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  1. nightshade nightshade:
    garlic is always needed!
  2. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    got garlic powder, but don't think it'll need it
  3. nightshade nightshade:
  4. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    got ciabatta bread, sauce, canola oil (for the crust), peperoni, mozzerella & parmesan
  5. nightshade nightshade:
    Mmm pizza
  6. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    I'll be making homemade 'french bread' pizza for dinner, but will be using ciabatta bread instead. been doing errands (including mom's uber driver) today ;)
  7. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
  8. nightshade nightshade:
    Garlic bread is in the oven
  9. nightshade nightshade:
    I don't know yet, I have a cross stitch I can do but not sure if I want to
  10. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
    whatcha making in group NS?
  11. HowiMetdaSlayer HowiMetdaSlayer:
  12. nightshade nightshade:
  13. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    Time to pack up?
  14. nightshade nightshade:
    I have to go out tonight too, but it's craft group and I've said I'll pick up a friend
  15. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    Car park is free after 18:00
  16. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    Nah! I've got to pick up a few bits so I'll probably head into town later.
  17. nightshade nightshade:
  18. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    The missus is away on a busines trip all week so it's just me tonight.....so it's probably going to be curry again :)
  19. nightshade nightshade:
    Me too, I have leftover mushroom stroganoff tonight but feel like garlic bread too
  20. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    Mmmmmmmm Garlic bread..........Now I'm hungry!
  21. nightshade nightshade:
    I'm tempted to buy garlic bread on my way home
  22. nightshade nightshade:
    Not today
  23. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    Any more rain down your way?
  24. nightshade nightshade:
    Half hour
  25. Last Watcher Last Watcher:
    Sounds like you need to head home now before the whole thing falls to pieces :eek: