The Chatty Room
  1. nightshade @ nightshade:
    Haven't decided on dinner yet, but kettle is on
  2. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    Light scrambled egg dinner and a cuppa for me too
  3. nightshade @ nightshade:
    10 minutes until cuppa tea time
  4. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    most stuff is open now with just few restrictions
  5. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    thought I might've been coming down with something monday, but pretty sure I just needed to sleep more. I hate sleeping when I'm off work and I was off for 10 days. Doubt I got more than 3-4 hours a nite the whole time. :oops: Took a buncha vit C, Zinc & B12 and slept for 7-8 hours mon. nite. Felt bout 90% better the next orning. feel fine now
  6. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    Another week til normalish .
  7. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    You still in semi-lockdown over there M?
  8. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    good luck!
  9. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    On the plus side , I have become an internet authority on water purification . It has been annoyingly sunny this week :p .
  10. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    Pneumonia ish . Been on normal antibiotics and they only work a bit , now I'm on these industrial strength numbers .
  11. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    just what kinda illness is that? o_O
  12. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Know the feeling, bright Sunlight brings me out in clouds of dust :D 🧛‍♀️
  13. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    Yeah we got shops ...but I'm hanging out til I can get a meal and a drink . Plus I can't go out in direct sunlight til after this course of tablets :p Being a daytime vampire sucks !
  14. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    They recon all restrictions could be lifted by Jun/Jul if things carry on as they are now
  15. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    oh ok. dunno thta may be next year in UK :D
  16. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    I normally go to the pub late & it's been dropping to -3c overnight here recently.....Not really sitting outside weather
  17. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Nah. Not been there yet. Will probably wait until they open properly
  18. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Went past my local Pub garden at 12:10 on Monday & there were already loadsa folk sitting having a beer (They only opened at 12)
  19. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    oh ok. didnt want to sit outside?
  20. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    The Shops/Pubs opened on Monday here (Pubs only outdoor seating though)
  21. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    some thing bout Sky deal
  22. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    oh just checked not until 2025! :O
  23. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    no HBOmax overhtere?
  24. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    Nah it's VPN or through Sky . I know I could watch it on some site ...but honestly that can suck the life out of a good show . Wait for it to come round legit .
  25. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    Dunno tbh Metda , Ill check , might be a free trial ;)