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  1. Curious Pathos Curious Pathos:
  2. Curious Pathos Curious Pathos:
  3. Curious Pathos Curious Pathos:
    Vacuum her dog? That sounds like an interesting visual...
  4. vellavu vellavu:
    no the new ones are better
  5. vellavu vellavu:
    yeah but I could always vaccum her dog whenever she gets too extreme :D
  6. Curious Pathos Curious Pathos:
    Bullied? ...;)
  7. vellavu vellavu:
  8. vellavu vellavu:
    aside from being bullied by popuko, good
  9. Curious Pathos Curious Pathos:
    *HUGS VELL* how are you?
  10. vellavu vellavu:
    so long
  11. vellavu vellavu:
    hi cp
  12. vellavu vellavu:
  13. Curious Pathos Curious Pathos:
  14. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    Hey people....... :)
  15. vellavu vellavu:
  16. DarkLordsHaunt DarkLordsHaunt:
    lol :p
  17. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    hey the mats at my job need sweeping ;)
  18. DarkLordsHaunt DarkLordsHaunt:
  19. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    hence the one had to track down
  20. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    supposed to low 50s tomorrow. so that'll be nice
  21. DarkLordsHaunt DarkLordsHaunt:
    these emojis are weird.. I liked the old ones better
  22. DarkLordsHaunt DarkLordsHaunt:
  23. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    well glad ya like it :)
  24. DarkLordsHaunt DarkLordsHaunt:
  25. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    too early for 70°