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The Chatty Room
  1. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    There's a chap over there that looks a tad spherical.... ;)
  2. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Possibly....... I'll just check....
  3. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    Anyone round?
  4. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    do you mean the comics or the noncanon books?
  5. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    Hola! hmmm...
  6. SpotlessMindUK @ SpotlessMindUK:
    Hi, I am looking for the entire novel collection in ebook format, any help?
  7. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    worked early. Just hanging out...
  8. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Not much. You?
  9. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    tricky! sup?
  10. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
  11. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
  12. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Wow! Quiet couple of days! :oops:
  13. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Yeah, the iPhones in those days were in large boxes in the street that you had to keep feeding coins into ;)
  14. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    no iphones in 70s? zoiks
  15. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Back in those early days there were no GPS trackers or mobile phones so it wasn't unusual for competitors to go missing for days
  16. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Think so, yeah
  17. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    saw it on the Crown
  18. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    is that the race where royal was lost back in 70s/80s?
  19. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    oh ok
  20. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    But the S. American Countries (Argentina/Chile/Bolivia) started asking for too much money so they moved it again & now this is it's second year in Saudi Arabia
  21. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    But when it got too dangerous driving through West Africa they moved the whole thing to South America (But kept the Dakar name)
  22. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    The original was between Paris & Dakar in Senegal W. Africa (So it was called the 'Paris-Dakar'
  23. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    oh ok
  24. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    the whole race is about 8,000km all told
  25. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Finishes on friday
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