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  1. BuffyNvrForgets

    Buffy Relationships (A polite, and civil place to discuss Buffy ship opinions!)

    Part of the reason I joined these Boards, is because I had so many complex thoughts and opinions about this show! One of my most complex are my Ship opinions. This can be a heated topic, so I wanted to set some groundrules for this thread, not only because I want this be a fun, comfortable...
  2. HushSarah

    Question Does anyone know if Angelus raped as well as tortured?

    Does anyone know if/when/what scene during rewatching the series (Season 2 specifically) if Angelus in his darker days had ever raped as well as tortured anyone? I bring this up because (and I keep my distance from FB groups) it's been implied/mentioned allegedly that Angelus had raped his...
  3. whatdBuffyDo

    List of BtVS Two-Parters and Your Favourites + Unofficial Two-Parters

    What I refer to as "two-parters" here: Two episodes that are connected with a "to be continued" remark. BtVS Two-Parters: Welcome to the Hellmouth & The Harvest What's My Line?: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 Surprise & Innocence Becoming Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 Graduation Day Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 This Year's Girl & Who Are...
  4. IndianaSolo221

    20 "Buffy" Questions

    Just a fun little game of 20 Buffy Questions: 1. How did you get into BtVS? 2. Which season is your favorite? 3. Which season is your least favorite? 4. Which is your favorite episode? 5. Which is your least favorite episode? 6. Who is your favorite character? 7. Who is your least...
  5. Madido24

    Buffy Pros and Cons

    BUFFY PROS AND CONS I noticed people reviewing each season through pros and cons and I have decided to do the same as I find it more readable for another reader and more practical for me. First off, I would like to say that I love BTVS. It has marked me quite later in late 2018 when it was...
  6. IndianaSolo221

    Notable BtVS Speeches/Quotes

    I was, once again, looking at Buffy promos and screenshots, and was prompted to post this when my thoughts drifted to certain Buffy speeches and quotes. I'm sure we could all quote some of the laugh-out-loud one-liners that are spread throughout the series, but I kind want to use this post to...
  7. IndianaSolo221

    Want to Write Spuffy, Don't Know Where to Start

    So ah...I want to write some Spuffy, but I have no clue where to start. I haven't written anything even vaguely Spuffy-related since about 2016 (when I finally finished the series), and I don't have any solid ideas. I try not to force myself to write, because I find that my stories end up a lot...
  8. IndianaSolo221

    Question Where Have You Found BtVS/AtS Collectibles?

    I'm just curious as to if anyone has recently found any BtVS/AtS collectibles, and where you got them. Have you ordered them off the web, or have you ever found anything in a secondhand/thrift/antique store? Unfortunately, I have very few Buffy collectibles. I have a blind box Xander and a...
  9. IndianaSolo221

    If Buffyverse Vampires Had Pets

    So uh...I had a thought. If the Buffyverse vampires all decided to get pets, what kind of pet do you think each one would have? Do you think they would stick to domestics, or would Angel totally be into taratulas? Personally, I'm a huge animal lover, so even if I was all bloody-sucky, I would...
  10. IndianaSolo221

    Question What’s the Funniest BtVS/Angel Thing You’ve Seen?

    What’s the funniest BtVS/Angel related thing you’ve ever seen?
  11. IndianaSolo221

    Question Secret Santa with the Scoobies?

    A little Christmas post...if you were able to do Secret Santa with any character from Buffy or Angel, who would you want to have for Secret Santa? My favorite character is Spike, so I think it would be really cool to get him for Secret Santa, except I wouldn't know what to get for a guy who's...
  12. M

    Make a Movie

    If you had to edit all 7 filmed seasons of Buffy into three separate epic films (similar to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy), which characters and plots would keep? Which would you cut?
  13. D

    Digimon with Buffyverse AU crossover

    I am a fanfic writer who wrote this AU crossover with Digimon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am a fan of these shows. I made Drusilla was cursed by a gypsy to have a soul instead of Angelus and she met Matt and TK. I’m sure you will love my story even if you...
  14. Wesxfred

    Spin-offs that would've been cool!

    There were many more spin-offs that the writers wanted to do but I was just wondering if there were any, in particular, you would've watched. Here are a couple I would've liked to see... A Faith spin-off with Wesley, Fred, Robin Wood, and possibly some more original characters! Dingoes on Tour...
  15. Bookkitty

    Whedon Painting

    I posted this in the gallery before I found this thread. I am not sure if I should delete the one in the gallery but I'll post it here. It is my first Buffy painting.
  16. Buffythehero

    The debate if Sarah did any of her own stunts

    Hi, I’m new here so I apologise if I accidentally break any rules. Anyway, I’ve always heard the rumours about Sarah being the reason Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford got fired/or left and decided to have a really good luck into it... I looked on Jeff YouTube channel and under one of his videos...
  17. Name the Stars

    Buffy or Angel Memes!

    Post fun Buffy/Angel Memes here for the rest of us to enjoy!
  18. pic.jpg


    Ain't that neat, luv?
  19. buffy-the-vampire-slayer-reunion-13.jpg


    ain't that love?
  20. VCA

    References to Buffy or AtS in other TV shows/movies

    I was watching Bones yesterday and caught this small reference to the Hyperion Hotel from AtS which made me smile: Have you guys found any other TV shows/movies that make Buffy or AtS references? Feel free to add them here! :)
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