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  1. G

    Thinking of buying a buffy autograph but need help weather it real

    Hi thinking if buying a buffy autograph it comes with certificate of authenticity but would like another person to see if they think it real many thanks
  2. G

    Anyone want to do a Cruel intentions film watch along

    Hi everyone I was wondering weather anyone wanted to do a cruel intentions movie watch along? We all click play at around same time and have a group chat or something to message each other throughout the movie. But no spoiler from buffy as I'm still on season 1 sorry for inconvenience but...
  3. G

    Please consider donating buffy DVD uk England

    Hi I'm new to this but basically everyone says that the remaster version is terrible and I can't seem to find any cheap DVD at moment if anyone from England and has unwanted DVD of buffy they don't want and are happy to give to me so I can watch all the seasons much appreciate stay safe everyone...
  4. G

    How scary is Buffy?

    planning on watching first ep but during the theme song there were spiders i love horror but hate spider so if anyone can advise much appreciated
  5. AdVickMal

    New Member to the forums

    Hi all, I am Adam and new to the board. My favorite character is probably Anya or Cordelia (female good guy wise) and Drusilla or Lilah for the "baddies". Male characters are Lorne and Angel. I am a 30 year old male who has been an AVID fan for nearly two decades, now. I joined to find my people...
  6. telperion66

    Why are the comics so expensive?

    Hey guys, I'm a big Buffy and Angel fan, have been for many years. I really want to read the Buffy and Angel comics that continue the respective series' beyond what we saw on TV. But, really, I can't afford the prices for what I'm being asked to pay for them on places like Amazon.. Anyone...
  7. telperion66

    SMG's appearance change from S1 to S2

    I'm just watching the episode 'Go Fish' from Buffy, season two... I can't help but notice how radically different Sarah looks in season two compared to how she appeared in season one. Anyone else notice this? I mean, its weird because I'm guessing it was just one year of ageing between the...
  8. Movie Marquee

    Movie Marquee

    A local movie theater by me always has something witty to follow movie titles. I was so excited when I saw this.
  9. telperion66

    Chemistry and atmospherics in season 2

    This is the season I've probably watched the most on re-watch, and, I think I finally understand why. Going back to this season, the chemistry between the cast of characters and the overall atmosphere generated by the narrative serve to supply us with a vibe and tone that portrays the show at...
  10. telperion66

    The inherent "brightness" of season 4

    Especially when compared to the "darkness" of graveyards and the overall look and feel of seasons 2 and 3 in particular, anyone notice just how "bright" season 4 looks by comparison? I'm really enjoying re-watching season 4 because no matter what else is going on in the world, the bright nature...
  11. Buffythehero

    The debate if Sarah did any of her own stunts

    Hi, I’m new here so I apologise if I accidentally break any rules. Anyway, I’ve always heard the rumours about Sarah being the reason Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford got fired/or left and decided to have a really good luck into it... I looked on Jeff YouTube channel and under one of his videos...
  12. telperion66

    The Library as Scooby HQ

    Following on from the thread I posted about Giles' apartment being a great spot for the scooby HQ in season four, I thought I'd post this follow up post about the library. So, the library... Where to begin? During seasons 1, 2 and 3 it was the cornerstone of all concocted plans by the core...
  13. telperion66

    The joy of the Season One scooby dynamics

    The main reason I can always rely on this season to lift my spirits and entertain me is the dynamics of the group during this period. Buffy, as the central character, is still far from the trodden-down, worn-down shell of herself that she becomes in the later seasons. In season one, she is...
  14. telperion66

    Season 4 Ages Well

    ….but it took a long time for me to appreciate it. I was always one of those guys that loved BTVS season 2, and had season 3 down as my second favourite. Then I came to adore season 1. But, I always hated the transition between the scoobies leaving high school and season 4, I never...
  15. Taake

    Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in ”Other People’s Houses”

    New show for SMG - guessing the ”Sometimes I lie” thing fell apart? Or at least hasn’t come to fruition yet. Her new show is a dramedy created for Fox, also inspired by a book! She shared this on her insta Not much info yet though, but nice to see she’s eager to get back to TV if she...
  16. HushSarah

    Riley vs. Spike

    Just finished my re watch of Season 4 and it keeps dawning on me why I always preferred Riley for Buffy more than Spike and yes, even Angel. Spike was a prominent character in S4, his character more or less introduced The Initiative in full view. One could argue the Scoobies wouldn't have known...
  17. HushSarah

    Question Spike Over-Saturated?

    I've been thinking about this for a long time and I believe I've come to the conclusion on something that has been bugging me since 2002 up until my recent rewatch. What was the reason behind Spike being over-saturated in Season 6? Was Joss listening to the Spike/Spuffy stans online too much...
  18. Name the Stars

    Buffy or Angel Memes!

    Post fun Buffy/Angel Memes here for the rest of us to enjoy!
  19. NileQT87

    Big Finish teasing Buffy/Angel audio adventures

    https://www.bigfinish.com Those of us who are Whovians may be aware of a certain company called Big Finish who has been making Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dark Shadows, etc... canon audio adventures for two decades. Well, they either just trolled the Jossverse hard, or the fact that Anthony...
  20. WillowForEver

    Returning fan! Hello!

    Hey! So I'm not sure how popping this forum is anymore, seems to still be a thing so I thought I'd come back on and maybe I'd make it a semi-habit again. I'm a big Buffy fan and I have been for a while. Not as long as some of you but long for my own life, as I watched it in middle school and I'm...
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