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  1. PrincessBuffy16

    Angel's curse and Buffy

    Hi, I had something on my mind for quite some time now, and it appeared again in my mind now that I am rewatching the show. The reason Angel loses his soul after sleeping with Buffy in season 2 isn't because of the deed, it is because of her and the moment that they have shared. Being intimate...
  2. G

    Angel theme is not good compared to buffy

    No spoiler as on season 3 angel theme song is not good compared to the buffy theme song I've never seen angel just seen all the theme song for it as I'm on season 3 of buffy
  3. adam934

    My Buffy Monopoly Board

    Hello fellow Scoobies, During lockdown 2020 we've been granted a lot of free time. During this time...
  4. G

    Thinking of buying a buffy autograph but need help weather it real

    Hi thinking if buying a buffy autograph it comes with certificate of authenticity but would like another person to see if they think it real many thanks
  5. G

    Anyone want to do a Cruel intentions film watch along

    Hi everyone I was wondering weather anyone wanted to do a cruel intentions movie watch along? We all click play at around same time and have a group chat or something to message each other throughout the movie. But no spoiler from buffy as I'm still on season 1 sorry for inconvenience but...
  6. Angel character design

    Angel character design

  7. telperion66

    Why was the Groosalugg re-introduced in season three?

    At the end of 'Waiting in the Wings', we see the return of the Groosalugg. My question is, why? Angel and Cordy were just on the verge of becoming united as a couple in the storyline, so what do you think the reason was for the writers deciding to interrupt that as a possibility by having the...
  8. telperion66

    Will there ever be an Angel HD Remaster?

    I've come to really enjoy watching my favourite Buffy characters live out the storylines in gloriously crisp and clear high definition quality. Now, I love Angel, but the image quality is noticeably a lot poorer than that of the revamped Buffy (no pun intended!) So, I was wondering, will Angel...
  9. telperion66

    Why are the comics so expensive?

    Hey guys, I'm a big Buffy and Angel fan, have been for many years. I really want to read the Buffy and Angel comics that continue the respective series' beyond what we saw on TV. But, really, I can't afford the prices for what I'm being asked to pay for them on places like Amazon.. Anyone...
  10. telperion66

    The expansion of Drusilla's character on Angel

    Just getting through another rewatch of Angel, season two. I'm noticing how great Juliet Landau's performances are as Drusilla compared to her stint on Buffy with Spike as her playmate. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Buffy, season two and her part in it, but watching her again on Angel...
  11. Movie Marquee

    Movie Marquee

    A local movie theater by me always has something witty to follow movie titles. I was so excited when I saw this.
  12. telperion66

    How the characters on Angel reached their peak chemistry in season 3

    In season three of Angel, in my opinion, we see the characters interacting at the height of the chemistry that we ever got to see on the show. This chemistry surpasses anything I personally ever saw in the Buffyverse, in terms of the depth that it afforded in the overall presentation. By...
  13. Buffythehero

    The debate if Sarah did any of her own stunts

    Hi, I’m new here so I apologise if I accidentally break any rules. Anyway, I’ve always heard the rumours about Sarah being the reason Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford got fired/or left and decided to have a really good luck into it... I looked on Jeff YouTube channel and under one of his videos...
  14. telperion66

    Question: Favourite Location for Angel HQ

    Hey guys, The settings, or locations, of where Angel Investigations was situated greatly affected the storytelling of the show, and each had its great moments for specific reasons. I'm curious, which is your favourite location? From the cosy, intimate, downtown LA vibe of the first season...
  15. BuffyForever329

    Restless - Angel as the dream guide?

    I remember once reading somewhere (though now I don't know where) that Angel was originally supposed to play the dream guide in Restless instead of Tara, but because David Boreanaz was filming Angel at the time he wasn't able to appear in the episode. I like Tara as the dream guide, but I would...
  16. telperion66

    If Angel had remained connected to the Powers

    During "To Shanshu in LA", the season one finale of Angel, Voka states that it is his sole intention to "cut Angel off from the Powers that be". This signifies the importance of remaining connected to the powers, in Angel's case. What would have happened if Angel's direct link to the Powers...
  17. HushSarah

    Riley vs. Spike

    Just finished my re watch of Season 4 and it keeps dawning on me why I always preferred Riley for Buffy more than Spike and yes, even Angel. Spike was a prominent character in S4, his character more or less introduced The Initiative in full view. One could argue the Scoobies wouldn't have known...
  18. AmberMissy

    Help Do these items even exist?

    I've been really struggling to find a couple of items and I'm not sure they're even real: Live Fast, Die Never (green cover) This is the Angel Soundtrack CD. Whenever I order this, featured with a green cover, when it's delivered, it has the normal black cover. I now have this one 3 times...
  19. Name the Stars

    Buffy or Angel Memes!

    Post fun Buffy/Angel Memes here for the rest of us to enjoy!
  20. Name the Stars

    Drusilla Poem! Death Prayers

    Death Prayers Please hold me, please hold me I need you tonight Will I never be free? Will I never see light? Who am I without him? I barely remember This must be punishment for my sins I must endure forever I see the future, I don’t see my past Watching my eyes turn to ice He took...
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