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  1. telperion66

    If Angel had remained connected to the Powers

    During "To Shanshu in LA", the season one finale of Angel, Voka states that it is his sole intention to "cut Angel off from the Powers that be". This signifies the importance of remaining connected to the powers, in Angel's case. What would have happened if Angel's direct link to the Powers...
  2. HushSarah

    Riley vs. Spike

    Just finished my re watch of Season 4 and it keeps dawning on me why I always preferred Riley for Buffy more than Spike and yes, even Angel. Spike was a prominent character in S4, his character more or less introduced The Initiative in full view. One could argue the Scoobies wouldn't have known...
  3. AmberMissy

    Help Do these items even exist?

    I've been really struggling to find a couple of items and I'm not sure they're even real: Live Fast, Die Never (green cover) This is the Angel Soundtrack CD. Whenever I order this, featured with a green cover, when it's delivered, it has the normal black cover. I now have this one 3 times...
  4. Name the Stars

    Buffy or Angel Memes!

    Post fun Buffy/Angel Memes here for the rest of us to enjoy!
  5. Name the Stars

    Drusilla Poem! Death Prayers

    Death Prayers Please hold me, please hold me I need you tonight Will I never be free? Will I never see light? Who am I without him? I barely remember This must be punishment for my sins I must endure forever I see the future, I don’t see my past Watching my eyes turn to ice He took...
  6. NileQT87

    Big Finish teasing Buffy/Angel audio adventures

    https://www.bigfinish.com Those of us who are Whovians may be aware of a certain company called Big Finish who has been making Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dark Shadows, etc... canon audio adventures for two decades. Well, they either just trolled the Jossverse hard, or the fact that Anthony...
  7. CharlieGunn1

    The Gunn Chronicles OOC Thread - Part 2!

    The Gunn Chronicles (Out Of Character Thread) This thread is for anything you want to discuss without taking up space in the RP thread. New Players are always welcome! Introduction: Welcome all to the story the greatest story that no one has ever told... a story of brave souls mostly...
  8. VCA

    References to Buffy or AtS in other TV shows/movies

    I was watching Bones yesterday and caught this small reference to the Hyperion Hotel from AtS which made me smile: Have you guys found any other TV shows/movies that make Buffy or AtS references? Feel free to add them here! :)
  9. V

    Buffy/Angel E-Books

    Seen as it is looking very unlikely that the entire collection of Buffy & Angel books will ever be released on ebook format is there anywhere that I can look to find these or do any of you guys have them in ebook format? I know Amazon has a few but not many.
  10. Mrs Gordo

    Sunnydale Fan Fic Club: Angel Character Chat

    For the month of November The Sunnydale Fan Fic Club are doing Character Chats to help inspire writers participating in NaNoWriMo or any of the other seasonal ficathons (including IWRY). This first character chat was of Angel. Both myself and @Grace joined the ladies to talk about all things...
  11. NeddaSai

    If Jasmine provided perfect happiness, how come Angel didn't turn?

    Just something I was thinking about, Jasmine provided everyone with contentment and happiness, how come Angel didnt turn into Angelus because of it? I thought maybe it's because it's fake happiness but he still turned into Angelus temporarily in Season 1 when he was drugged. Thoughts?
  12. B

    New member, old fan

    Hey all! I’ve been a Buffy fan more or less since the beginning. I remember sneakily watching a couple of episodes with a friend because our parents thought it was too scary for us (then finding out they were sneakily watching it on and off lol). After School Hard I properly started watching it...
  13. temp.jpg


  14. VCA

    Eggspecially new

    Man, it's hard coming up with good egg puns. Alright, I've only been here for a couple of weeks, but I feel like there's still a lot of features I don't know how to use on this site. I'd love to get some guidelines from people who have been on BB for longer! I'm also really interested in...
  15. VCA

    Found the entire Buffy & Angel DVD sets at Value Village!!

    I literally just came in to buy a hat I saw a couple of days ago when I stumbled upon this: And then I found the Angel DVDs in another part of the store! They also had some of the Supernatural, Charmed and Friends DVDs. Each season was being sold for $7 and all of the DVDs are in mint...
  16. S

    Why didn't we see Spike in Season 2 of Angel?

    Drusilla comes to LA to turn Darla into a vampire and they start the family up again basically as Darla continues to try to get Angel to also join them. Why wouldn't they have gotten Spike too. It's been a while since I've watch BTVS, so I was wondering. Does Spike already have the Chip? or was...
  17. MarieVampSlayer

    2 vampires with a soul - A mistake?

    Hi all, Ok so I will try to be as neutral as I can about this sudject because I really want your inpun on this. So at the end of S6, the writers decided to give Spike a soul. Personaly, I think it was a mistake on a writing point of view (not character). Here are my reasons why and my...
  18. EarthLogic

    Vampires and their bling

    Does anyone have an explanations (both in-verse and out) for the patterns of jewellery-wearing by Angel and Spike? As the seasons progress there’s a noticeable decrease in Angel’s level of accessorizing. In S1 he’s got the full works – long silver necklace, the silver bracelet and the rings...
  19. Mrs Gordo

    IWRY Group Watch

    A few of us are getting together to do a group watch of the episode "I Will Remember You" (in conjunction with the AtS re-watch that @Grace is hosting on Blood Roses) and we would like for YOU (yes you my little bangelites!) to join us. :) (x) The group watch will be through Rabb.it. I will...
  20. telperion66

    Angel made Buffy watchable

    Having watched BTVS for years I have come to the realisation that Angel was the main reason why the show was so great. In real terms Buffy never got over him after he left at the end of season 3. Essentially we have to endure four seasons of unfulfilled love on Buffy's part because in my...
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