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  1. tarasamber

    Fanfiction Suggestions

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a good Fuffy or Tillow fanfictions. Do you have any suggestions? 😊
  2. IndianaSolo221

    20 "Buffy" Questions

    Just a fun little game of 20 Buffy Questions: 1. How did you get into BtVS? 2. Which season is your favorite? 3. Which season is your least favorite? 4. Which is your favorite episode? 5. Which is your least favorite episode? 6. Who is your favorite character? 7. Who is your least...
  3. Bookkitty

    Cheeseman on canvas

    Etsy I just finished painting these today. I have been wanting to make a series of cheese guy pieces for a while so I'm excited that I finally did it.
  4. NotEvilAngel

    Couldn't Slayers Tattoo a Cross on their Skin?

    Couldn't Slayer's just tattoo a cross on their skin? I'm talking about all Slayers, Buffy wouldn't do it with the whole Angel ordeal. I mean, then no vampires could get close to you without being hurt by the cross. Also, the weapons could be coated in holy water. So after generations and...
  5. NotEvilAngel

    Does Angel include spoilers for Buffy?

    Ok, so I'm in the middle of watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I want to watch Angel, but I don't know if that includes spoilers for Buffy. If you watched Angel, can you please let me know if it does or doesn't? Thank you!
  6. S

    Question Buffy & Angel Ebooks

    Does anybody know where I can get my hands of the entire Buffy & Angel ebook collection? I know that a few years ago they officially re-released a few in that format but then stopped. I would love to have the entire collection on my ereader.
  7. Mohammad

    Developed a buffy 2d tekken like game. What do you think?

    Hey! I created a PC windows buffy game where she battles the master, angelus, faith and mayor, adam, glory, dark willow and caleb. What do you think? Buffy game
  8. Madido24

    Buffy Pros and Cons

    BUFFY PROS AND CONS I noticed people reviewing each season through pros and cons and I have decided to do the same as I find it more readable for another reader and more practical for me. First off, I would like to say that I love BTVS. It has marked me quite later in late 2018 when it was...
  9. danzalthar

    What was your initial, very first reaction to Buffy?

    October 19th, 2008. A network TV channel started airing the first two seasons of Buffy on Sunday afternoons. I had seen the movie but only knew the series by name, from the X-Men comics Joss Whedon had penned and some mentions here and there (like on a magazine announcing James Marsters as...
  10. IndianaSolo221

    Question Where Have You Found BtVS/AtS Collectibles?

    I'm just curious as to if anyone has recently found any BtVS/AtS collectibles, and where you got them. Have you ordered them off the web, or have you ever found anything in a secondhand/thrift/antique store? Unfortunately, I have very few Buffy collectibles. I have a blind box Xander and a...
  11. danzalthar

    Question Have you guys checked any of these "new Buffy" shows?

    We all know Buffy changed television definitely and there is a lesson learned from her in every TV drama. However, I have never seen any other shows being compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer as much as the recent Wynona Earpp and Warrior Nun. I actually started watching them due to such...
  12. M

    Make a Movie

    If you had to edit all 7 filmed seasons of Buffy into three separate epic films (similar to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy), which characters and plots would keep? Which would you cut?
  13. Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Angel returns to Sunnydale in BtVS S5E17 after hearing about Joyce's death.
  14. G

    Why did buffy leave Sunnydale and not stay with her friends

    I finished buffy season and I have no clue why she left the town and not sleep with xander or willow or someone please explain also anyone else hear the I need a hug part watch this if u missed it 😂
  15. PrincessBuffy16

    Angel's curse and Buffy

    Hi, I had something on my mind for quite some time now, and it appeared again in my mind now that I am rewatching the show. The reason Angel loses his soul after sleeping with Buffy in season 2 isn't because of the deed, it is because of her and the moment that they have shared. Being intimate...
  16. G

    If you could meet anyone from season 1-3 who? Can only pick 3 girls and 3 boys who would it be?

    if you could meet 3 girl character and 3 boy character from buffy in real life who would it be from season 1 - 3 only and no spoilers from later season lol as only on season 3, episode 2
  17. G

    Angel theme is not good compared to buffy

    No spoiler as on season 3 angel theme song is not good compared to the buffy theme song I've never seen angel just seen all the theme song for it as I'm on season 3 of buffy
  18. purpleslvrflwr

    Character you would have love to seen more of

    There are so many characters in the universe I wish had been more fleshed out. Mine are Owen — Super random right? But ok, I do like spuffy (but honestly for this show, I can see how every ship works tbh), Owen was almost William like you know? Soft spoken, liked poetry, like Buffy, liked the...
  19. LemonBanana

    What’s The Worst Monster?!

    Hi all! There are some pretty nasty monsters in Buffy, but I want to know which one is REALLY the worst! For me, Der Kinderstod, The Gentlemen and Gnarl. Der Kinderstod and The Gentlemen were the most ugly and scary, but Gnarl (season 7) actually made me gag! 😂 🤢 So, which monster scares you the...
  20. S

    Buffy stunt coordinator and double accused Joss Whedon of being an 'egomaniac' and demanding they break up

    https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/12/egomaniac-joss-whedon-faces-claims-buffy-stunt-double-12942160/ What does everyone think?
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