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buffy the vampire slayer

  1. NotEvilAngel

    Does Angel include spoilers for Buffy?

    Ok, so I'm in the middle of watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I want to watch Angel, but I don't know if that includes spoilers for Buffy. If you watched Angel, can you please let me know if it does or doesn't? Thank you!
  2. danzalthar

    What was your initial, very first reaction to Buffy?

    October 19th, 2008. A network TV channel started airing the first two seasons of Buffy on Sunday afternoons. I had seen the movie but only knew the series by name, from the X-Men comics Joss Whedon had penned and some mentions here and there (like on a magazine announcing James Marsters as...
  3. Oromous

    Plot vs. Character in Geek Culture

    So, I came across an interesting review of X-Files season 6's third episode, Triangle, written by Darren of them0vieblog, where he discussed the different ways fandoms appreciate genre television like Star Trek or The X-Files. In the review, he talked about how traditionally, certain fans would...
  4. BuffyIsMyAlways

    I dont think I'm okay with the Buffy Reboot.

    Okay, here's my opinion on it. To me, Buffy and Angel are perfect shows. Buffy was advanced, deep, metaphorical, funny, emotional, dark, and meaningful......I can't think of anymore adjectives that describe it. I just love it. I'm always left wishing there was more of the show I love so...
  5. B

    why didn't Buffy season 1 have Oz and Jonathan?

    Well as I'm looking at the show, & those characters weren't introduced until S2E4 ("Inca Mummy Girl") Why didn't season 1 of Buffy have Oz and Jonathan (although he appeared in the "unaired 1996 pilot") in it?
  6. B

    What was Cordelia doing off-screen in School Hard?

    as I'm on the season 2 re-watch, I wonder what Cordelia (& her Cordettes) were doing off-screen around the time of "School Hard?" (they aren't even seen at the Bronze either where the band Nickel was playing) before the Parent-Teacher Night in which they chaperoned along with Buffy and Willow...
  7. B

    New member, old fan

    Hey all! I’ve been a Buffy fan more or less since the beginning. I remember sneakily watching a couple of episodes with a friend because our parents thought it was too scary for us (then finding out they were sneakily watching it on and off lol). After School Hard I properly started watching it...
  8. AngeliKat

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Feminism and Joss Whedon

    Hello all! I'd like your thoughts on the feminist reputation of Buffy. I think many of us have felt empowered by the show's multidimensional females, but some argue that BTVS isn't as feminist as we might like to think. Also, how does Joss Whedon figure into your observations? Do you hold him...
  9. Josh the Writer

    Thoughts on Kennedy

    I want to know what you all think about Kennedy. I was personally opposed to anyone coming after Tara in Willow's love life, but I felt like Kennedy cared a lot about Willow, despite their many differences. I thought that Kennedy and Willow were especially amazing and sweet together in "The...
  10. Josh the Writer

    Question I'll Be His Misses

    I thought I'd ask, what do you all think about Anya's song I'll Be His Misses from the episode, Selfless? I personally love this song and think it is one of the best ones written. It is so sweet and genuine and fits Anya's character perfectly! I've always wanted to see a version of "Once More...
  11. JforJenny

    Did Jenny Calendar Actually Do Anything Wrong?

    Okay so I honestly am having a hard time understanding what Miss Calendar did wrong that caused everyone to feel so betrayed and I would love to hear other peoples opinions! So this is how I see it: Jenny was sent by her family to watch Angel TO MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T LOOSE HIS SOUL. I believe...
  12. M

    Why Buffy is still relevant for teenagers and others

    Lessons and metaphors in Buffy seasons that discuss issues still relevant to people (first two seasons, most specifically for teens) today.. And here's why the show holds up very well.. every teen still faces these problems to this day!
  13. M

    Connection between buffy and all my children! FAN THEORY

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and All My Children Connection Fan theory! So I was on reddit and came across a very interested fan theory on Buffy, in normal again episode, we never really get to know which world was right or wrong.. According to this theory, Buffy ended up choosing the wrong world...
  14. M

    Tell me about your Buffy collection

    As for me, I had certain stuff of buffy that I either lost or had to give away or something :( For now, I have a buffy action figure, about 7 novels, 5 comic books, PS2 and GBA video game.. And yea thats all.. But before, I had more.. In addition to what I already mentioned, I had a buffy gift...
  15. M

    Certain errors/issues with buffy the vampire slayer?

    So I wanted to ask, what do you guys think about certain issues with buffy mentioned in the video below? Also, this is only for fun and discussion... I love digging into shows and just coming up with some creative fan theories.. So this isn't me dissing buffy, If you have read my previous...
  16. M

    would the show have been different if xander didn't lie?

    I was just wondering, in season 2, do u think Buffy would have done something different if xander had told her the truth about willow performing the spell to restore Angel's soul?
  17. M

    Did Sarah REALLY perform her some of her own stunts?

    So I know everyone says she does but here's the thing, her old stunt-double was sick of her and said Sarah had some attitude problems. Even her husband said sarah was a diva back then which is why they left the show together after season 4 (or were fired idk). I read that woman's article where...
  18. M

    Did anyone else hate Dawn in this season?

    She was annoying as hell.. She was freaking 14! and was acting like a 3 years old brat! Just like how sometimes it pisses me off that parents don't do anything to discipline their bratty kids, I was annoyed that joyce or buffy didn't say anything to her if she was being a jerk or screaming.. or...
  19. M

    Hey!! :D

    Hey everyone, it's nice to be here. I'm 20 years old and I have been obsessed with Buffy ever since i was like 8. However, at that time, I didn't really understand the show but only watched it for Sarah Michelle Gellar because after watching scooby-doo 2, my first ever non-animated movie, I fell...
  20. M

    New Buffy the Vampire Slayer video game!

    Hey everyone, so I made a 2D buffy game in which you can choose between buffy, xander and willow.. Each have their own strength/weapon and weakness. As you go on with the game, it becomes harder and harder.. You basically earn points by killing or by passing through difficult parts of the game...
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