The Chatty Room
  1. November @ November:
    Ooh more spy balloons? Or is it really aliens this time? Summoned by your smoke signals!
  2. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    I bet those F-16s DID shoot that plane down 🙄
  3. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    @November I'm smoking WAY too much
  4. November @ November:
    Hail is here! Im so glad the dogs are calm today haha. No walkies today!
  5. November @ November:
    Magpie swooped me again!! Its not even swopping season!
  6. November @ November:
    Good morning @Anyanka Bunny Slayer how are your cigarettes today?
  7. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    Hi @November 🐇🐇🐇🐇
  8. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    "Winter is coming" - Ned Stark
  9. November @ November:
    Morning :) ice on the roof! Winter is here :D
  10. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    so nervous for what my boss is going to say
  11. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    just gave my notice at my job
  12. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    I want to be able to link GIFs here GRRRRRRRRRRRR
  13. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    Well, THAT'S the wrong link 😄 Anyway, I love this game
  14. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    Kitten Cannon! <iframe src='' width='728' height='498' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe>
  15. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    to be honest idk how I am going to survive three more weeks at this job but here is to trying!
  16. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    very much so
  17. November @ November:
    Still emotionally exhausting. Hope you dont have too much crazy at work this week!
  18. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    just a few hours, nothing crazy. 3 hour drive. didn't have to fly
  19. November @ November:
    Yeah it can be a relief after long suffering. Was it far to travel?
  20. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    thank you, I am just happy he isn't suffering anymore. This past year was tough
  21. November @ November:
    Aww :( sorry for your loss
  22. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    I had a long weekend, and had to travel. My uncle lost is battle with cancer Sunday morning. At least I was able to see him before.
  23. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    I am
  24. November @ November:
    All good if you're back now ;)
  25. JustCallMeDarla @ JustCallMeDarla:
    hi loves, sorry i've been MIA