The Chatty Room
  1. Octavia @ Octavia:
    I did environmental science the first time, then cognative neuroscience the second time.
  2. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    where would you wanna go ?
  3. Octavia @ Octavia:
    Do you volunteer trick? good way to get experience on the resume. My longest job started out as volly work, there is nothing in this town either so i volly for not for profit again now
  4. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Wouldn't mind getting away at some point.
  5. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    At the moment I'm trying to get my own projects off the ground like my own books. But we'll see.
  6. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    what did you study octavia ?
  7. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Yeah I've considered it.
  8. Octavia @ Octavia:
    I hear ya on uni Evil Seal - I love learning, but not like that
  9. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Fair enough. You're young you have time to figure it out. Plenty of time to go back.
  10. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    yes they really need to rethink a lot of 'systems'....
  11. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    Oh man that sucks.... have you ever considered living somewhere outside the uk ?
  12. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    don't worry about it i'm great now! I dropped out because I'm definitely not suited for the French University system and I want to try something else. doesn't mean I won't finish someday or go back into that field but right now i want to explore new stuff
  13. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Need to invest more in placements or traininging etc... They just think short term and treat you like a number.
  14. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Job market's dead in this country. And the job centre does nothing to give people chances outside of dodgy agency stuff or retail jobs which everyone is going for.
  15. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Oh I'm sorry I didn't know. Did you drop out or did you just finish and wasn't sure what to do?
  16. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    yeah i get that, kinda left Uni and have been in a haze but now that i find a potential new route i feel like everything's new
  17. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    A little, but its just unemployment thing. Stuck in a cycle.
  18. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    been there
  19. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    yeah ? you feeling kinda restless ?
  20. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Not 100% sure about the teaching thing. But I need a new challenge.
  21. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    yeah teacher is a great choice, it's always nice when you realize you've taught someone something
  22. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
  23. Evil Seal @ Evil Seal:
    ah ok I seen
  24. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Fine be like that!:p
  25. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    College is like an in-between from School to Uni. At college you would do more practical subjects or training. Its not a specialised degree like Uni.