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The Chatty Room
  1. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Good luck with that Shade
  2. Athene @ Athene:
    You’re getting a kitten?
  3. nightshade @ nightshade:
    Last hour then I can get my kitten
  4. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    worked fri & sat. sot off early on fri. Went out with Trish on Fri & sat nites. today just been hanging out watching stuff...
  5. Miss Muffet @ Miss Muffet:
    My weekend's been good. What about you?
  6. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Yeah not bad thanks. Mostly relaxing.
  7. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    you guys enjoying yer weekend?
  8. Miss Muffet @ Miss Muffet:
    I'm doing pretty good.
  9. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
  10. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    ooh M&M new nick!
  11. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    hey Tricky & MM
  12. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Hey. MM I'm okay, how are you?
  13. Miss Muffet @ Miss Muffet:
    How's everyone doing?
  14. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Hey guys
  15. nightshade @ nightshade:
    Ah anxiety, I know that I won't get a reply tonight, but can I settle of course not, have to keep checking the phone
  16. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    hey muffet & ms shade
  17. nightshade @ nightshade:
  18. Miss Muffet @ Miss Muffet:
    Hi guys!
  19. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
  20. G @ Gibby11:
  21. G @ Gibby11:
    Hopefully the thing i saw is not 100 percent true
  22. G @ Gibby11:
    @Taake, hi i think its already been deleted
  23. Taake @ Taake:
    Please send me a link to the post @Gibby11 and I can delete it. Thank you @Mr Trick
  24. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    The people who run the boards. Like @Buffy Summers or @Taake
  25. G @ Gibby11:
    Who is admin
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