The Chatty Room
  1. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    sorry missed ya watchdawg. Kool pic Bunny Slippers
  2. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
  3. Buffy Summers @ Buffy Summers:
  4. whatdBuffyDo @ whatdBuffyDo:
    Good evening (or morning, or afternoon for where it applies) everyone!
  5. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Yeah not bad thanks
  6. FromBeneathYou @ FromBeneathYou:
    Hey! @Mr Trick how is everyone doing?
  7. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Hey Watcher and From Beneath You
  8. FromBeneathYou @ FromBeneathYou:
    good evening!! 😊 @Last Watcher
  9. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Good evening fellow Boardlings :)
  10. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    How long that will last is anybody's guess though :D
  11. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    But after a stern talking to it now promises to play nice in future.....
  12. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    It would seem reports of my Laptops revival were a tad premature......
  13. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
  14. nightshade @ nightshade:
    Just another manic Monday
  15. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
  16. whatdBuffyDo @ whatdBuffyDo:
    I was wondering whether "Sunday blues" is actually a thing and I googled it and of course somebody coined it before.
  17. G @ Gibby11:
  18. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
  19. G @ Gibby11:
    Watching after we fell if anyone wants to watch with me
  20. G @ Gibby11:
  21. Willow fan @ Willow fan: please check it out Buffy fan's will love It I promisse
  22. Willow fan @ Willow fan:
    My paintrest name is josephine kavanagh
  23. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    No I didn't! 😇 @Nix
  24. Nix @ Nix:
    @Anyanka Bunny Slayer Only because you suggested it :p
  25. Willow fan @ Willow fan:
    on my porfil I have gilmore girls and the caraturs and harry potter and buffy and the carateurs