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  1. nightshade

    Who wants to watch some Buffy? (4)

    If anyone doesn't want to watch the football, I'm about to watch Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  2. G

    Did I ruin the show? (no spoilers please)

    So basically watche first episode yesterday don't know much about show but was looking at cast interview 20 years later and it said after I clicked on it that cast thought that her death on final season was lame Sarah was the one talking on interview and she the actress who plays buffy buffy...
  3. G

    Latest DVD Version with No Cropping?

    Basically been interested in this show for a while have no idea if I will like it but love vampire diaries there showing it on my tv but it's remastered hd version and was wondering if the 20 anniversary version on DVD has no cropping or what are the latest version to be out on DVD with no...
  4. Lill3Letrange

    Debate: what actually happened with Spuffy relationship

    I have just finished rewatching Buffy and I realized that Spike ran into a wall when he confessed his love to Buffy. I will put aside differences between humans and vampires and focus solely on them as entities with personalities. Here is my theory: Now, he developed feelings for here which...
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