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Episode Guide for Buffy Season Two

by Old Master 3.0

2.01 When She Was Bad
2.02 Some Assembly Required
2.03 School Hard
2.04 Inca Mummy Girl
2.05 Reptile Boy
2.06 Halloween
2.07 Lie to Me
2.08 The Dark Age
2.09 What's My Line, Part 1
2.10 What's My Line, Part 2
2.11 Ted
2.12 Bad Eggs
2.13 Surprise
2.14 Innocence
2.15 Phases
2.16 Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
2.17 Passion
2.18 Killed By Death
2.19 I Only Have Eyes For You
2.20 Go Fish
2.21 Becoming, Part 1
2.22 Becoming, Part 2

When She Was Bad (2.01)

It's the end of summer vacation for the students of Sunnydale High. Buffy spent her vacation with her father. Xander, Willow, and Giles used their time for such activities as burying the remains of the Master, whom Buffy defeated during prom night months ago. On the last night before the start of the school year, Willow and Xander's playful banter nearly leads them to a kiss, but a vampire appears out of nowhere for the first time since the Hellmouth was closed. Xander tries to fight it off, but the vampire is too strong and prepares to sink his fangs into Xander's neck. Just then, Buffy arrives and defeats the vampire. Looks like things are back to normal, as far as normalcy above the mouth of Hell can be.

The next day, the first day of school, Giles and Ms. Calendar reunite with Buffy, Willow, and Xander. To Giles' surprise, Buffy decides that she's ready to continue her training, so they meet in the library after school. While attacking a punching stand, Buffy has visions of the Master which drive her to repeatedly pound on the stand until she breaks it clean off its support. This worries Giles, but he doesn't say anything. Later that night, Buffy has a nightmare in which Giles attacks her in front of Xander and Willow. Before she wakes up, Buffy pulls at Giles' face, only to reveal that it is a mask, behind which lies the Master. As Buffy stirs from her sleep, she notices that Angel has entered her room. He warns her that the Annointed One has been gathering vampires in an unknown location, but Buffy really doesn't care about what he has to say and turns her back to him. Confused, Angel leaves her room. Elsewhere, in the graveyard, vampires dig up the remains of the Master. Watching over them is their leader, the Annointed One.

The next day, Buffy, Willow, and Xander bump into Cordelia, who loudly asks if they fought any demons recently. Willow and Xander clue Cordy in on the do's and don'ts of discussing Buffy's Slayer activities, but Cordy makes it clear that she hasn't and won't tell anyone about Buffy's secret. Instead of a thank you, Buffy replies, "Well, that works out great. You won't tell anyone that I'm a Slayer, and I won't tell anyone you're a moron." At this point, Willow, Xander, and Cordy realize that Buffy is not acting like herself. They meet up later that night at the Bronze. Angel is there also, but when he tries to ask Buffy what's wrong, she shuns him and invites Xander onto the dance floor. She teases him and slides her body around his, confirming everyone's suspicion that something was definitely wrong with Buffy. As Buffy leaves the Bronze, Cordy tries to talk some sense into her. Once again, Buffy just ignores her and walks away. She's so caught up in herself that she doesn't even notice vampires grabbing Cordy and draggin her away. Cordelia is taken to a dark warehouse, where she finds Ms. Calendar lying on the floor, unconscious.

Giles and the others receive a note with Cordelia's bracelet attached to it. The note reads: "Come to the Bronze before it opens, or we make her our meal." Buffy goes by herself, telling the others that she doesn't want them accompanying her on any more missions. On the way to the Bronze, Buffy meets Angel again, who follows her into the Bronze. Inside, they find a lone vampire that poses little challenge to Buffy. This confuses them, since if it were a trap, there should have been more. Buffy realizes that she may have been tricked and rushes back to the library, leaving Angel behind to watch the vampire. When Buffy gets back to the school, she finds the library trashed, as if a fight had just occurred there. Xander is still there, but his nose is bloody, and Willow and Giles are gone. He is furious with Buffy, since her dismissal of the group led to the attack and abduction. Xander threatens to kill Buffy if the vampires hurt Willow. Trying to keep a clear head, Buffy asks why Xander wasn't taken along with the other two. Xander explains that Giles discovered the revivication ritual for the Master required the blood of those that were closest to him, physically, when he died. Since Buffy was on the roof and Xander was downstairs with Angel, that left Giles, Willow, Cordelia, and Ms. Calendar, all of whom were in the library with the Master when he died. Buffy and Xander go back to the Bronze and interrogate the vampire.

In the warehouse, the vampires begin the ritual by hanging the four sacrifices upside-down above the remains of the Master. Buffy, Xander, and Angel quietly sneak in. While Xander and Angel climb upstairs to rescue their captured friends, Buffy walks straight into the group of vampires and attacks them. During the battle, Xander and Angel manage to pull the others out of danger and get them back on to the floor. After nearly three minutes of fighting, Buffy defeats the last of the vampire gang, then turns her attention to the Master's skeleton. Determined to rid herself of the nightmares once and for all, Buffy picks up a sledgehammer and smashes the skeleton into thousands of pieces. She then drops the hammer and buries her face in Angel's chest, tears streaming from her eyes.

The next day, Buffy is reluctant to meet Xander and Willow in class. She doesn't know if they'll ever treat her as a friend again. There's no need to worry, however, for Xander and Willow haven't changed their opinion of the Slayer one bit, and are ready to continue their lives together as usual. Back in the warehouse, the Annointed One looks over the scene of the battle, especially the crushed remains of the Master.

"I hate that girl."

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: September 15, 1997

Some Assembly Required (2.02)

While on a routine vampire hunt, Buffy discovers an open grave in the cemetery. Judging by the nearby tracks and a dirty shoe lying on the ground, Buffy believes a grave robbery has just taken place.

Giles is working on a date proposal to Ms. Calendar when Buffy and Xander enter the library. After giving him a few tips on pick-up lines, Buffy tells Giles of the robbery in the cemetery. Giles theorizes that somebody may be trying to raise an army of zombies. Using the name on the tombstone, Meredith Todd, as a lead, Buffy leaves to find Willow and ask her to run a computer search. Willow is signing up participants for the upcoming school science fair. She's working with Chris, another smart student that has always placed first in previous science fairs. Also on the scene is Chris' friend, Eric, who is taking pictures of random girls passing by. Cordelia stops by to sign up for the fair since student participation is mandatory. Just then, Buffy arrives and calls Willow back to the library. They leave, followed by Cordelia. In the library, Willow finds an article that states that Meredith Todd died in a car accident along with two other girls. They go to the cemetery later that night to see if the other victims have been removed from their graves. There, they discover that both graves are empty, just like the first. Cordelia, on the other hand, goes to cheerleader practice. Afterwards, she finds herself being followed by some stranger, so she hides in the dumpster before realizing that it is Angel. As she tries to get out, she discovers a disembodied hand in the trash, along with several other parts.

Cordelia's and Angel's discovery eliminates Giles' zombie theory, but Angel believes that not all the parts of the three girls were thrown away. Since the cuts were professionally done, they look up the locker numbers and combinations of the smartest students in the science club. In Chris' locker, they discover morbid textbooks, as well as the same article that Willow found concerning the death of Meredith Todd and her friends. In Eric's locker, Buffy discovers a mock design of his and Chris' master plan: the construction of the perfect girl with the use of parts from various other girls. Meanwhile, in a secret lab, Chris and Eric are nearly finished with their creation. All they need is a head, and Eric has three nominees lined up: Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia.

The next day, Giles decides to make his move on Ms. Calendar, who insists that he calls her Jenny. Things don't turn out as planned, and Ms. Calendar ends up asking Giles to the football game. Chris and Eric realize that time is running out before the body becomes useless, so they need a head soon. Eric suggests that they can't wait for another convenient death; they need to kill someone. Chris can't do it, and he pleads to a figure in the dark not to make him go through with it. That figure turns out to be Chris' dead brother, Sunnydale High football star Daryl Epps. Daryl begs Chris to do it, and Chris eventually agrees. At the football game, Eric attempts to abduct Cordelia, but Buffy shows up just in time to scare him away. She unties Cordelia, who prompty hurries out onto the field to join the rest of the cheerleading squad. Nobody notices Daryl sneaking around underneath the bleachers, solemnly watching the game that he was so famous for. When Cordelia stands near the bleachers to get herself a drink, Daryl grabs her and heads off to the lab, which turns out to be an abandoned science lab near Sunnydale. Buffy and Chris arrive too late, and Buffy forces Chris to tell her where they took Cordy. Chris finally relents against his brother's wishes and tells Buffy their whereabouts. She bursts into the lab mere seconds before Chris decapitates Cordelia. After Chris is knocked unconscious by a rampaging Daryl, Buffy engages in a fight with the resurrected football star. In the ensuing fight, a fire starts in the lab, but Buffy and Daryl pay no attention to it. Xander arrives, and he rushes to get Cordelia away from the fire. Giles and Willow pull Eric out of the lab. With one massive body slam, Daryl dazes Buffy and prepares to smash a desk into her when Chris screams out. Daryl puts down the chair, then sees his supposed bride-to-be in the middle of the fire. Daryl walks into the flames to join the unfinished creation, and Chris watches in horror as he loses brother for a second time.

After the police and fire fighters arrive on the scene, Ms. Calendar hints at the possibility of a second date with Giles. Cordelia tries to express her gratitude to Xander for saving her life, but he ignorantly brushes her off. At the cemetery, Buffy and Angel come to terms with their relationship and walk off to his home, hand in hand.

Written by Ty King ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: September 22, 1997

School Hard (2.03)

Principal Snyder has assigned the task of organizing the upcoming Parent-Teacher Night to his two worst students at Sunnydale: Sheila and Buffy. If either of them fails to do their job, the result would be expulsion. Unfortunately for Buffy, Sheila has absolutely no concern for her school career, so she simply brushes off the task and continues on with her daily routine. Buffy is left with only her friends, Xander and Willow, to help her with the preparations for Thursday night.

Later that night, a new pair of vampires arrive in Sunnydale. Their names are Spike and Drusilla, and they are coldly received by the Annointed One and his lackeys. The Night of St. Vigeous will be upon them Saturday Night, the time of the year when a vampire's strength is at its peak. This is their best chance to defeat the Slayer, and Spike offers to kill her.

The next day, Giles and Ms. Calendar warn Buffy of the coming Night of St. Vigeous, but she is too preoccupied with Parent-Teacher Night. Later, at the Bronze, Spike observes Buffy dancing with her friends. He sends a fellow vampire outside to start his plan. Buffy hears of an attack and runs outside, where she sees the vampire ready to bite a struggling girl. Buffy frees the girl from his grasp and, with a little help from Xander, drives a stake through the vampire's heart. As Buffy starts to walk back to the Bronze, she hears someone clapping. She turns around to see Spike, who warns that he will kill her Saturday night. After they have left, Sheila exits the Bronze and meets Spike, who lures her back to the warehouse. There, Spike feeds her to Drusilla.

The next day, Buffy makes her last-minute preparations for that night while Xander and Cordelia whittle stakes. In no time, Parent-Teacher Night has begun, and Buffy manages to keep Principal Snyder from meeting her mother, Joyce, for two and a half hours. Unfortunately, the inevitable meeting occurs, and Joyce learns of her daughter's problems at school. Meanwhile in the library, Giles finds a passage in an old text about Spike. It states that he was once referred to as William the Bloody. He earned his nickname from torturing victims with railroad spikes. Giles goes on to read that the 200-year-old vampire has successfully killed two slayers in the past century. His discovery is too late, however, for immediately after Principal Snyder's conference with Joyce, Spike and an army of vampires invade the school, two nights before the Night of St. Vigeous. This surprise attack prevents Buffy from regrouping with her friends, so she quickly herds the parents into a room and shuts the doors leading into it. Willow and Cordelia run into a nearby utility closet, while Giles, Xander, and Ms. Calendar barricade the doors to the library. Giles sends Xander through an abandoned cellar behind the book stacks to get Angel. Buffy climbs through a ceiling tile and crawls to the library, where she retrieves her weapons. She takes on the vamps one-by-one, when Sheila appears out of nowhere. Unbeknownst to Buffy, Sheila is now a vampire. Giles sees her about to attack Buffy and yells out through the door, alerting Buffy to the danger behind her. Buffy knocks an axe out of Sheila's hand, who quickly flees the scene. Elsewhere, Angel meets up with Spike, Xander firmly locked in his arm. He offers Xander's blood to Spike, but the plan fails, and Spike sends his army after Angel and Xander. Spike stays behind to fight Buffy and nearly kills her when Joyce smashes an axe over Spike's head from behind. Stunned by the surprise attack, Spike quickly vacates the school, his vampire troops not too far behind.

In the aftermath of the crisis, Principal Snyder discusses the incident with a friend of his on the police force, Bob. Bob mentions that he has to make a statement to the media, so they decide to cover up the truth with the usual story of a gang-related attack. Joyce tells Buffy how proud she is of her daughter's bravery and resourcefulness, and mentions how those qualities are more important than her problems at school. The next morning, in the abandoned warehouse, Spike decides to end the Annointed One's term as leader and locks him in a cage, which he lifts into the rays of sunlight pouring in through a broken window. The sunlight vaporizes the Annointed One, leaving only a wisp of smoke in the cage.

Story by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt ~ Teleplay by David Greenwalt ~ Directed by John T. Kretchmer

Original Air Date: September 29, 1997

Inca Mummy Girl (2.04)

Buffy, Xander, and Willow are on another school field trip, this time to the museum. During the course of the trip, they take a guided tour of the Incan Sacrifice exhibit. The highlight of this exhibit is the mummified corpse of a sixteen-year-old girl who was chosen to save the lives of others by giving up her own life. According to legend, the circular seal resting on her body protects her from any danger, so that her body may rest eternally in its tomb. After the students leave the exhibit, the school troublemaker, Rodney Munson, sneaks back into the exhibit and tries to take the seal with him. He accidentally breaks it into pieces and tries to pick up all the fragments. Suddenly, the arms of the mummy dart out and grab Rodney's neck. Rodney stares in horrified disbelief as the mummy's eyes open before he is pulled into the tomb.

Sunnydale High is sponsoring its own foreign exchange student program for the next two weeks. Included in the event is a costumed dance that celebrates the diversity of cultures in the world. Buffy will play host to a boy from Peru, named Ampata, to which Xander hastily objects. However, Willow brings to light more distressing news: Rodney's missing. Giles and the crew investigate the Incan exhibit at the museum, where the find a broken fragment of the seal. Out of nowhere, a large man with a knife attacks the team. However, he doesn't stay long, for one look at the mummy causes him to take off immediately. Not sure about what just happened, the crew decides to return to the library, when Willow notices something strange about the mummy in the tomb: it has braces on its teeth. They deduce that this mummy is actually Rodney's corpse, which means that the original mummy is on the loose. Back at the library, Giles tries to plan a course of action when Buffy suddenly remembers her appointed meeting with Ampata at the bus station. Xander and Willow accompany her out the door. Meanwhile, at the bus station, Ampata has been waiting for nearly half an hour when he hears a voice calling his name. He tracks down the voice to the side of a bus, where he encounters the mummy. Before he can run, the mummy grabs and kisses him. Immediately, his body shrivels up into the same state that Rodney's body resides in. Buffy finally arrives at the station forty minutes late, but Ampata is still there waiting for them in the form of a beautiful young girl that immediately catches Xander's eye. Unbeknownst to them is the fact that this girl is actually the mummy from the museum, wearing Ampata's clothes.

Back at Buffy's house, Xander flirts heavily with Ampata...and it's actually working, much to Willow's dismay. After Willow and Xander leave, Ampata settles into Buffy's bedroom, unaware that the mysterious man with the knife is lurking right outside the window. The next day, Buffy introduces Ampata to Giles, who asks her if she can translate the pictograms on the seal fragment. She translates a picture of a man with a knife as "bodyguard", which leads Giles to believe that the man with the knife was simply protecting the mummy. Ampata exhibits a slight intimidation when Giles hands her the seal, but nobody really notices it. Xander then takes Ampata out to the bleachers outside the school, while Buffy and Giles research the history of the mummy. Willow is too preoccupied with Xander's growing relationship, so Buffy does most of the research chores. She and Giles discover that the mummy has the ability to drain the life force of its victims, turning them into mummies while it gains life. They realize that Rodney was killed by the mummy, not the man with the knife. Giles believes that the "bodyguard" is not protecting the mummy, but rather trying to ensure that it remains contained in its tomb. Before they can inform Xander and Ampata of this revelation, the guard appears and attacks Xander, demanding that he hand over the seal. Xander fights him off and runs back to the library with Ampata. She begs Giles to destroy the seal, saying that it's existence is placing them in danger. She leaves the library, and Xander follows her outside to console her. Buffy and Giles determine that they need to find the rest of the seal in order to learn more about the mummy, so they plan to meet at the museum later that night, effectively cancelling Buffy's plans to attend the dance. Meanwhile, Xander asks Ampata to the dance. While thinking about his offer, Ampata goes into the restroom. The Peruvian guard is waiting there for her, explaining that she must honor her sacrifice and return to her mummified state. Ampata pleads for her life, wishing to live normally with her new love, Xander. The guard does not listen, and moves to attack her, but she counters his attack with her deadly kiss, leaving him dead and mummified in the restroom. Ampata walks out into the hall and agrees to Xander's offer.

At the dance, Willow waits in her authentic yet goofy Eskimo costume for Buffy, Xander, and Ampata. Only Xander and Ampata show up, and they're too busy spending time with each other, leaving Willow alone at the table. As Xander dances with Ampata, they start to lean into each other to kiss, when suddenly Ampata's hands shrivel up. Realizing that she need life force soon, Ampata breaks out of Xander's embrace and runs toward the back of the Bronze, where she spots a boy sitting by himself. She takes him into a backroom and is about to kiss him when Xander catches up with her. The boy runs away and Xander enters. After a few minutes of comforting her, the two kiss, and Ampata lets her needs take control as she begins to drain Xander of his life force. Meanwhile, Giles goes to Buffy's house to tell her that the guard's mummified body was found in the restroom, so they investigate Ampata's luggage. Buffy discovers a shriveled corpse in Ampata's trunk, which finally leads them to realize that Ampata is the mummy they've been searching for. On the way to the Bronze, Giles realizes that the seal was keeping Ampata contained in her tomb all these years, so he must reassemble it in order to stop her. He drops Buffy off at the Bronze and heads to the museum. Back inside, Ampata interrupts her kiss, for she can't bring herself to kill Xander despite her deteriorating condition. When Giles begins to piece together the broken fragments of the seal, Ampata senses this and heads toward the museum. Buffy and Willow find Xander lying on the floor, gasping for breath. They bring him to the museum, where Ampata is about to suck the life out of Giles. Buffy challenges her to a fight, so Ampata tosses Giles' unconscious body aside and overcomes Buffy with her strength. She throws Buffy into an open tomb and closes the lid, then grabs Willow. Before she can kill her, Xander intervenes, stating that Ampata will have to take his life if she wants to live. On the verge of death, Ampata caves into desperation and grabs Xander. Her body is nearly lifeless when Buffy frees herself from the tomb and pulls Ampata away from Xander. Her arms remain in Xander's hands as her body crumbles and falls to the ground. Xander drops the arms, then immediately leaves the museum with the others.

The next day at school, Xander is discussing his truly horrific taste in women, but Buffy assures him that Ampata really did seem to have feelings for him. She understands how Ampata felt, and Xander points out that, when it was Buffy's time to die for her cause, she didn't back down.

Xander: "You gave up your life."
Buffy: "I had you to bring me back."

Written by Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer ~ Directed by Ellen Pressman.

Original Air Date: October 6, 1997

Reptile Boy (2.05)

A quiet scene of a frat house at night is suddenly interrupted by the sound of crashing glass. Callie Megan Anderson is running for her life from a large group of people dressed in brown hooded robes. After a lengthy chase through the cemetery, she is stopped by one of the pursuers, who casually has her taken back to the house.

The next day, Giles chastises Buffy for her recent slacking off in training. Despite the current drought of paranormal activity, Giles demands that Buffy stick to her training schedule and report to the library during free periods and after school. Buffy counters with the fact that while she may be the Slayer, she is still a sixteen-year-old high school student that needs to have a social life. After school, Buffy opts to wait outside the school for Willow and Xander to join her. They don't chat too long before Cordelia pulls Buffy away from the group and towards a car parked along the street. Inside the car are two members of the local college's fraternity, and one of them, Tom, has taken an interest in Buffy. While Cordelia makes small talk with the other frat member, Richard, Buffy reluctantly introduces herself to Tom, who soon surprises her with a seemingly kind and genuine manner. Giles interrupts their conversation by calling Buffy to the library, so she leaves for training.

Later that night, while running patrol in the cemetery, Buffy discovers a broken bracelet on the ground. She can make out the letters "E-N-T", but the first part of the word remains a mystery because the bracelet is broken. Just then, Angel arrives and informs Buffy that there is blood on the bracelet, even though she can't see any. In an attempt to take advantage of the moment, Buffy suggests that they should meet under different circumstances, instead of all their encounters during a patrol. Angel takes her hint and asks if she's referring to a date, to which Buffy quickly denies. Angel then makes it clear that their relationship is too complicated, and dating would not be a good idea for them. Frustrated, Buffy starts to leave, but Angel grabs her and pulls her close, stating the danger that arises from their situation. He can't afford to fall in love and lose control, and she can't sustain a relationship with an immortal vampire while she herself goes on living. Buffy breaks free of Angel's grasp and leaves him alone in the cemetery.

The next day, Cordelia invites Buffy to a frat party to be held later that night. Buffy accepts the invitation, much to Xander's and Willow's surprise. In the library, Buffy gives the bracelet she found to Giles for inspection, then excuses herself from patrol duties by making up a story about her mother being sick. Xander and Willow express their disappointment with Buffy's dishonesty, but she doesn't change her mind.

While Buffy and Cordelia attend the frat party, Willow determines that the missing letter is "K", which spells out "Kent", the name of a school she knows of. Willow pulls up a report from Kent's computer files about a missing student, Callie Megan Anderson. Giles is about to call Buffy when Willow realizes she isn't home. She tells Giles to call Angel instead, which he does. Shortly after Angel arrives, Willow caves and tells the truth about Buffy's whereabouts, then verbally chews out both Giles and Angel for being so insensitive to Buffy's own needs. Meanwhile, at the party, Buffy is all alone with nobody to talk to or dance with. She ponders having a drink but can't bring herself to take a sip. She is totally unaware that in another room, Xander is sneaking in through a window. He is soon identified as a party crasher, and is mocked and humiliated before being thrown out of the house. Inside, Buffy finally drops her guard around Tom and Richard and has a drink, which eventually causes her to pass out in an upstairs bedroom. She doesn't even notice Cordelia's unconscious body lying on the floor next to the bed.

Buffy and Cordelia awaken to find themselves chained to a wall in the frat house's basement. Also chained to the wall is Callie, who has given up hope of escaping. They realize that the fraternity is a cult led by Tom, who begins a chant for an unseen being named Machida. Buffy realizes that the three of them will be offered as sacrifices to Machida, who reveals himself to be an enormous half-man, half-snake. Outside, Willow, Giles, and Angel arrive at the frat house and meet up with Xander, who is disguised in one of the same brown robes worn by the frat. He gets one of the members to open the door then charges in, followed by the rest of the group. Tom hears the commotion and sends his fellow cult members upstairs to fight off the intruders. Buffy breaks her chain from the wall and fights Machida off of Cordelia before setting her sights on Tom. As they duke it out, the rest of the group fights their way to the basement, just in time to see Buffy beat Tom and drive a sword through Machida's body, killing it. A few nights later, Angel meets Buffy at the Bronze and finally asks her if she'd like to go out for a cup of coffe or something. Buffy simply smiles and walks off, refraining from giving him a definite answer.

Written and Directed by David Greenwalt.

Original Air Date: October 13, 1997

Halloween (2.06)

Two nights before Halloween, Buffy is up to her usual business: staking vampires. This time, however, a hidden vamp lurks in the bushes with a camcorder, recording the entire fight. As Buffy uses a signpost to finish off her opponent, the other vampire leaves the scene. Afterwards, Buffy heads to the Bronze to meet up with Angel, who has been waiting there quite a while. Cordelia keeps him company since she has been stood up by Devon, the lead singer of a local band. Buffy arrives late and, despite Angel's request, decides to go home early and call it a night.

The next day, Principal Snyder is forcing students to sign up for a Halloween chaperone program in which students accompany groups of children around town to go trick-or-treating. Against their will, Buffy, Xander, and Willow are each handed pens to sign up for the program. Buffy is still worried that Angel may not be as interested in her as she wants him to be, so she plots with Willow to steal one of Giles' Watcher diaries from his office in an attempt to learn more about the women of Angel's time. The plan does not execute as smoothly as they'd hoped, since Giles is present in the library, but with a lengthy diversion by Buffy, Willow is able to slip into the office behind Giles' back and snag the appropriate diary. In the restroom, Buffy and Willow find a picture of a proper noblewoman from the late 18th century, a time when Angel was still human. Cordelia then enters the bathroom, and Buffy and Willow are shocked to discover that she is still unaware of the fact that Angel is a vampire. They try to explain it to her, but Cordy believes that Buffy is just trying to keep her out of the picture.

After school, Buffy, Willow, and Xander check out Ethan's, a new costume shop in town. Xander purchases a toy gun to go along with the army fatigues he has at home. Buffy is dismayed by Willow's purchase of a ghost costume since she believes Willow needs to be more open. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Buffy spots the perfect costume: an English noblewoman dress. The store owner, Ethan, gives Buffy an irresistible price for the dress, so Buffy buys it. Elsewhere, Spike reviews the video of Buffy's fight with the vamp, trying to study her attack patterns. Drusilla forsees a great change in the near future that will affect the Slayer.

Buffy dresses up in the costume, topped off with a black wig, while Willow tries on a few clothes that Buffy suggested, which includes a maroon blouse knotted at her midriff and a leather miniskirt. Xander stops by in full army gear to accompany them to school, but by then, Willow has slipped on her ghost costume in fear of embarrasment due to her skimpy costume. That night, as the volunteers take the children around town to trick-or-treat, Ethan performs a spell with drastic results: the transformation of people into their costumes. While the children turn into various monsters and ghouls, Xander becomes a soldier wielding an actual gun, Willow dies and emerges from her body as an intangible ghost, and Buffy loses all her Slayer powers and becomes a helpless noblewoman. Since Willow is the only one of the three to retain her memory of who she really is, she leads the other two into Buffy's house to hide from the chaos on the streets. Xander sees Cordelia being chased down the street, so he brings her inside the house. Willow tries to explain to her what's going on, only to realize that Cordelia was unaffected by her costume. Willow then leaves to find Giles at the library. Angel then arrives, but he's also confused by the transformations. His vampire face frightens Buffy, who runs out of the house in an attempt to get away. While Angel, Xander, and Cordelia go out to look for her, Willow and Giles determine that the only people affected by the spell were the ones who bought their costumes at Ethan's. They go to the store and find Ethan in the back of the shop, at which time Giles tells Willow to leave and find the others. After she leaves, Giles greets Ethan by name, while Ethan simply says, "Hello, Ripper."

Willow meets up with the others in an alley, where Xander has just finished beating up a pirate who was about to attack Buffy. The five of them run into a warehouse at the sight of Spike, who is leading several costumed monsters. Xander tries to blockade the entrance, but the monsters are too strong and easily break down the door. Outnumbered, Angel and Xander are restrained by Spike's followers while Cordelia and Willow can only watch in horror as Spike prepares to bite into Buffy. In the costume shop, Ethan reminds Giles that he was not always as noble and innocent as he claims he is today, but Giles will hear none of it. He demands Ethan to reverse the spell, and when he refuses, Giles knocks him to the floor and proceeds to repeatedly kick him until Ethan finally tells him to break the statue in the middle of the room. Giles picks it up and smashes it on the floor. In the warehouse, Spike notices that his followers are once again young children, and that Buffy's hair is now nothing more than a wig. Buffy springs up and attacks Spike with several swift punches and kicks before he retreats. As everyone recovers, Xander notices that Willow is nowhere to be seen. She has returned back to her body, which was left lying on the porch of a house. She gets up and tosses away her ghost costume, feeling much more assured of herself after the ordeal. She walks by Oz's van, and he can only look and say to himself, "Who is that girl?" Later that night, Buffy and Angel finally spend their much-needed time together in her bedroom. They share a kiss, their first since the ending of the "Angel" episode. The next day, Giles discovers that Ethan's shop is cleared out, and a note is left on one of the counters. It reads, "Be seeing you."

Written by Carl Ellsworth ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: October 27, 1997

Lie To Me (2.07)

A dark evening. A deserted playground in Sunnydale. A young boy waits for his mother, who's nowhere in sight. A woman approaches, but it is not his mom. She speaks of her mother. She speaks of song. She speaks of the young boy's corpse. Before she can feed her hunger, a third person enters the scene. He tells the boy to leave, then turns to face the woman. He tells her to leave, bringing her companion with her. From the roof of a nearby building, the Slayer watches the conversation below. Buffy looks on in confusion as Drusilla turns and walks away, leaving Angel alone in the playground.

The next morning in school, Buffy is hit by a blast from the past: her old crush from 5th grade through Hemery High, Billy "Ford" Fordham. Ford explains that his father got a new job, so he had to transfer from Hemery to Sunnydale, where he'll finish out his high school education. Xander is less than thrilled to meet yet another guy in Buffy's life. Later, at the Bronze, Buffy bumps into Angel and introduces him to Ford, but the two do anything but hit it off. Feeling uncomfortable, Buffy and Ford leave, and Angel departs shortly afterwards. Outside, Buffy hears a scuffle in the alley, so she sends Ford back into the Bronze while she runs toward the scene of the attack. Suspicious, Ford follows her and watches her drive a spike into a vampire's heart. Shocked to see Ford upon turning down, Buffy tries to make up a story explaining her actions, but Ford simply lays a bomb on her: he knows that she's the Slayer. Ford claims that he figured it out shortly after she left Hemery High and moved out of Los Angeles. Buffy is relieved to hear this, knowing she won't have to worry about constantly making up stories concerning her duties. After Buffy goes home, Ford returns to his true hangout: a basement club filled with vampire groupies. Along with his partners, Ford dreams of joining the ranks of the immortals by becoming a vampire. Elsewhere, Willow is about to call it a night when she hears a knock on her glass door, which leads outside. She opens the blinds and is surprised to see Angel outside. After inviting him inside, Angel asks her to look up Ford on the internet. They discover that he never registered at Sunnydale High, confirming Angel's suspicions of Buffy's old friend. They agree to meet up the next night to investigate further.

The next morning, Willow does her best to keep Buffy from finding out about her investigation into Ford's plans. Unfortunately, Willow is not a very good liar, and she ends up panicking and running off, leaving Buffy as confused as ever. Later that night, Buffy and Ford spot two vampires lurking outside of Sunnydale High. Seeing that Ford is already armed with his own stake, Buffy engages the male vamp, and their fight sends them over the stairway railing. While they continue their battle on the lawn below, Ford tackles the female vamp, but instead of staking her, he offers her freedom in exchange for information regarding her leader, Spike. When Buffy rejoins with Ford, the female vamp is gone. Ford tells her that he killed her, causing the vamp to disintegrate. Meanwhile, Angel, Willow, and Xander check out the vampire groupie club. Not learning much besides the fact that Ford is affiliated with these groupies, the three decide to leave. At the library, Buffy meets up with Giles and Ms. Calendar. Ford has already left and supposedly gone home. Before long, a female vampire bursts from Giles' office, clutching a book. Before anybody can stop her, the vamp escapes through the book stacks. While Giles is distressed over the fact that she stole one of his books, Buffy is even more disturbed by recognizing the vampire as the same one that Ford supposedly killed. In the abandoned warehouse, Ford pays Spike a visit. During their conversation, the female vamp returns and hands the stolen book to Spike, who opens it and finds something he's been looking for. Ford offers Spike the Slayer in exchange for immortality, an offer which Spike can't refuse. Later that night, Angel pays Buffy a visit at her house. He explains that he was responsible for making Drusilla a vampire, but not before he drove her insane by killing off all of her family and loved ones. He then informs Buffy that Ford is part of a group that worships vampires.

Buffy meets Ford outside of school the next morning. He invites her to meet up with him later that night. Buffy agrees, determined to find out what he's up to. Later that night, Buffy pays Ford and his accomplices a surprise visit at the basement club. She learns that Ford and the others desire to become vampires, but before she can do anything, the only door to the basement slams shut. Apparently, Ford anticipated Buffy's visit, and had the door specially rigged so that once it was shut, it could only be opened from the outside. While they wait for Spike and his gang to arrive, Buffy tries to change Ford's mind and save the others from certain death. Ford surprises Buffy one last time by revealing his affliction with brain cancer. He believes that becoming a vampire is his only way of beating his terminal disease. Buffy is saddened to hear this, but she still knows that what he's doing is wrong. Ford knocks Buffy down the stairs while Spike knocks open the door to the basement. While they feed on the unsuspecting groupies, Buffy sees Drusilla standing alone. She leaps up, grabs Dru, and holds a stake over heart as she calls out to Spike. Seeing his love in danger, Spike orders the others to cease their attack and let the groupies go. Buffy then shoves Drusilla into Spike's arms and escapes, shutting the door behind her. Later, Buffy returns and finds Ford's lifeless body on the stairs. In his neck are two fang marks.

Some time later, Buffy and Giles stand over William Fordham's grave. As they discuss the complexities of everyday life, Ford springs out from the ground as a newly-risen vampire. Buffy nonchalantly drives a stake into Ford's heart, and he dissolves into dust. Buffy and Giles then continue their conversation as they depart from the cemetery.

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: November 3, 1997

The Dark Age (2.08)

While Giles researches and Buffy works out in the library, a man desperately tries to get in from the outside. He is looking for Giles, who cannot hear his shouts due to the Buffy's loud aerobics music. Suddenly, a figure approaches the man from behind. He spins around and is immediately horrified as he recognizes his old friend, Dierdre. However, Dierdre is now a shriveled corpse, and before he can do anything, she strangles him to death right outside the library. Dierdre then collapses next to the man's lifeless body and dissolves into a puddle of green goo, which slowly creeps towards the man's corpse.

The next day at school, Giles makes an appointment with Buffy to meet at the hospital later that night, for there will be a blood delivery that will surely attract vampires. Giles then returns to the library, where a detective and a couple cops are waiting for him to investigate a homicide. They bring Giles to the morgue where he identifies the body as Philip, an old friend of his from London. Giles then notices a tattoo on Philip's right arm, but denies any knowledge of it. Later that night, Buffy waits for Giles at the hospital, but he doesn't show up. The blood shipment arrives, and Buffy observes two vampires, posing as doctors, come out to take the cooler of blood. After the van leaves, they open it and start drinking from one of the bags as another vamp arrives in a car. Buffy runs out and fights the vampires, while Angel arrives to help out. After the third vampire escapes in his car, Buffy pays a visit to Giles' apartment and finds him rather unkept and preoccipied with something. After she leaves, Giles tries to contact Dierdre in London, only to find out that she recently died. Giles then walks over to his sink and rolls up his sleeves to wash his face, revealing a tattoo on his arm identical to Philip's. Back in the morgue, Philip's body comes back to life. His eyes flash a bright greenish-yellow, and he escapes.

Saturday morning, Ms. Calendar holds a tutorial for the two students who are falling behind in her computer class: Xander and Cordelia. Willow also attends to help out and earn extra credit. Buffy shows up at the class and explains her visit with Giles to Ms. Calendar. Buffy then goes to the library, where she finds Ethan Rayne snooping around. He tells her about the Mark of Eyghon, which is the tattoo that both he and Giles wear. Buffy calls Giles to tell him of Ethan's presence, but in the middle of the school, Philip crashes into the library and attacks them. While Buffy fights with Philip, Ethan tries to escape, but he is stopped short by a kick from Cordelia as the others run into the library. Buffy knocks Philip into the book cage and traps him in there as they wait for Giles. When he arrives, he immediately demands Ethan to leave town. Ethan, however, wants Giles to tell everyone else about his hidden past. Philip then breaks open the door of the book cage, knocking Ms. Calendar unconscious. After another kick from Buffy, Philip dissolves into a puddle of green goo, which makes contact with Jenny Calendar's unconscious body. Giles wakes her up and brings her back to his apartment, not noticing the greenish-yellow flash in Jenny's eyes.

At the library, Willow finds the Mark of Eyghon in a book. It appears that Eyghon is a demon capable of possessing dead or unconscious bodies. They try to call Giles and warn him, but Jenny has already ripped out his phone wire. She then attempts to seduce Giles, but he refuses to take advantage of her during such a distressing time. Jenny than transforms into Eyghon, her facial features distorting. Before Eyghon can kill Giles, Buffy busts open the door and kicks Eyghon, who then escapes through the window. Taking a moment to recover, Giles explains to Buffy that in the past, he and a few friends experimented with various types of voodoo and crafts. They conjured up the demon of Eyghon, but one of them suddenly died, and they thought Eyghon was dead. Apparently, Eyghon is still alive and bent on killing everyone who wears his mark. Buffy leaves Giles at his apartment and goes to Ethan's costume shop to protect him from Eyghon's imminent arrival. Ethan has other plans on his mind, however, and he knocks Buffy out with a wooden plank. Buffy wakes up to find herself tied to a table face-down. Against her will, Ethan tattoos her with the Mark of Eyghon, then proceeds to burn his own tattoo off with acid. Before he can get out, Eyghon comes in through the front door. Ethan's deception works, for Eyghon pushes him aside and attacks Buffy, who breaks free of her ropes just in time to roll off the table. During their battle, Giles runs into the shop and demands Eyghon to take his life instead. Before he can comply, Angel rushes into the shop and strangles Eyghon. Giles tries to stop him, but Willow holds him back, saying it's all part of her plan. Realizing that Jenny's body was in danger of being killed, Eyghon leaps out of her body and into Angel's, sending him back against the wall. Back to normal, Jenny falls to the ground, but Giles is there instantly to cradle her. The others watch as Angel's face goes through a series of transformations, his entire body convulsing. Finally, Eyghon releases one final cry of anguish before dissolving into the air. Willow and Angel explain that in order to rescue Jenny, they had to put her body in danger so Eyghon would leap into the nearest dead person, which happened to be Angel. His vampire demon then fought with Eyghon inside Angel's body, and eventually won. Giles takes Jenny home, and everyone else leaves the shop. Ethan has once again escaped.

The next morning, Giles and Jenny discuss the previous night's events. She's still disturbed about the whole experience, and when Giles moves into to hold her hand, Jenny takes a few steps back before going to her computer class. Giles realizes that it may be a long time before she ever completely forgives him and regains his trust.

Written by Dean Batali & Rob Des Hotel ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original air date: 10/11/97

What's My Line, Part 1 (2.09)

Dalton, one of Spike's vampire cohorts, attempts to translate a passage from the book that was stolen from Giles' office a while ago. They believe the passage contains a ritual that could restore Drusilla to full health. However, the book is written in a code that is undecipherable without the necessary items. Spike sends Dalton and another vamp to the mausoleum of Du Lac, the same saint who wrote the book they are attempting to translate. While Dalton retrieves an ancient artifact, the Cross of Du Lac, Buffy passes by on patrol and notices him inside. She waits for him to come outside, but before she can stake him, the other vamp attacks her from behind. Buffy stakes him, but by the time she turns around, Dalton is gone.

When Buffy returns to her home, she finds Angel waiting inside her bedroom. She expresses her sadness, for it is Career Week at Sunnydale High, and Buffy knows that she already has a job for the rest of her life. Angel notices a picture of Buffy in which she is very young and on the ice-skating rink. Buffy reminisces about her old passion for ice skating, so Angel offers to meet her at an ice rink after closing hours the next night. Elsewhere, at the warehouse, Dalton informs Spike of the Slayer's interference in his retrieval of the Cross of Du Lac. Fed up with her actions, Spike summons the Order of Taraka, a society of deadly assassins. Drusilla's tarot cards show that three newcomers will be arriving in Sunnydale soon. The first card depicts a cyclops, or one-eyed beast; the second a centipede; the third a leopard emerging from a bush. The bounty is placed on Buffy's head, and Dalton proceeds to decipher the ritual in the book.

The next day, several strangers arrive in Sunnydale. At the bus depot, a large, muscular man with one eye steps out of one of the buses. In Buffy's neighborhood, a salesman passes by the Summers' residence and knocks on the door of their next-door neighbor. He offers free make-up samples to the woman inside, who invites him inside and closes a door. What follows is a blood-curdling scream. Finally, at the airport, a runway traffic director investigates a disorganized cargo hold of one of the recently-landed planes. Without any warning, a woman attacks and knocks him unconscious before stepping out of the plane. Back at Sunnydale High, the results for the career assessment tests have been posted. Buffy has been assigned to the law enforcement seminar, while Willow's test results are suspiciously absent from the bulletin board. Buffy meets Giles in the library and tells him of the mausoleum robbery. This concerns Giles deeply, so the two of them go to the cemetery to investigate the mausoleum. After inspecting the broken chamber and Du Lac's name inscribed on the wall, Giles realizes that this is all connected to the book that was stolen from his office. While they return to the library, Willow is confronted by two men in suits who ask her to come with them to a secluded area of the school. Once inside the curtained room, they identify themselves as members of a computer corporation who have been monitoring Willow for quite some time. They are impressed with her skills and want her to consider a job with them. While they wait for the CEO, Willow meets the only other Sunnydale student who is qualified for the job: Oz.

Giles determines that the Cross of Du Lac was stolen from the mausoleum, although he isn't completely sure what it will be used for. Later that night, Buffy skates on the empty ice rink while waiting for Angel to meet her there. Out of nowhere, the one-eyed man attacks her, but Angel arrives just in time to break his hold on Buffy and give her enough room to deliver the death blow. Angel inspects the dead attacker's corpse and recognizes his ring as a symbol of the Order of Taraka. As Buffy and Angel share a kiss, the woman from the airplane cargo bay spies on them from afar. Seeing a girl kiss a vampire, the woman assumes that Buffy is a vampire and leaves the building. The next day, Buffy tells Giles of the events, and he informs her that the Order of Taraka is a society of assassins that will not stop coming at her until they complete their mission and collect their bounty. Indeed, as Giles speaks, the salesman spies on Buffy's house with a pair of binoculars through the window of their neighbor's house. The house's owner lays dead on the floor nearby, her body surrounded by maggots. Hundreds of maggots join together to form the man's arm as he reaches for his cup of coffee. Distraught, Buffy walks around town, wary of everyone around her. Unable to trust the safety of her own home, Buffy goes to Angel's apartment. Seeing that he's not there, she enters and falls asleep on his bed. Elsewhere, Angel enters a bar very popular among vampires. He asks Willy, the bartender, for information pertaining to the Order of Taraka's interest in Buffy. Before Willy can say much, the mysterious woman from the airplane cargo bay strikes Angel and tries to stake him. After a short fight, the woman traps Angel inside a cage in the nearby storage room. She locks the cage and alerts Angel of the sunrise, which is due in about five hours. Once it rises, sunlight will pour in through the window and fry Angel, who can't get out of the cage.

Xander and Cordelia go to Buffy's house in an attempt to locate her, for nobody knows where she is. While Xander checks upstairs, the salesman assassin arrives and offers free samples to Cordelia who lets him into the house. In the warehouse, the ritual for Dru's cure has finally been deciphered, and it appears that Angel is the key ingredient. Back at Angel's apartment, Buffy wakes up from her sleep just in time to avoid an axe swinging towards her head. Buffy and the mystery woman battle with equal skills, breaking the coffee table in the process. Confused as to what's going on, the woman asks Buffy who she is, only to get the same question in response. To Buffy's surprise, the woman answers, "I am Kendra...the Vampire Slayer."

Written by Howard Gordon & Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: November 17, 1997

What's My Line, Part 2 (2.10)

Stunned from Kendra's revelation that she is a Slayer, Buffy calls a "cease fire" until they can talk to Giles and try to figure out what's going on. At the library, Giles realizes that Kendra must have been activated as the new Slayer when Buffy died at the hands of the Master. There now exist two Vampire Slayers, something that has never happened before. Kendra is surprised when she learns that Willow is aware that Buffy's the Slayer, since she was taught to keep her identity a secret. During their conversation, Kendra lets slip word of her encounter and Angel. This alarms Buffy, so she takes Kendra along with her to where they fought. Meanwhile, at Willy's bar, the room in which Angel is trapped is almost completely filled with sunlight. Willy enters and opens the cage, then drags Angel out and dumps him in the sewer tunnel below. There, Willy meets up with Spike, who pays him for delivering Angel. While they bring Angel to the warehous, Buffy and Kendra arrive at the bar. Willy doesn't tell them of Angel's true whereabouts, so they leave him alone.

At Buffy's house, Xander and Cordelia discover that the salesman is not as human as appearance may lead one to believe. They try to escape from the house, but the assassin is able to move around the house incredibly fast by dissolving into hundreds of worms and reforming in another location. Xander and Cordy then take refuge in the basement, where they wait for Buffy to rescue them. However, more time passes than either of them would like, and they eventually get into heated argument over who to blame for their predicament. At the climax of their debate, Xander and Cordy grab each other and passionately kiss before breaking apart and deciding it's time to leave. As they run for the front door, Cordy is showered by worms. In the front lawn, Xander sprays them off of Cordelia with a garden hose before they split in Cordy's car. Elsewhere, Spike brings Angel to Drusilla, and she decides to keep him in her room until the ritual. After Spike leaves, Dru tortures Angel by sprinkling and pouring holy water over his bare chest.

Back at Sunnydale High, Kendra impresses Giles by revealing that she has studied many ancient text as part of her training. While the two of them work together in the library to learn more about the Order of Taraka, Buffy contemplates letting Kendra take over so she can return to a normal life. Buffy attends the law enforcement seminar inside the school while Oz discusses his future ambitions with Willow. Neither of them are interested in joining the computer company that was interested in recruiting them. At the seminar, a female cop announces Buffy's name. After Buffy identifies herself, the cop opens fire on the Slayer. Buffy dives for cover while the cop, who must be one of the assassins, fires wildly in an attempt to kill Buffy and collect her bounty. While the rest of the students duck, Oz pushes Willow out of the way just as a stray bullet hits him in the arm. Before the assassin can locate Buffy and take her out, Kendra arrives on the scene and disarms her. She seemingly has an endless supply of weaponry, but the assassin decides to run after seeing Buffy and Kendra stand before her.

In the library, Willow announces that Oz was not seriously injured by the bullet while she tends to Buffy's wounds. Xander and Cordelia arrive and meet Kendra, who cannot speak freely in Xander's presence. Buffy later finds out that Kendra cannot interact freely with boys in her home country. Giles informs the group that a ritual will take place that night that will restore Drusilla to full health. Necessary for this ritual is Drusilla's sire, the vampire that made her into a demon. Buffy knows that Angel is Dru's sire, then remembers the bartender, Willy, and wonders if he can tell them where Angel is being kept. She and Kendra return to the bar and force Willy to lead them to Spike and Drusilla. Buffy and Kendra argue over whether they should report back to Giles, and Kendra ultimately stays behind while Willy takes Buffy to the church where the ritual will be held. Back at the library, Xander finds information in a text that tells how to kill the worm man. He is only vulnerable when he is in his worm state. At the church, Buffy discovers that she has walked right into a trap, as Willy turns her over to the assassins who are waiting at the entrance to the chapel.

Inside, Drusilla and Angel are tied to a post on the altar. Spike takes the Cross of du Lac and pulls a sacred knife out of it, which he uses to drive through both Angel's and Dru's hands. This begins the transfer of energy from Angel to Drusilla. Just then, Willy enters with Buffy and the assassins right behind him. Spike is furious that Willy has brought the Slayer there at such a critical time, and his worries prove correct when Kendra arrives and attacks the assassins who are holding Buffy. While the twos Slayer gang up on Spike, the rest of the Slayerettes arrive and attack the others. During the course of the battle, a fire starts in the chapel. Giles and Willow take on a couple vampires, while Xander tricks the worm man into getting stuck in a puddle of liquid adhesive outside of the chapel entrance. Xander and Cordy then stomp on the defenseless worms until every single one of them are dead. Buffy fights with the female cop while Kendra battles with Spike. The two Slayers then switch places. Kendra knocks out the cop while Spike decides it's time to retreat. He takes Drusilla into his arms and leaves Angel lying on the altar. Before they can escape, Buffy knocks Spike out with an incense container. Spike crashes into a pipe organ which falls apart on top of him and Dru. Buffy and Kendra help Angel to his feet, and everyone escapes, leaving Spike and Dru to burn inside the church.

The next day, Willow thanks Oz by helping him open a box of animal crackers, as well as mentioning that she owes him her life. Oz responds by complimenting her pretty smile, and the two of them walk down the hallway together. Xander and Cordelia go to an empty classroom and discuss what happened in Buffy's basement. They get into another argument and end up kissing each other again. Outside, Buffy accompanies Kendra to a cab. Kendra is returning to her country to continue her duty as the Slayer. However, unbeknownst to all of them, Spike and Drusilla are far from dead. In fact, all was not lost in the ritual, for Drusilla picks an unconscious Spike up with only one arm. Drusilla has been restored, and she carries Spike out of the church.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Semel

Original air date: 11/24/97

Ted (2.11)

After a night out with Willow and Xander, Buffy returns home and notices that something is not right. Buffy tells her friends to wait at the front door while she goes inside to investigate. Upon hearing what sounds like a bottle or glass breaking, Buffy bolts into the kitchen, only to find her mother and some man at the counter -- kissing. Buffy stands speechless while Joyce regains her composure and introduces her now boyfriend, Ted. While Joyce explains to Buffy how she met Ted, Xander and Willow are completely won over by both his cooking and generosity. He offers Willow a hard drive upgrade for free while Xander marvels over Ted's mini-pizzas. The only person who isn't impressed with Ted is Buffy, who is upset over seeing her mom with a man other than Hank, Buffy's father. That night, Buffy vents her anger on a vampire by repeatedly beating him with a trash can lid before finally staking him. Giles notices her odd behavior, but Buffy refuses to comment.

The next day at school, Buffy expresses her disapproval of the new man in her mother's life, but Xander and Willow simply brush it off as a common reaction from anybody whose birth parents have split up. Ted appears in the school and invites the gang to go mini-golfing with Joyce the following Saturday. Meanwhile, Giles stops by the computer lab and visits Jenny Calendar, who has been keeping her distance from him ever since she was possessed by the demon Eyghon. She explains that she needs both time and space, so Giles leaves the lab. That Saturday, Buffy hits her ball off the green, and Ted insists that she play by the rules instead of picking up the ball and starting over. Buffy walks around and drops the ball into the hole, but Ted catches her in the act and demands that she follow the rules. To Buffy's shock, Ted threatens to slap Buffy's face, but the others walk up just then. Ted returns to his nice demeanor and offers cookies to everyone, who once again shower him with praise while Buffy stands there in horror.

The next morning, Buffy tells her mom what Ted said to her at the course. Joyce doesn't believe her, so Buffy asks Willow and Xander to investigate Ted's background. In the middle of their conversation, Cordelia walks by. Xander compliments her outfit, but Cordy snaps back as if he had insulted her like he usually does. She walks off, and Xander chases after her, leaving Buffy and Willow thoroughly confused. Xander and Cordy agree to never tell anybody that they kissed, then go to the utility closet to make out. Willow finds out where Ted works, and Buffy goes to his office where he sells computer equipment over the phone. According to the board, Ted is the most successful salesman in the entire office. After he leaves for his lunch break, Buffy talks with Neal, one of Ted's co-workers. Neal tells her that Ted has a wedding planned in two months. Buffy then checks out Ted's desk. The only decoration whatsoever on it is a framed picture of Joyce. Recognizing the picture, Buffy pulls it out of the frame and unfolds it to reveal her own face next to Joyce's. Ted has taken a picture of Joyce and Buffy and folded it up to hide Buffy's face.

Later that night, Ted makes dinner at the Summers' residence. Buffy asks them if they're engaged, and both of them deny it. Displeased with her daughter's attitude, Joyce sends Buffy to her room. After sneaking out through her window and waiting in the park for any vampire activity, Buffy returns to her room and finds Ted waiting inside. All of her slaying equipment has been emptied out her dresser and placed on her nightstand. Ted has also read through her diary and believes she is delusional for believing in vampires. Buffy tries to keep him from leaving the room with her diary, but Ted smacks her against the wall. This is all the motivation that Buffy needs to finally attack Ted. Joyce comes upstairs just in time to see Buffy land multiple blows on Ted's body before sending him tumbling down the stairs. Joyce runs down and discovers that he must have broken his neck during the fall. The Slayer has just taken a human life.

After Ted is taken away in a body bag, Joyce and Buffy are taken to the police station. The detective has a hard time believing Buffy's story since her cheeks show no signs of bruises. They release them without pressing any charges...yet. The next day, Buffy draws stares from everyone at school. Xander and Willow try to find out what happened, but all Buffy can tell them is what everyone else is saying: she killed a man. With the Slayer out of action, Giles realizes that he must take over the vampire slaying duties until Buffy can regain her senses. Xander, Willow, and Cordelia discover a mixture of drugs in one of the cookies that Ted baked. It appears that Ted used his cooking to deceive everybody and prevent them from suspecting anything...that is, everybody except Buffy, who never ate his food. They find Ted's home address and follow it to an abandoned work shop. They discover a trap door hidden beneath a rug, and it leads to a room that looks like it came straight out of the '50s. Inside the closet, Xander discovers the bodies of Ted's previous four wives. This is more than enough evidence, so the three of them leave.

In the park, Giles encounters Jenny while hunting a vampire. She apologizes for her recent behavior, but before Giles can get her to safety, a vampire attacks them. During the struggle, Jenny picks up a crossbow out of Giles back and tries to shoot the vamp, but hits Giles in the back instead. Giles pulls the crossbow bolt out of his back and drives it into the vampire's heart. Apparently, the bolt did not go too deep into Giles back. At the Summers' residence, Ted appears out of nowhere in Buffy's room. They fight, and after Buffy drives a nail file into Ted's arm, he pulls back and reveals wires instead of blood. The android Ted knocks Buffy out and goes downstairs to get Joyce. She believes his lies for a short while, but when she grows suspicious of his intentions, Ted shoves her against the wall, knocking her out. Buffy regains consciousness and smashes a frying pan over Ted's head, revealing a robotic skull beneath his artificial flesh. After another strike with the pan, Ted's circuits cease functioning. The next day, Joyce and Buffy are alone together again, and Giles and Jenny are back together.

Written by David Greenwalt & Joss Whedon ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: December 8, 1997

Bad Eggs (2.12)

While on a shopping trip with her mother at the mall, Buffy encounters a new vampire: a cowboy named Lyle Gorch. After a short fight that ends in Lyle's escape, Joyce scolds Buffy for failing to pick up her dress from the store before closing time.

The next day at school, Xander and Cordelia are still retreating to the utility closet at Sunnydale High for quick make-out sessions. In class, teen health teacher Mr. Whitmore assigns eggs to his students for a parenting assignment. Willow, Xander, Cordelia, and Buffy each have their own egg to take care of. Giles, meanwhile, finds information on Lyle Gorch and his brother, Tector. At one time before they became vampires, the Gorch brothers massacred a Mexican village. Later that night, Buffy and Angel spend more time kissing than actually hunting. Neither of them is aware of the Gorch brothers, who are spying on them from afar. Tector wants to kill them right away, buy Lyle insists that they wait until the Slayer is alone. After Buffy returns home and goes to sleep, a long tentacle with multiple appendages slithers out of her egg and attaches itself to various parts of Buffy's face. She never wakes up during this whole process.

Buffy and Willow are feeling considerably less than active the next day, while Xander and Cordelia remain normal. Xander reveals that he hard-boiled his egg in order to prevent it from breaking easily. Later that night, after another round of "hunting" with Angel, Buffy crawls through her bedroom window and notices that her egg is shaking. As she leans in for a closer look, a purple creature with several legs bursts out of the egg and lunges at Buffy, who swats it to the ground. After trying to keep track of its whereabouts in the room, Buffy finally drives a pair of scissors into its body, then repeatedly stabs it to death. Without hesitating, Buffy calls Willow's house and orders her to destroy her egg immediately. Willow tells Buffy that her egg is normal and inside the fridge. After Willow hangs up her phone, she stares at the opened egg shell on her nightstand. Joyce catches Buffy in her room, fully dressed and on the phone at 2:45 am. Refusing to believe Buffy's story, Joyce grounds Buffy and demands that she stay in the library after school until she comes to pick her up.

Before class starts the next day, Xander nearly eats his egg before realizing that its appearance is as far away from normal as possible. He brings his dead hatchling to the science lab, where Buffy also brings hers for inspection. Expecting Giles to arrive and take a look at the creatures, Buffy is instead surprisingly attacked and knocked out by Cordelia. Before he can react, Xander is also knocked unconscious by Willow. The two of them are then dragged into a closet and locked inside. A parade of students march into the tool shed and pick up digging tools before entering the basement, where Mr. Whitmore awaits. Back in the library, Joyce comes in looking for Buffy and finds Giles instead. After discussing Buffy's irresponsibility, Giles tricks Joyce into turning around so that he can place a hatchling on her back. The two of them then march down to the basement and join the others in their effort to dig up Mother Bezoar, a pre-prehistoric creature that is responsible for laying the eggs. After Buffy comes to, she and Xander break out of the closet and scope out the situation in the basement. While Buffy leaves to obtain a weapon, Xander enters the work area and follows Cordelia, who is carrying a crate filled with eggs. While searching for a weapon, Buffy is reunited with Lyle, who is accompanied by his brother, Tector. They start a fight which leads them both into the digging site. As the students approach them, Buffy and Lyle momentarily stop their battle and fight off the students. This truce doesn't last long, for as soon as he is clear of the zombie-like students, Lyle turns his attention towards the Slayer again. As they resume their fight, Tector hops in, but he is more interested in Bezoar. As he leans over the creature, a tentacle wraps itself around Tector's neck and pulls him under the floor, where Bezoar feeds on him. Outraged, Lyle slams Buffy to the floor next to the huge opening. Bezoar then wraps a tentacle around Buffy's legs and drags her in, but not before she grabs a pickaxe and takes it with her. Everyone stops their digging and listens to the sounds of Buffy hacking away at Mother Bezoar. It finally dies, and the hatchlings release themselves from the students and die. Frightened by the look in Buffy's eye, Lyle backs off and escapes.

Giles makes up a story involving a gas leak to keep everyone from suspecting anything peculiar. Joyce, however, remains disappointed in her daughter for not being at the library at the appointed time. She orders Buffy to remain in her room at all times. Buffy follows this rule by kissing Angel at her window, while Joyce never suspects a thing.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Greenwalt

Original Air Date: January 12, 1998

Surprise (2.13)

Buffy has a nightmare that depicts odd images involving Willow and Joyce. Joyce asks her, "Do you really think you're ready?" then drops a plate to the floor. The nightmare comes to a climax as Buffy watches Drusilla drive a stake into Angel's back, turning him to dust before Buffy can reach him. Before Buffy wakes up, Dru says to her, "Happy Birthday, Buffy."

On her way to school, Buffy stops by Angel's place to make sure he's okay. She warns him of her dream, but Angel brushes it off, stating that not all of her dreams come true. At school, Buffy tells Willow that she's planning on taking the next step with Angel. They spot Oz, so Buffy leaves while Willow attempts to ask him out. After some small talk, Willow invites Oz to Buffy's surprise party as her date. Meanwhile, Xander tries to coax Cordelia into dropping their shroud of secrecy and admitting they're a couple. Cordy doesn't agree and walks off, while Giles arrives and asks about the party. Before they can discuss it in detail, Buffy and Jenny arrive. Buffy tells them of her dream, and Giles agrees that it may be a portent. In her computer class, Jenny is visited by her uncle, who has come to inform her of recent news. Both Jenny and her uncle are gypsies, members of the Romani clan. Angel's murder of one of the Romanis led to his curse centuries ago. The curse was designed to make him suffer, and it was long-believed that if he were to experience one moment of pure happiness, the curse would be lifted, and his soul would be taken away. Jenny's uncle informs her the elder woman of their tribe has been reading signs that Angel's fear is weakening. Jenny tells her uncle of Angel's involvement with Buffy. He demands that she do everything in her power to keep them apart, or else Angelus would return to wreak havoc once again.

Elsewhere, in the abandoned factory, Spike and Drusilla are indeed still alive. Due to his severe injuries at the church, Spike is confined to a wheelchair, while a lively Dru prances around. Their henchmen have been collecting boxes and bringing them to the factory, where they will not be opened until Dru's party.

The next day is Buffy's seventeenth birthday, but it doesn't start off so well for the birthday girl. At breakfast, Buffy alludes to getting a driver's license, to which Joyce responds, "Do you really think you're ready?" Buffy watches in startled shock as a plate slips out of her mother's hand and crashes to the floor. At school, Buffy is more worried than ever as she informs Giles of what happened. Giles arranges a meeting with Buffy later that night, as set-up for her surprise party. Jenny meets up with Buffy at the meeting time and tells Buffy there's been a change in plans. They drive to the Bronze, where everybody else is waiting. However, something else is going on, outside the Bronze. Buffy gets out of the car and recognizes Dalton, one of Spike's cohorts, carrying a box. She tries to stop him, but several other vampires arrive and attack her. Their fight sends Buffy and another vamp through one of the Bronze's windows. Everyone gets up and watches Buffy dust the vamp with a drumstick. Oz is confused by this sight, but calmly accepts the fact that vampires exist in Sunnydale. Opening the box to inspect it, they find a disembodied arm inside. Without warning, the arm lunges out and grabs Buffy by the throat. Angel and Giles remove it from her throat and lock it back in the box. Angel realizes that it is a body part of The Judge, an ancient demon that had the power to destroy humanity. It was once dismantled and buried in all the corners of the world, but Spike and Drusilla are doing everything they can to reassemble The Judge. Angel realizes that he has to take the box and travel to a distant country to hide it once more, meaning he'll be away for months. Distressed over his sudden departure, Buffy accompanies Angel to the docks to bid him farewell. Angel gives Buffy her birthday gift: a claddagh ring, worn with its heart pointing toward the owner to express devotion. As they kiss, Dalton and two other vampires spring out of nowhere and attack them. As Buffy and Angel each fight a vamp, Dalton grabs the box and runs. Angel tackles him, but the third vampire recovers the box and runs off. Before Angel can chase him, Buffy is thrown into the water, so Angel has to dive in after her.

Back at the library, the gang researches The Judge while Buffy falls asleep in Giles' office. In her dream, she is walking through the factory. She doesn't notice Jenny Calendar quickly walk by. As she approaches several boxes similar to the one they found, Drusilla calls Buffy from above. Buffy looks up and sees her hold a knife to Angel's throat. Buffy wakes up and is comforted by Angel. Meanwhile, Dru throws her party in celebration of the coming of The Judge. When they fully assemble the boxes, it emits a bright flash of light and opens, revealing The Judge, who is whole once again. Since he has been dormant for so long, The Judge requires a few souls who have humanity in order to regain his full strength. Dru offers him Dalton, who screams in anguish as The Judge vaporizes him. Buffy and Angel go to the factory to check things out while the others stake out positions at various places where more boxes may come in. The Judge senses Buffy and Angel's presence, and before they can escape, several vampires block their exits and bring them down to meet the Judge. Before he destroys her, Buffy picks up both feet and kicks The Judge square in the chest. As he stumbles back a few steps, Angel breaks out of his hold and yanks a nearby chain, which sends a few overhead television monitors crashing down through the factory floor. Buffy and Angel drop down through the hole and escape through the sewers. They then run through the rain to Angel's place. Once they get there, Buffy is shivering, for her slight contact with The Judge coupled with the cold rain brought about a sudden fever. Realizing that they almost left each other that day, Angel finally professes his love for Buffy, and they succumb to desire and make love in his bed. Late into the night, Angel suddenly snaps out of bed in pain. While Buffy still sleeps, Angel rushes outside into the rain, then stumbles through the ground, writhing in pain. He screams Buffy's name, but she remains asleep.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by Michael Lange

Original Air Date: January 19, 1998

Innocence (2.14)

In the factory, Drusilla collapses to the floor, sensing something strange. What she doesn't yet realize is that Angel is reverting back to his old self, Angelus. As Angel remains on the ground outside of his home, a woman smoking a cigarrette approaches him and offers some help. Suddenly, Angel springs up and drives his teeth into her neck, draining her of blood, then exhaling the smoke that was still in her lungs. Inside, Buffy wakes up, completely unaware of Angel's whereabouts.

The next morning at school, the others are worried about Buffy and Angel, who haven't checked in or called since everyone split up the previous night. Buffy arrives, but nobody's heard from Angel. At the factory, Angel visits Spike and Dru. The Judge attempts to disintegrate him, but nothing happens, for there is absolutely no humanity left in Angel. Spike and Dru are stunned when they realize that Angelus is back. Dru lets Angel in on the plan to bring forth Armageddon, but Angel wants to hold it off for one more night, giving him time to properly punish the Slayer.

At the library, Willow catches Xander and Cordelia kissing behind the book stacks. Willow runs off, but Xander catches up with her in the hallway. Willow is outraged at his lies and relationship with someone whom they both hate so much. Xander tries to calm her down, but Willow just turns around and leaves. Elsewhere, Jenny discusses the curse with her uncle. She realizes that it may be too late to prevent the curse from lifting, so she leaves, obviously upset with her uncle and the rest of her tribe. Meanwhile, Buffy can't go home without knowing what happened to Angel, so she goes to his place instead. Instead, she is immediately relieved to find him there, alive and well. However, things go sour when he starts acting different, treating their night in bed as no big deal. As his words become more heartless, tears fall from Buffy's eyes. Angel then laughs and takes off, leaving Buffy alone to cry.

Willow eventually returns to the school, telling Xander that the problem with The Judge is more important than their personal matters. While rambling about how it took an army to stop The Judge, Xander has a sudden brainstorm. They start to head towards to the library when all the lights shut off. Angel appears at the opposite end of the hallway. He sends Xander to get the others, then invites Willow to step closer. Jenny then arrives with a cross and tells Willow to walk away, but it is too late, for Angel moves up behind and grabs her. Xander arrives back on the scene in time to see Willow in Angel's grasp. Before Angel can sink his fangs into Willow's neck, Buffy arrives behind Angel and distracts him while Xander takes Jenny's cross and sneaks up on him. Angel is stunned by the cross and drops Willow, then confronts Buffy, who is too shocked to react. He kisses her and takes off. After everyone recovers, they return to the library and attempt to figure out how Angel reverted back to his old self. Realizing that her night with Angel may have had something to do with it, Buffy gets up and goes home, ignoring Giles' demands. With the Slayer distressed mentally, the gang has no idea what to do. That is, everybody but Xander, who has Willow get help from Oz with his van, and tells Cordy to meet him at Willow's house wearing a trashy outfit. At the Summers' home, Buffy slips off her claddagh ring, then cries herself to sleep. She dreams about her last night with Angel in his bed, before the scene switches to a burial ceremony at daytime. Angel is there, and so is Jenny Calendar. Buffy wakes up the next day, and goes straight to Jenny's computer class. In front of Giles and all the students, Buffy slams Jenny to her desk and demands answers. After the students leave, Jenny admits that she was sent to watch Angel and make sure he remained punished. Giles then realizes that Buffy and Angel made love, thus triggering his moment of true happiness and the departure of his soul.

Oz parks his van outside of a US Army armory, and Xander and Cordy step out and sneak into the building. When Xander was transformed into a soldier on the night of Halloween, he gained knowledge of everything a soldier would know, such as weapons training and the layout of the military base. He finds the box he was looking for, and they bring it out to the van. They bring it back to the library, where Xander teaches Buffy how to use it. At the factory, everyone prepares to execute their plan. Spike is left behind, since his condition in the wheelchair makes him unfit to go outside. Shortly afterwards, Buffy and the others arrive at the factory to find it unoccupied. They are not aware of Spike, who is hiding in the shadows. Oz suggests that they may have gone to the mall, which is exactly where they went. At the mall, The Judge emits deadly beams of light that strike every single one of the customers. However, before he can destroy them, a crossbow bolt punctures his chest, causing him to halt his attack on the customers. He looks up to see Buffy holding a crossbow, while the others stand below her. The Judge reiterates the fact that no forged weapon can stop him. However, Xander took this into account, and pulls a rocket launcher out of the box. As Buffy arms the weapon, Angel and Drusilla run for cover. They narrowly avoid the explosion as the rocket shell collides with The Judge, blowing him up into thousands of pieces. Angel and Drusilla escape in separate directions, and Buffy follows Angel while the others pick up the pieces and keep them apart. Buffy tracks Angel down into a theater, where they do battle. After they beat each other up considerably, Buffy finally knocks Angel back with a powerful kick and whips out her stake. However, she cannot bring herself to slay Angel just yet, so she delivers one last kick to his groin, then turns and leaves.

Giles drives Buffy home and assures her that despite all that has happened in the past few days, she has not lost any of his respect. Back inside, Buffy watches an old movie with her mother, who lights a birthday candle on a muffin. Instead of making a wish and blowing it out, Buffy decides to let it burn.

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: January 20, 1998

Phases (2.15)

Willow meets up with Oz in front of one of the school's trophy cases. He has been checking out the moving eyes in one of the cheerleading statues, the same one in which Amy's mother, the witch, is trapped. They discuss their date the previous night, before Willow spots Buffy and walks outside with her. Willow is worried because Oz hasn't tried to kiss her yet, although she is happy that he is being so nice and respectful. Later that night, Xander and Cordelia make out in her car, which is parked in the woods. Without warning, the hairy arm of a werewolf breaks through the roof of the car. Cordy throws the car in reverse then brakes, sending the werewolf tumbling off of the car. They then drive out as fast as they can. The next morning, Xander tells Giles that they encountered a werewolf. Giles is quite excited, for he has never personally dealt with a werewolf case before. In gym, the class is studying self-defense. Xander's latent jealousy of Oz's relationship with Willow is becoming more and more obvious. Buffy tries to pretend she's a normal girl, but when Larry grabs her behind during a throw session, Buffy flips him over her shoulder and onto the mat. Back at the library, Giles has learned that a werewolf goes on the prowl on the night of the full moon and the two nights surrounding it, making that a total of three nights in every month.

Later that night, one of Buffy's classmates, Theresa, is walking home alone when she bumps in Angel, who offers to walk her home. Meanwhile, Buffy and Giles investigate Lover's Lane in the woods, hoping to find the werewolf and bring it back alive, for it is still a human twenty-eight days out of the month. Buffy gets trapped in a net that lifts her to the top of the trees. As she calls for help from Giles, a poacher named Cain appears with a shotgun. After realizing that his catch is not a werewolf, he cuts the net down, and Giles helps Buffy out. Cain explains that he hunts werewolves to make money. He then asks them if they know where else the teenagers might hang out, since werewolves are attracted to sexual heat. Buffy feigns ignorance, so Cain leaves and goes off on his own. Buffy and Giles then drive towards the Bronze, which fits Cain's description perfectly. As they arrive there, dozens of frightened teens evacuate the Bronze, for the werewolf has already arrived. Buffy runs inside by herself and pulls a chain out of her backpack. She tries to tie up the werewolf, but it breaks free of the chain and escapes. While Buffy and Giles deal with Cain, who is upset that she tried to capture it instead of kill it, the werewolf wanders down the alleys when it discovers Theresa's body. There are two bite marks on its neck, and all the blood has been drained from its body. The werewolf looks up and sees Angel. The two growl at each other, but do not attack. Angel eventually backs off and disappears.

Early next morning before sunrise, Buffy and Giles hear on the radio that Theresa was found dead, and her murder may be linked to the werewolf. They now have only night left before the werewolf goes into remission for the remainder of the month. As the sun rises, the werewolf slowly transforms back to human form while it is sleeping. Once all the hair fades away to reveal flesh, we see that the werewolf is Oz. After waking up and realizing that he is naked in the woods, Oz suspects that he may be the werewolf. He goes home and calls his aunt. Oz asks her about his cousin Jordy, who bit him recently. Apparently, his aunt knows that Jordy is a werewolf, and since he bit Oz, the curse has been passed along. Oz goes to school that day in a daze, and he is horrified to learn that he may have killed Theresa the previous night. Xander suspects that Larry may be the werewolf, so he leaves to question him in the locker room. Willow invites Oz to help her do some research later that night, but Oz refuses and runs off, leaving Willow upset over his apparent change of heart. In the locker room, Xander confronts Larry in the locker room. Xander tells him that he knows the secret that Larry has been hiding, only to find out that Larry's secret is his homosexuality. Misunderstanding Xander's words, Larry now believes that Xander is also gay, but assures him that their secret is safe between them. Feeling relieved and better about himself, Larry thanks Xander and walks off.

Realizing that the police reports never mentioned anything about Theresa being mauled, Buffy and Xander visit the funeral home and inspect Theresa's body. Sure enough, they find two bite marks on her neck, signifying death by vampire. While Buffy signs the guestbook, Theresa suddenly gets up behind her, only now her face is that of a vampire. In the middle of their fight, Theresa throws Buffy off guard by saying that Angel sent her. Luckily, Xander is able to stake her through the back before she can take advantage of Buffy's disoriented state. After being helped up, Buffy embraces Xander for a short while, expressing her fear of Angel's relentlessness. She then realizes her position, gathers herself together, and leaves, with Xander following behind. Elsewhere, Oz knows that he must not be able to leave the house that night, so brings out a box of chains and shackles. Before he can lock himself up, Willow knocks on the door. She is obviously upset by his decision to stay home and do nothing by himself instead of spending the time with her. Oz tries to warn her of the danger, but it is too late, for his transformation has already begun. Willow screams and runs out of the house, while the werewolf chases her down the block and into the woods. Before he can attack Willow, a different scent catches the werewolf's nose, so he leaves Willow alone. She runs off to the library, where Giles is loading up a tranquilizer gun. Willow tells Giles and Buffy that Oz is the werewolf, so they rush out to the woods. Buffy kicks the shotgun out of Cain's hand just before he pulls the trigger. After knockin Cain down, Buffy fights the werewolf, which prevents Giles from getting a clean shot. Buffy is then knocked into Giles and Willow. As the werewolf charges them, Willow grabs the tranquilizer gun and shoots him, causing him to stumble back and collapse. As Cain gets up, Buffy bends his gun with her bare hands, then orders him to leave.

The next day, Oz tells Willow that he'll be fine, as long as he locks himself up around the full moon every month. To his surprise, Willow is still interested in continuing their relationship. As she leaves, Willow kisses Oz for the first time.

Written by Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: January 27, 1998

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (2.16)

The night before Valentine's Day, Xander shows Buffy his V-Day gift for Cordy: a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. After cracking a few jokes, Buffy assures Xander that Cordy will love his gift. She then slays a vampire which rises from its grave, and they continue on with their conversation.

The next morning, Harmony and her friends are shunning Cordy from their discussion groups. They mock Cordy for dating Xander, whom they perceive to be one of the biggest losers in Sunnydale. Elsewhere, Amy asks Willow and Buffy if they plan on attending the V-Day party at the Bronze later that night. Willow is going to see Oz play in the band, while Buffy plans on staying home. As everyone leaves and hands in their assignment, Xander notices that Amy does not have a paper to turn in. To his surprise, he watches as Amy stares at Miss Beakman, the teacher. Miss Beakman then reaches out her hand, as if she is taking Amy's paper which doesn't even exist. Amy then turns and leaves. Xander catches up with Buffy and Willow, telling them that he suspects Amy of messing around with witchcraft. Buffy and Willow remind him that it was Amy's mother, Catherine, who was the witch, and that Amy would never fool around with it. Giles spots Buffy and approaches her. Jenny Calendar sees them and walks over, but Giles brushes her off, saying that he and Buffy are busy at the moment. In the library, Giles warns Buffy that Angel has a long past of committing horrid acts on Valentine's Day. He refuses to tell Buffy any specifics, however, but he does suggest that she be careful. Meanwhile, in the factory, Spike and Angel give Drusilla their V-Day gifts. Spike gives her a necklace, while Angel gives her a freshly torn-out heart.

That night, Buffy receives a box of roses, which were left at her doorstep. Buffy opens the box and finds a card with only one word written on it: "Soon". At the Bronze, Xander sees Cordy and walks over to give her his gift. After admiring the necklace for a moment, Cordy breaks up with him. Xander is righteously furious, and it only gets worse for him the next day, as everyone in school seems to know that they broke up. Xander then notices Amy walking around, so he runs over and tells her that he knows she's practicing witchcraft. With the upper hand, Xander strikes a deal with Amy: help him cast a love spell on Cordy, and nobody will have to know that she's a witch. After arguing the idea for a while, Amy concedes and tells Xander that she needs a personal item of Cordelia's. Xander finds Cordy near her locker and demands that she return the necklace he gave her. Cordy says it's in her locker, but when she opens it, she hides behind the locker door so she can remove the necklace from her neck without Xander seeing. Meanwhile, Buffy walks into the library and shows Giles the "Soon" card. Buffy demands that Giles tell her everything she needs to know about Angel and Valentine's Day, so Giles sits her down and proceeds to read various anecdotes from his books.

In a darkened room, Amy and Xander perform the spell that should cause Cordy to fall in love with him. However, Xander soon finds out that the spell had no effect on Cordy. He walks into the library where Buffy is still listening to Giles read his books. Buffy consoles Xander, then suggests that they spend some time together that night. Buffy's suggestions get increasingly lurid, but before they get too close, Amy walks in and tells Xander that she needs to have a word with him. Outside in the hall, Amy tells Xander that the spell didn't work. Xander could care less know, seeing how his dreams of Buffy and himself are finally being fulfilled. However, Amy then suggests that they spend some time together later that night, without the spells and other witchcraft. Xander grows suspicious, and his fears are confirmed when another girl approaches and asks him to accompany her that night. Xander realizes that the spell actually worked. However, instead of affecting Cordy, it zapped every other girl in Sunnydale. Xander goes home to avoid everybody, only to find Willow waiting for him in his bed. Willow wants to him to take her right there in his bed, and when things get a little too steamy between them, Xander pushes her off and runs off.

The next day, every single girl in the school ogles Xander as he walks down the hall. He quickly enters the library and tells Giles everything that's going on. Before Giles can process the information, Jenny walks in and tells Giles that they need to talk. However, her attention quickly shifts to Xander, proving that the spell affected not only the girls, but every single female in town. Giles gets between the two and berates Xander for causing all this to happen. He then leaves Xander in the library, dragging Jenny along with him. After they leave, Xander tries to barricade the entrance to the library, but Buffy simply walks in, wearing nothing but a raincoat. She seductively asks Xander to undress her, but he can't, for he knows that what Buffy is doing is not out of attraction for him, but simply a result of the spell. Just then, Amy arrives and tells Buffy to leave. Instead, Buffy punches her to the floor. Angered, Amy gets up and casts a spell on Buffy, turning her into the small rat. Giles and Jenny return just then. While Xander and Giles try to catch the rat, Oz walks into the library and punches Xander for whatever he did to depress Willow. While Xander assures Oz that nothing happened, the rat escapes through the partly-opened library door. Realizing that the rat is gone, Giles commands Xander and Oz to find the rat while he tries to get Amy to reverse the spells. Giles soon determines that Amy must have made a mistake in the casting that caused Cordy to be protected by the spell instead of affected by it.

In the hallway, Xander notices a fight breaking out. To his horror, he sees a mob of girls beating on Cordy. The mob is angry at Cordy for breaking Xander's heart. Rushing in through the love-crazed girls, Xander pulls Cordy out of the pack and runs away with her. They run outside, only to find Willow and dozens of other girls. Willow is wielding an axe, for she would rather see Xander dead than with Cordy. While the mobs of girls battle each other, Xander and Cordy escape through the commotion and end up at Buffy's house. Joyce lets them in and, after sending Cordy upstairs to get some bandages, starts seducing Xander. Cordy is sickened by this, so she pushes Joyce outside. Joyce punches through the door window and struggles to unlock the door, so Xander and Cordy run upstairs and hide in Buffy's room. Thinking they're safe, Angel suddenly arrives and pulls Xander through the window and throws him to the ground below. Before Angel can kill him, Drusilla arrives and protects Xander. While Angel leaves, Dru offers immortal life to Xander. Before she can sink his teeth into his neck, the mob of girls finally track them down. They pull Xander away from Dru and pile up on top of Xander. Cordy runs out and pulls Xander out from the pile before quickly running back inside. All the girls chase them into the house. That is, everyone except Dru. Angel reminds her that she can't get in without an invitation. Xander and Cordy run into the basement and lock themselves in there. Meanwhile, Oz tracks the rat into the school basement. The rat is first menaced by a cat, then approaches a mouse trap. Upstairs, Giles and Amy perform the reversal spells. They first reverse the spell on Buffy, causing her to transform back to her human self. She quickly realizes that she is completely naked, so she asks Oz to find her some clothes. While Giles and Amy work on reversing the love spell, the mob of girls break open the basement door. Xander and Cordy run downstairs, but there's nowhere to go. Soon, all the girls gang up on top of them. Finally, Giles and Amy complete the reversal spell, and everybody returns to normal. All the girls look around, completely confused as to what's going on. Cordy makes up an excuse that they had just finished a scavenger hunt.

The next day, Buffy thanks Xander for not taking advantage of her the previous day. It seems that everybody retained their memory of what occurred during the run of the spell. Xander then bumps into Harmony, who is walking with Cordy and the rest of their friends. After Harmony mocks Xander, Cordy has had enough. She rips on Harmony and tells everybody that she can date whoever she wants to date. Cordy then walks over to Xander and takes his hand. Cordy is horrified by what she's just done, but Xander comforts her, and the two of them walk off, together again.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: February 10, 1998

Passion (2.17)

Buffy wakes up in the morning to discover a piece of paper sitting on her pillow. She unfolds it to discover a sketch of her face while she was sleeping. Buffy knows that Angel must have been in her bedroom during her sleep. At the library, Buffy pleads to Giles that he find a spell that would reverse the invitation into her home. Buffy and Giles then stop by Jenny Calendar's computer class to meet Willow, who has just been assigned by Jenny to fill in as class teacher the next day for the first few minutes. As Buffy and Willow leave, Jenny does her best to apologize to Giles, who insists that Buffy is the one who deserves the apology. Jenny also gives Giles a book that she has been reading since Angel lost his soul.

That night, Buffy tells her mother during dinner that Angel has been sort of stalking her lately. Buffy asks Joyce to never invite him into the house. Later, Buffy talks to Willow over the phone. During their conversation, Willow notices an envelope on her bed. She opens it and discovers that all the fish from her aquarium have been removed and strung along a wire, which she slowly pulls out of the envelope. Willow quickly retreats to Buffy's house to spend the night.

At the factory the next morning, Spike grows increasingly tired of Angel's presence. Their argument is interrupted by Drusilla, who falls onto the table in pain, for she senses something going on that may endanger them. What she senses is Jenny's visit to the local craft shop. Jenny purchases an Orb of Thesulah which she needs to restore Angel's soul. The shopkeeper warns her that the transliteration annals have been lost for many years, but Jenny tells him that she's working on a computer program that could translate the text.

The next morning, Giles gives Jenny's book to Buffy and points out the revoking spell that he just found. Buffy and Willow first help Cordy perform the steps on her car. The three of them then perform the spell in Willow's house. While there, Cordy notices a piece of paper left on Willow's bed. Willow unfolds it, then hands it to Buffy. It is a sketch of Joyce, asleep and completely unaware of Angel's presence. Buffy and Willow race to her house to perform the spell. Joyce soon pulls into the driveway, where Angel waits for her to get out of the car. Angel pleads with Joyce to help him get Buffy back, and he eventually mentions the night they made love. Joyce finally unlocks the front door and enters the house. Angel tries to follow her in, but a force holds him back. He then sees Buffy and Willow coming down the steps, and the door is promptly slammed in front of him. Back in Jenny's classroom, Giles walks in. She tells him that she may have some good news, so Giles invites her to stop by his house later. Meanwhile, Drusilla visits the shopkeeper after hours and asks him what he's been up to with Jenny Calendar.

Jenny finally completes her program. She saves the translated text on a floppy disk which she removes from the disk drive. As she prints out the text, she notices that Angel is sitting in the classroom. He destroys the Orb of Thesulah, her computer, and the print-out. Angel then chases Jenny through the school halls before finally catching her in front of the second floor window. In a single instant, Angel snaps Jenny's neck, then drops her to the floor.

Meanwhile, Giles stops by Buffy's house to pick up Jenny's book so he can perform the revoking spell at his house. Upstairs, Joyce talks with Buffy about her irresponsibility. When Giles gets home, he hears opera music playing and finds a rose on his door. He enters and finds chilled wine, glasses, and a note that simply reads "Upstairs". He follows a path of roses up the staircase, but what he finds is everything but romantic. Jenny's dead body lies in his bed, and Giles drops the glasses and wine to the floor. Giles stares blankly ahead as the coroners take Jenny's body out of the house. The cops then ask Giles to come with them to the police station to answer a few questions. Giles asks if he could first use the phone. As the phone rings at Buffy's house, Angel watches from outside, through the windows. He watches Buffy's face as she gives the phone, then slowly collapses against the wall behind her. Willow immediately bursts into tears, and Joyce runs in to console her. After a while of recovery, Xander and Cordy arrive to give Buffy and Willow a lift to Giles' house. At this very moment, Giles stuffs his weapons into a duffel bag and takes off for the factory. Buffy and the others arrive too late, but they know where he's headed. At the factory, Giles throws a flame bomb into the middle of the floor, setting it ablaze. Before Angel can run, an arrow pins him against a post behind him. As he pulls it out, Giles ignites a club in the flames and proceeds to beat Angel repetitively with it. Finally, Angel grabs Giles by the neck and picks him up, but Buffy arrives just in time to take over the fight. Their battle carries on to the catwalk above, but before Buffy can finish Angel off, he reminds her of Giles, who remains collapsed by the rapidly spreading flames. He then throws Buffy over the rail, but she lands on her feet and rescues Giles, thus allowing to Angel to escape once again. Outside, Giles is furious at Buffy for interfering in his fight, but she punches him and tells him to never leave her alone.

Another day, another morning, Giles and Buffy stand over Jenny's grave. Buffy has finally realized that she is ready to finish Angel. In the computer classroom, Willow takes over as substitute teacher until the new teacher can arrive. As she arranges Jenny's desk, she unknowingly drops a disk through a crack between the desk and a file cabinet. There the disk lies, the key to Angel's restoration.

Written by Ty King ~ Directed by Michael E. Gershman

Original Air Date: February 24, 1998

Killed By Death (2.18)

The flu has been spreading around Sunnydale High, and Buffy's one of the unlucky souls who's got it. While on a routine patrol through the cemetery, Buffy runs into Xander, Willow, and Cordelia. Before she can get them to go home, Angel appears and attacks Cordy. Buffy fends him off, but the flu has made her too weak to fight him effectively. Angel nearly bites Buffy when the others come to her aid and thwart him back with their crosses. After Angel leaves, Buffy collapses and lies on the ground, unconscious.

The gang brings Buffy to the emergency room of Sunnydale General. Giles and Joyce soon arrive, and they wait for Buffy to be moved to another room so they could see her. On the way to room, Buffy realizes that she's going to be there awhile, so she tries to get out, screaming that she has to kill the vampires. Dr. Wilkinson injects a tranquilizer to calm her down. Soon, Buffy is asleep in her new room while the others wait outside in the hall. Joyce tells everyone that Buffy has been afraid of hospitals ever since she saw her cousin Celia die in a hospital when they were both very young. The group goes home while Xander stays behind to protect Buffy in case Angel shows up. That night, Buffy is still overcome with her fever when she notices a young boy standing in her doorway. As the boy walks away, Buffy sees a tall, demonic man following the boy. He is dressed in black clothes and a black hat, and his fingers are long and pointed. Buffy gets out of her bed to follow them, but she soon finds herself in a flashback to a time when she was much younger, walking down a similar hospital hallway. As her young self walks into a room and approaches the bed curtains, Buffy wakes up, realizing that she was just dreaming. She then gets out of bed and walks down the hall. She stops outside of a door from which a body of a recently diseased girl is being wheeled out of. Buffy eavesdrops on Dr. Wilkinson talking with another doctor, Dr. Stanley Backer. Dr. Wilkinson is arguing about some kind of experimental procedure that Dr. Backer has been performing on the children. Buffy then notices two children standing before her. One of them is the same boy she saw earlier, who tells her that Death is coming for them, and that he can't be seen by grownups. Elsewhere, Angel walks into the hospital, holding some flowers for Buffy. Xander blocks his path and challenges him to a fight, but Angel simply points out Xander's apparent jealousy of Angel for getting to Buffy first. Angel then turns around and leaves.

The next morning, Buffy's fever has gone down, and the gang pays her a visit. Buffy tells them about the apparent demon she saw walking the halls, the one that grownups can't see, but also notes that she may have just been delusional from her fever. She also tells them about the girl who died and Dr. Backer's experiments. Giles and Willow return to the library to do some research while Xander and Cordy snoop around the hospital for more info. They find nothing, so Xander decides to stay behind and watch after Buffy. Cordy is upset with him for his obvious attraction that he still holds for Buffy, but she later returns with donuts and coffee to keep Xander company. In the meantime, Giles and Willow concoct a theory that the kids think they're seeing Death, but they're really seeing Dr. Backer. Willow researches his background, but can't find much to convict him of anything. Later that night, Buffy sneaks out of her room again. She heads for the children's ward, where Dr. Backer is preparing to inject a sleeping girl with an unknown solution. He then hears something, but it is too late, for an invisible force attacks the doctor, slashing away at his body. The young boy, Ryan, wakes up and watches in horror as Dr. Backer is slashed to death by the demon. Buffy looks in and sees Dr. Backer being attacked, but she can't see the attacker. His lifeless body is then thrown out of the room, and before Buffy can reach it, she is knocked back by the unseen force. She lies against the wall, unconscious, while Dr. Backer's body is dragged down the hall and out of sight.

The next morning, Buffy tells the gang that Backer is no longer their suspect, then shows them a drawing that Ryan made of the demon. Joyce arrives and tells Buffy that she's been cleared to go home, but Buffy makes up an excuse that she's still not feeling well so she can stay in the hospital and fight the demon. Willow stays to help Buffy investigate Dr. Backer's office for clues as to why he was killed, while Xander elects to stand guard at the hospital. This leaves Giles to reluctantly work with Cordy in the library. In Dr. Backer's office, Willow finds a log proving that Backer was inoculating the kids with the same virus they were infected with in an attempt to raise their temperature and burn out their fever. According the log, the process was starting to work, so Backer really was helping the children all along. At the library, Cordy notices that a picture on the cover of a book resembles the picture that Ryan drew. She calls Buffy and tells them that the name of the demon is Der Kindestod. Giles then tells Buffy that Kindestod kills its victims by sitting on top of them and pinning them on their backs. It then sucks the life out of them somehow. Buffy suddenly has another flashback to her earlier years. The younger Buffy walks into the room and opens the curtains, only to see Celia screaming with her hands in front of her, as if she is trying to push some invisible object off of her. Buffy realizes that her cousin Celia was killed by Kindestod. After hanging up the phone, Buffy realizes that the only time she was able to see the Kindestod was when she was still under the effects of her fever. Willow and Buffy sneak into Backer's office again. Buffy opens the refrigerator and removes a test tube that contains the same virus strain that Backer was using in his experiments. Willow dilutes it with water before Buffy drinks it. Sick again, Buffy stumbles to the children's ward with Willow's help. However, all the children are no longer in their room. Buffy then sees Kindestod walking around inside the room, then entering a door labelled "Basement Access". The door is locked, so Buffy needs to find another way to the basement. Dr. Wilkinson walks into the hallway and tries to get Buffy back to her room, but Buffy pushes her away, and she and Willow run for it. Two security guards stop them, but Willow throws an imaginary fit to divert the guards while Buffy slips by. She finds Xander, and the two of them head down to the basement. They find Ryan pinned to the floor by Kindestod, while the rest of the children sit together screaming. Buffy fights Kindestod while Xander moves the others to safety. Before Kindestod can drain Buffy of her life force, she grabs his head with both hands and snaps his neck, killing him instantly.

The next morning, Buffy is back in the comfort of her own bedroom. Xander and Willow are also there, keeping her company while she recovers from her fever again. Joyce brings Buffy a letter that just arrived in the mail. It's from Ryan, and Buffy opens it to find a drawing of Buffy standing victoriously over the body of Kindestod, its neck cracked open and blood spurting out.

Written by Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali ~ Directed by Deran Sarafian

Original Air Date: March 3, 1998

I Only Have Eyes For You (2.19)

A night at the Bronze does nothing to improve the Slayer's morale, as Willow notices when she sees Buffy reject a guy. Willow tries to help her friend out, but Buffy opts to stop by the school and see if Giles has any work for her to do. Unbeknownst to her, a boy is fighting with a girl in the school hallway. He holds up a gun, and the girl tries to leave the scene. The boy then shouts, "Don't walk away from me, bitch!" Buffy arrives at the school just in time to stop the boy from shooting the girl. Buffy knocks the gun out of his hand, and the boy soon returns to his senses. While he and the girl try to figure out what just happened, the school janitor points out that the gun is nowhere to be seen.

The next morning, Principal Snyder calls Buffy to his office to let her know that he'll be keeping an eye on her. After he leaves the office for a minute, a book mysteriously falls out of the bookshelf. Buffy picks it up, noticing that it's a yearbook from the Sunnydale Class of '55. Meanwhile, Giles stops by the computer classroom, where Willow is still serving as the substitute teacher. She tells Giles about some of the files and pagan websites she found on the computer, then gives him a rose quartz that once belonged to Jenny. Elsewhere, Buffy has a dream in one of her classes that she's in the year 1955. She watches on as one of the students approaches the teacher. They start to hold hands when someone else interrupts them. Just then, Buffy wakes up from her dream and notices the teacher writing "Don't walk away from me, bitch" on the chalkboard. He doesn't even notice it until the students start laughing. In the hallway, Buffy tells Xander what happened. When they reach his locker, a rotted arm reaches out of it and grabs Xander, trying to pull him in. Buffy helps him loose, and the creature disappears. When Giles finds out about this, he deduces that this is some form of paranormal activity.

Later that night, one of the teachers, Ms. Frank, passes by George the janitor on her way home. Suddenly, they begin to reenact the same conversation that the boy and girl held the night before. While this goes on, Giles is working in his office when he hears a female voice call to him. He believes that it is Jenny's voice. When he walks out to investigate, he sees George and Ms. Frank outside. Before Giles can do anything, the gun goes off, sending Ms. Frank over the edge and onto the steps below. George tries to flee the scene, but Giles tackles him. After the gun is knocked out of George's hands, it suddenly vanishes into thin air. George has no idea what just happened, so Giles fills him in.

The next day, Giles tells the others that he believes the ghost is Jenny. They don't see how the pieces fit, but Giles remains set in his belief. In the computer classroom, Willow looks up any previous shooting victims in the school. She finds a record from 1955, when a student shot his teacher, then himself. Buffy recognizes the faces from her dream, so she grabs a 1955 yearbook and looks them up. The boy was James Stanley, and his teacher was Grace Newman. Buffy determines that they were having an affair. However, Buffy feels no remorse for James's fate, for she feels he deserved whatever punishment there was after shooting Grace. In the cafeteria, Cordy complains about the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance when another paranormal event occurs. This time, all of the food transforms into snakes, sending the entire school population into panic. One of the snake bites Cordy's cheek before she swats it away. After they evacuate the school, a team is sent in to clean out the snakes. Principal Snyder talks with his friend on the police force, Bob. Snyder knows that they're on a Hellmouth, but Bob demands Snyder to control the situation, otherwise the mayor would have to get involved. That night, Willow sets up a plan to exorcise the spirit from the school. To do so, Buffy, Xander, Cordelia, and her need to chant from different locations in the school at midnight, forming what is called a Mangus Tripod. Buffy elects to take the center position, since that is where the most danger would likely occur. After they split up in the school, Willow runs into Giles by the library. He is trying to contact Jenny's spirit, so Willow leaves him alone. As midnight approaches, Buffy sees a vision of James dancing with Grace in the band room. Cordelia inspects her wound in the bathroom mirror, then watches in horror as the whole side of her face turns red and swollen. Willow is suddenly pulled into the floor by an arm, but she is saved by Giles. Buffy watches as James's face is replaced by a rotted skull, which tells her to get out. The clock finally strikes twelve, so the group does the chant simultaneously. However, it doesn't work like it's supposed to. A swarm of wasps invades the hallways, and everybody makes a mad dash for the exit. They run to the street, then turn around to witness the swarm surround the entire school.

At Buffy's house, Giles deduces that it is James spirit which is haunting Sunnydale High. He is apparently trying to seek forgiveness from Grace, but that can never happen since she dies before she can possibly forgive him. So, he is doomed to repeat this scenario over and over again. While they try to figure out a solution, Buffy hears a male voice call to her. Without telling the others, she sneaks off to the school. The wasps part to allow her access, and she walks right in. Inside, Buffy meets Angel, who has come to finish things off. However, James spirit possesses Buffy, and she begins to act out the scenario. Confused for a moment, Angel approaches and is suddenly possessed by Grace's spirit. It all plays out the same way, only this time, Grace (in Angel's body) gets up after being shot and falling onto the steps below. In the band room, James (in Buffy's body) prepares to shoot himself, when Grace stops him. She forgives him, and they share one last kiss before their souls finally cross over, leaving Buffy and Angel in an embrace, kissing like they once did in the past. When Angel realizes what he is doing, he pushes her off and escapes.

Back at the Summers’ home, Buffy realizes that James never meant to shoot Grace. Apparently, Buffy and James had more in common than she realized, for they were both tormented by guilt. Meanwhile, at their new home in an abandoned garden, Angel tries to cleanse himself from the vile kiss he shared with his enemy. He takes Dru out with him to find some blood, leaving Spike alone. After they leave, Spike rises from his wheelchair and kicks it on its side, knowing that the time for his comeback is nearer than anyone else thinks.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by James Whitmore Jr.

Original Air Date: April 28, 1998

Go Fish (2.20)

The beach is the site for the victory party of the Sunnydale High swim team, and everyone's celebrating except Buffy. One of the team members, Cameron, approaches the lonely Slayer and keeps her company. Another team member, Dodd, mocks Jonathan in front of everybody, so Buffy steps in to stop the foolishness. Dodd and fellow member Gage then leave the party and walk along the shore. Suddenly, Dodd disappears without Gage even noticing. He smells a strong odor coming from somewhere, so he decides to return to the party. He doesn't hear Dodd quietly scream in agony, nor does he notice the scaly creature walking away from Dodd's remains.

The next morning, Principal Snyder stops by the computer classroom to talk to Willow about one of her students, Gage. He is currently getting an "F" in the class, and Snyder encourages her to work his grade into a passing one. Meanwhile, Cameron gives a Buffy a ride to school, then tries to put the moves on her. She retaliates by busting his nose on the steering wheel. Principal Snyder sees this and calls the two of them to Nurse Greenleigh's office. The swim team coach, Marin, meets them there, and they discuss their chances for winning the state title. In the library, Buffy learns that Dodd's insides were eaten from some mysterious creature, leaving only his skin behind. Hours later, Xander takes a study break and heads to the vending machine. He bumps into Cameron, who is on his way to the cafeteria. Cam notices a foul smell when he enters the cafeteria, and a horrific scream follows soon after. Xander follows the sound, but he's too late, for all that remains of Cameron is his skin on the cafeteria floor. Xander then turns around and encounters the scaly creature that most likely killed Cameron.

Later, Xander explains to Giles and Cordy that the creature got away before he could get a good look at it. Without Cameron gone, Giles determines the pattern of the killing is connected to the swim team ranks. Dodd and Cameron were the first and second best swimmers on the team, respectively. Since Gage is the third best, he would most likely be the creature's next target. Buffy decides to keep an eye on Gage, while Willow interrogates Jonathan, who has tried out for the team several times but never made it on. All Willow learns is that Jonathan peed in the pool. Later that night, Gage confronts Buffy about her spying on him. She tries to come up with a good excuse, then simply tells Gage what's really going on. He doesn't buy it, so he turns and walks out. Outside, he meets Angel, who promptly sinks his teeth into Gage's neck, hoping to turn him into a demon. Buffy arrives on the scene just in time to witness Angel suddenly withdrawing his fangs from Gage's neck and spitting the blood out. He tosses Gage's weakened body at Buffy and makes his escape, all the while spitting out the blood in disgust. Gage believes Buffy now, so he asks her to walk him home.

At swim practice the next day, Buffy tells Willow and Cordy about Angel's distaste for Gage's blood. She believes that Gage may have been taking steroids, which might have turned Angel off. Willow then considers the possibility that the steroids might be what's attracting the creature. They then find out that Xander has joined the swim team. The position was open due to the recent deaths, so Xander took it as an opportunity to spy on Gage when Buffy couldn't. After spending some time in the steam room, Xander gets dressed and meets Buffy outside of the locker room, telling her that Gage is still inside. She soon hears Gage screaming and runs inside, where she sees the creature standing in front of Gage. She gets between the two of them, but something's wrong with Gage. To her horror, Buffy watches as Gage tears away his own skin in agony before emerging as the same type of creature standing behind her. Gage's former skin drops to the floor, and he quickly attacks Buffy. The two of them are too much for Buffy, and when her guard drops, one of them bite into her arm. Coach Marin arrives to pull Buffy out of danger, and the two creatures escape through a hole in the floor. Buffy and Giles question Coach Marin, but he denies any knowledge of substance abuse in his team. They can't figure out what's going on, so Buffy assigns Xander to learn more about the team's drug use while she and Willow talk to Nurse Greenleigh. However, Nurse Greenleigh is already being led to her doom by Coach Marin, who won't listen to her pleas to stop the experiments. He drops her into the sewer below, where the fish creatures quickly feed on her.

In the steam room, Xander learns from one of the other members that the steroids are in the steam itself. This means that Xander has been exposed to the same substance that transformed Dodd, Cameron, and Gage. He tells the others that he's already been in the steam room three times, so Buffy talks to Coach Marin. Eventually, he tells her about Russian experiments with fish DNA on their Olympic swimmers. He then draws a gun and orders Buffy to drop into the sewer so his boys could satisfy their "other needs". After dropping down, Buffy sees the chewed-up remains of Nurse Greenleigh floating in the murky water. Upstairs by the pool, Cordy mistakes a newly-emerged fish creature for Xander. She expresses her sorrow for his fate, but Xander shows up again, just in time to save her from the creature's attack. They return to the library, where Giles has locked up the remaining members of the swim team. Xander then goes to see Coach Marin, and they engage in a struggle over the gun. Down below, Buffy fends off the creatures until they finally surround her from all angles. Xander knocks Coach Marin down and extends his arm through the hole for Buffy. She leaps up, grabs Xander's hand, and is pulled to safety. Coach Marin gets up for one last strike, but Buffy is ready this time. She sweeps him off his feet, sending Marin into the sewer with his swimmers. They converge on him, leaving Coach Marin with nothing to do but scream. Later, Xander tells the others that he has to get a blood transfusion along with the rest of the team, hoping that will prevent them from changing. As they speak, the fish creatures swim out into the ocean, against the current.

Written by David Fury & Elin Hampton ~ Directed by David Semel

Original Air Date: May 5, 1998

Becoming, Part 1 (2.21)

Galway, 1753 -- On his last day as a mortal human, the man who will become Angelus encounters a beautiful, blonde woman on the streets at night. Her name is Darla, and she seduces him closer to her. She sinks her fangs into his neck, then uses her nails to make an incision on her chest, just above her breasts. Immediately, Darla pulls the man's mouth onto her bleeding cut, turning the man into a demon of the night.

Sunnydale, Present -- Angel watches Buffy from afar as she battles a pair of vampires. She orders one of them to take a message to Angel, saying that she's taking the offensive. The vampire doesn't comply, so Buffy finishes him off. The next day, Giles pays a visit to the museum, where a newly-discovered stone artifact has been discovered. It is a few feet taller than Giles, and it contains some form of text on the side. Giles asks the man in charge, Doug Perren, if they attempted to open it yet, but Doug didn't notice the crack running down the side of the stone until Giles pointed it out. Giles then asks Doug to refrain from opening it until he can decipher the text. At school, Buffy declares to her friends for the umpteenth time that she's ready to face Angel, despite the fact that final exams are approaching. Willow offers to tutor Buffy in chemistry during one of their free periods.

London, 1860 -- Before she became a demon, Drusilla was a young Catholic woman who only wanted to follow the right path in life. She enters a church and steps into the confessional booth, failing to notice one of the priest's arms reaching out in desperation before being pulled back in. Drusilla does not realize that Angelus has just murdered the priest and is now acting in his place behind the confessional screen. After Drusilla tells him of her problem with her visions of the future, Angelus torments her by claiming that she is a child of the devil. Drusilla does not want this to be true, and pleads for help. Finally, Angelus lets her go with a request for Hail Mary's and an act of contrition.

Sunnydale, Present -- Drusilla, Spike, and Angelus read about the museum's new artifact in the newspaper. Angelus knows what it is immediately. Back in Sunnydale High, Buffy hopelessly tries to solve a chemistry problem when she accidentally drops her pencil. It rolls off into the desk and falls on the floor, right next to Ms. Calendar's disk which has remained their ever since the night of her murder. Buffy pulls the disk out and hands it to Willow, and pops it into the disk drive to check out its contents. What they find is Jenny's final project: the curse for the restoration of Angel's soul. Meanwhile, Dru, Angel, and several other vamps go to the museum to retrieve the stone, killing Doug Perren in the process.

Rumanian Woods, 1898 -- The dead body of a gypsy girl lays stretched out on the ground next to a fire, while an elder gypsy woman chants the curse of restoration. Glowing beneath her is an Orb of Thesulah. While she chants the curse, Angelus flees through the woods, trying to escape the scene of the crime, for he is the one responsible for the girl's death. The elder woman completes the curse, and Angelus is stopped in his tracks. He falls to his knees, and his eyes glow as his soul returns to his body for the first time in over a century. A gypsy man steps out of the woods and explains to Angel that he is being punished for the countless murders he has committed.

Sunnydale, Present -- Buffy and Willow show Giles a printout of the restoration curse. Giles claims that the curse would require a great knowledge of the black arts, and Willow feels that she's up to the challenge. While everyone talks of Angel's salvation, only Xander is upset, for he feels that Angel must pay for his murders with his life. Xander gets into an argument with Giles over Jenny's last wish before telling Buffy that she's willing to forget all about the murders in order to get her beloved Angel back. Elsewhere, Angel tells Spike the story of a demon named Acathla. This demon possesses the power to literally swallow the Earth into Hell, but he was stopped by a knight centuries ago. His body turned to stone with the sword still embedded in it, then was concealed in the stone tomb and buried deep beneath the ground. With that, two vampires open the tomb, revealing the body of Acathla inside. Only someone worthy can remove the sword from Acathla's body, freeing him to reign terror on the world. Later that night, Buffy finds the claddagh ring that Angel gave to her before he lost his soul. She goes outside for a walk and encounters Kendra, who has returned to take care of another dark force in Sunnydale. At the library, Kendra shows them a valuable weapon that she brought with her. It is a sword that was blessed by the same knight who stopped Acathla. If Angel succeeds in reviving the demon, it may be their only chance to stop it. Buffy asks Willow to perform the curse as soon as possible, but they need an Orb of Thesulah first. Luckily, Giles already has one in his office.

Manhattan, 1996 -- Angel stumbles through the streets of Manhattan, living like a bum ever since he regained his soul. He is approached by another demon named Whistler who say's he too is on the good side. Whistler offers Angel a chance to pick himself up from this foul life and become someone important in the world. But first, Angel has to see something before he can make his decision.

Los Angeles, 1996 -- A car with windows painted black parks outside of Hemery High, and Angel rolls the window down just enough to see what he came there for: the Chosen One. He observes Buffy's first meeting with a Watcher, then follows her to the cemetery where she first learns the truth about vampires and her destiny in life. Angel also follows Buffy to her home, where her mother is upset because Buffy got home late. Buffy goes to the bathroom and listens to her parents arguing with each other. Having seen enough, Angel asks Whistler to help him to a better life, teach him to become somebody.

Sunnydale, Present -- A human sacrifice is brought before Angelus, who promptly feeds on his blood, making sure to spread some on the palm of his right hand. Angelus then approaches the body of Acathla, reciting the incantations for the ritual of his revival. Angelus grabs the sword and pulls it with all his might, but he fails. Spike is amused at Angelus's failure, and Dru is very upset. Angelus then swears that they will turn to an old friend, and then succeed.

The next day, Buffy and the others take one of their final exams, unaware that a concealed vampire is walking down the hallway toward their classroom. The vampire steps into the room, and smoke begins to rise from her body as the rays of sunlight hit it. She warns Buffy that more will die if she does not meet Angel that night. As she finishes the message, her body disintegrates. Buffy tells Willow to perform the curse, leaving Kendra behind to stand guard. Buffy finds Angel at the cemetery, and they begin to fight. Meanwhile, a group of vampires invades the library during the restoration ritual. Back at the cemetery, Buffy realizes that her fight with Angel is merely a diversionary tactic, so she turns and runs towards the school as fast as she can. While Kendra battles one of the vampires, another one pushes a bookshelf over, crushing Willow underneath. Xander fights another one, but it brutally breaks his right arm before he can shake him off. After Kendra slays a vamp, she attacks another that has knocked out Giles. As they surround her, Cordelia escapes from the library, while Willow lays unconscious under the bookshelf. Drusilla then enters and takes on Kendra one-on-one. Kendra is no match for Dru, who defends all of her attacks before hypnotizing the Slayer into an immobile trance. Dru then slashes a cut in Kendra's neck with her nails. Kendra falls to the ground as blood pours out of her neck. Taking Giles with them, the vampires leave the library only moments before Buffy bursts into the school hallways. She finally makes it to the library, but it is too late. She runs over to Kendra's fallen body, but there's nothing she can do. Suddenly, the police arrive to see Buffy over the body of a dead woman. One of them aims a gun at Buffy, ordering her to freeze. Buffy's disastrous night has just gotten worse.

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: May 12, 1998

Becoming, Part 2 (2.22)

Two police officers rush into the library. From the looks of things, they believe that Buffy has just murdered Kendra. They take her outside, where Principal Snyder arrives with several more cops. Before one of them can cuff her, Buffy knocks the guy down and flees the scene. After disguising herself in a coat and black cap, Buffy goes to the hospital and runs into Xander, who is now wearing a cast on his right forearm. They go to Willow's room, where she lies motionless in a coma. Cordelia arrives, and Buffy learns that Giles was neither with her or in the hospital. Giles has been taken to the vampire's mansion hideout, where Angel hopes to force the necessary info concerning the ritual out of the Watcher. Meanwhile, Joyce learns from the police that her daughter is suspected of murder and that she's a fugitive from the law. Buffy goes to Giles apartment to see if he's there, but instead meets Whistler, who has been waiting inside. He tells Buffy that Angel was destined to stop Acathla, not revive him. However, Buffy's relationship with Angel changed all that. Buffy leaves before Whistler can tell her how to stop the demon. Outside, a patrolling officer recognizes Buffy and orders her to freeze. Suddenly, Spike arrives and beats the cop into unconsciousness. He wants Buffy's help in stopping Angel so he can have Drusilla back the way she used to be, in exchange for his leaving town with Dru and never returning. After some hesitation, Buffy decides to take him back to her house so they can plan their attack. They get there just as Joyce is pulling into their driveway. As Buffy tries to make up an excuse for Spike's presence, a vampire that has been spying on them attacks. Right in front of Joyce's eyes, Buffy stakes the vampire spy, turning him to dust. Realizing what she has to do, Buffy confesses to her mother that she is a vampire slayer.

At the hospital, Xander pleads to Willow for her to wake up. She finally snaps out of her coma just as Xander says that he loves her. The first word out of her mouth is Oz's name, who arrives to greet her back to consciousness. Meanwhile, Giles refuses to divulge the information that Angel needs to properly perform the ritual, so more torture ensues. Back at the Summers home, Buffy and Spike agree to work together, but only on the conditions that Dru can leave with Spike, and that Giles survives. After Spike leaves, Joyce begs her daughter to explain everything that's going on. Buffy tells her mom that there's no time to explain it all, which infuriates Joyce. Joyce doesn't want her daughter to be in charge of saving the world, to which Buffy responds that she never wanted the duty in the first place. Joyce tries to restrain her daughter from leaving the house, but Buffy pushes her back against the kitchen counter. Joyce tells Buffy to never come back should she walk out the door, but Buffy leaves anyways.

At the hospital, Willow tells the others that she is going to try the curse again. Buffy returns to the library to retrieve the sword that Kendra brought. Principal Snyder finds her there and promptly expels her due to all the trouble she's been involved in. After Buffy leaves, Snyder calls someone to tell the Mayor that he has good news. Meanwhile, Drusilla tricks Giles by making herself look and sound like Jenny Calendar in his eyes. Giles says that Angel's blood is the key to the awakening ritual. Homeless and expelled, Buffy has only one path to follow now. She returns to Giles apartment and asks Whistler how to use the sword. He tells her that only Angel's blood can open and close the vortex to Hell. With one blow, both Angelus and the demon Acathla would be sent back to Hell, and the vortex would be closed.

Xander catches up with Buffy on her way to the mansion. She tells him to concentrate on freeing Giles and escaping. Xander does not inform Buffy that Willow is attempting the curse again. Inside the mansion, Angel slices his hand and approaches the sword in Acathla's chest. Suddenly, the ritual is interrupted by Buffy's arrival. Angel doesn't even notice Spike rising out of his wheelchair from behind. While Spike brutally beats Angel to the floor, Buffy takes one of the other vampires in the room. During this battle, Xander unties Giles and gets him safely outside. Spike doesn't get too many hits off before an enraged Drusilla jumps into the fray, tackling Spike. While they fight, Angel manages to get back up and run to Acathla. Just as Buffy drives a stake through the vampire's heart, Angel grabs the sword with his bloody hand and finally pulls it out. Swords in hand, Buffy and Angel engage in a sword duel. Elsewhere, Willow, Cordy, and Oz perform the curse of restoration. Suddenly, Willow loses control of her actions and seemingly becomes possessed by some spirit. Cordy and Oz watch in fright as Willow performs the curse herself in perfect Latin. Spike subdues Drusilla and takes her with him as he escapes from the mansion in his car. After the long duel, Buffy finally backs Angel up against Acathla. Just as she is about to deliver the final blow, Willow completes the curse, restoring Angel's soul to his body. Buffy lowers her sword as she realizes the change, and the two lovers are finally reunited. However, it is too late, for Acathla is now awake. Buffy looks over Angel's shoulder and sees Acathla's mouth creating a vortex to Hell. Angel has no idea what is going on, so all that Buffy can do is give her lover one last kiss before driving the sword through his stomach, thus releasing the blood needed to close the vortex and send the two demons back to Hell. Shocked, Angel reaches out towards Buffy with his right hand, but nothing can be done now. Buffy watches as the vortex closes around Angel, leaving the demon Acathla as nothing more than a silent statue once again.

Buffy goes home and packs up her belongings without Joyce ever knowing she had returned. When Joyce enters the room, she finds a farewell letter from her daughter left on the bed. At Sunnydale High, nobody knows what happened to Buffy and Angel. Some believe that Buffy had to kill Angel before the curse was completed, while others believe that Angel has been restored and they were taking time off to be alone together. Unbeknownst to them, Buffy is standing far away by one of the trees, giving her school and her friends one last look before hopping on a bus. The bus heads out of Sunnydale, and Buffy faces an unknown future.

Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: May 19, 1998
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