Reunion"
A; "Redefinition"
B; "Triangle"
B; "Checkpoint"
A; "Blood Money"
B; "Blood Ties"
A; "Happy Anniversary"
B; "Crush" ~ |Crossover w/t Drusilla|
A; "The Thin Dead Line"
B; "I Was Made to Love You"
B; "The Body"
A; "Reprise"
A; "Epiphany"
B; "Forever" ~ |Crossover w/t Angel|
A; "Disharmony" ~ |Crossover w/t Willow & Harmony|
B; "Intervention"
A; "Dead End"
B; "Tough Love"
B; "Spiral"
B; "The Weight of the World"
[U]Season 7; Disc 6 - Easter-egg extra ~ "The Gift" recap AND A; "Belonging" ~ Opening Scene[/U] B; "The Gift"
A; "Belonging" -- (Start at Opening-Theme)
A; "Over the Rainbow"
A; "Through the Looking Glass"
A; "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" ~ |Crossover w/t Willow|

Season 6 (Buffy)/Season 3 (Angel):

A; "Heartthrob"
A; "That Vision Thing"
A; "That Old Gang of Mine"
B; "Bargaining, Part One"
B; "Bargaining, Part Two"
B; "After Life"
A; "Carpe Noctem" ~ |Somewhat-Semi-Crossover w/t Willow|
B; "Flooded" ~ |Somewhat-Semi-Crossover w/t Angel| (OffScreen Buffy & Angel Interlude)
B; "Life Serial"
A; "Fredless"
B; "All the Way"
A; "Billy"
B; "Once More, with Feeling"
A; "Offspring"
B; "Tabula Rasa"
A; "Quickening"
A; "Lullaby"
A; "Dad"
B; "Smashed"
B; "Wrecked"
B; "Gone"
A; "Birthday"
B; "Doublemeat Palace"
A; "Provider"
B; "Dead Things"
A; "Waiting in the Wings"
A; "Couplet"
B; "Older and Far Away"
B; "As You Were"
A; "Loyalty"
B; "Hell's Bells"
A; "Sleep Tight"
A; "Forgiving"
A; "Double or Nothing"
B; "Normal Again"
A; "The Price"
A; "A New World"
A; "Benediction"
A; "Tomorrow"
B; "Entropy"
B; "Seeing Red"
B; "Villains"
B; "Two to Go"
B; "Grave"

Season 7 (Buffy)/Season 4 (Angel):

B; "Lessons"
A; "Deep Down"
A; "Ground State"
B; "Beneath You"
B; "Same Time, Same Place"
A; "The House Always Wins"
A; "Slouching Toward Bethlehem"
B; "Help"
B; "Selfless"
A; "Supersymmetry"
A; "Spin the Bottle"
B; "Him"
B; "Conversations with Dead People"
B; "Sleeper"
A; "Apocalypse, Nowish"
A; "Habeas Corpses"
A; "Long Day's Journey"
B; "Never Leave Me"
B; "Bring on the Night"
B; "Showtime"
B; "Potential"
B; "The Killer in Me"
B; "First Date"
B; "Get It Done"
B; "Storyteller"
A; "Awakening"
A; "Soulless"
A; "Calvary"
A; "Salvage" ~ |Semi-Crossover w/t Dawn|
B; "Lies My Parents Told Me" ~ |Somewhat-Semi-Crossover w/t Fred|
A; "Release"
A; "Orpheus" ~ |Crossover w/t Willow|
A; "Players"
A; "Inside Out"
A; "Shiny Happy People"
B; "Dirty Girls"
A; "The Magic Bullet"
A; "Sacrifice"
A; "Peace Out"
A; "Home"
B; "Empty Places"
B; "Touched"
B; "End of Days" ~ |Crossover w/t Angel|
B; "Chosen" ~ |Crossover w/t Angel|

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