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buffy reboot

  1. AMaze

    What would add/change in a modern Buffy reboot?

    What would add/change in a modern Buffy reboot? How would you spin it? (I was talking to a person on this board about this, about how I'd like for Kendra and Faith be Slayers before Buffy. Kendra died but had been CPRed, activating Faith, and then the Council has basically done the same on...
  2. danzalthar

    Question Is that sequel series still on?

    Hello cuties! OMG can't believe I took so long to pop up here after twelve years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer worship! Even Whedonesque is done at this point! Haha So, what's new about that proposed sequel series (which the media spread all around wrongly, as a reboot) with a new Slayer and...
  3. BuffyIsMyAlways

    I dont think I'm okay with the Buffy Reboot.

    Okay, here's my opinion on it. To me, Buffy and Angel are perfect shows. Buffy was advanced, deep, metaphorical, funny, emotional, dark, and meaningful......I can't think of anymore adjectives that describe it. I just love it. I'm always left wishing there was more of the show I love so...
  4. MarieVampSlayer

    Buffy Reboot - Characters that can't be recast

    Hi all, In the wake of the new Buffy rebbot (if it ever happens), I was wondering if there was any characters that you just can't recast. All we know for sure is that Buffy will be back but let's imagine that they keep the original characters. For me, the character I can't see recast is Spike...
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