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  1. Taake

    Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in ”Other People’s Houses”

    New show for SMG - guessing the ”Sometimes I lie” thing fell apart? Or at least hasn’t come to fruition yet. Her new show is a dramedy created for Fox, also inspired by a book! She shared this on her insta Not much info yet though, but nice to see she’s eager to get back to TV if she...
  2. HushSarah

    Riley vs. Spike

    Just finished my re watch of Season 4 and it keeps dawning on me why I always preferred Riley for Buffy more than Spike and yes, even Angel. Spike was a prominent character in S4, his character more or less introduced The Initiative in full view. One could argue the Scoobies wouldn't have known...
  3. HushSarah

    Question Spike Over-Saturated?

    I've been thinking about this for a long time and I believe I've come to the conclusion on something that has been bugging me since 2002 up until my recent rewatch. What was the reason behind Spike being over-saturated in Season 6? Was Joss listening to the Spike/Spuffy stans online too much...
  4. Name the Stars

    Buffy or Angel Memes!

    Post fun Buffy/Angel Memes here for the rest of us to enjoy!
  5. NileQT87

    Big Finish teasing Buffy/Angel audio adventures

    https://www.bigfinish.com Those of us who are Whovians may be aware of a certain company called Big Finish who has been making Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dark Shadows, etc... canon audio adventures for two decades. Well, they either just trolled the Jossverse hard, or the fact that Anthony...
  6. WillowForEver

    Returning fan! Hello!

    Hey! So I'm not sure how popping this forum is anymore, seems to still be a thing so I thought I'd come back on and maybe I'd make it a semi-habit again. I'm a big Buffy fan and I have been for a while. Not as long as some of you but long for my own life, as I watched it in middle school and I'm...
  7. pic.jpg


    Ain't that neat, luv?
  8. 08c58267f7f0764ea8c9cc826908705e.gif


    Poetic license much? ;)
  9. always been bad.png

    always been bad.png

    What can I tell you, baby? I've always been bad.
  10. buffy-the-vampire-slayer-reunion-13.jpg


    ain't that love?
  11. CharlieGunn1

    The Gunn Chronicles OOC Thread - Part 2!

    The Gunn Chronicles (Out Of Character Thread) This thread is for anything you want to discuss without taking up space in the RP thread. New Players are always welcome! Introduction: Welcome all to the story the greatest story that no one has ever told... a story of brave souls mostly...
  12. burrunjor

    I'd like a tv adaptation of Fray

    I'm sure most of you have heard of Fray. Its a comic book set in the Buffyverse 200 years in the future. Its about a Vampire slayer being called for the first time in over a century, a petty, street hoodlum named Fray, whose brother Harth is the Vampire king of Manhattan. It was a great series...
  13. VCA

    References to Buffy or AtS in other TV shows/movies

    I was watching Bones yesterday and caught this small reference to the Hyperion Hotel from AtS which made me smile: Have you guys found any other TV shows/movies that make Buffy or AtS references? Feel free to add them here! :)
  14. V

    Buffy/Angel E-Books

    Seen as it is looking very unlikely that the entire collection of Buffy & Angel books will ever be released on ebook format is there anywhere that I can look to find these or do any of you guys have them in ebook format? I know Amazon has a few but not many.
  15. A

    Buffy Summer Blonde (T-Shirt Design)

    Hi All! New member here. Found your board and thought I'd post this. I'm a designer at Shirt.Woot, and made a Buffy-inspired design for the Halloween contest. I though if you guys liked it (and want to see it become an actual shirt) you could throw some votes my way. You can vote by clicking the...
  16. MarieVampSlayer

    You have been activated. What do you do?

    Here's the deal. It's 2003. Buffy has released the slayer power to all the chosen ones in the world. You are one of them. What is your next move? How do you handle the news?
  17. MarieVampSlayer

    Buffy Reboot - Characters that can't be recast

    Hi all, In the wake of the new Buffy rebbot (if it ever happens), I was wondering if there was any characters that you just can't recast. All we know for sure is that Buffy will be back but let's imagine that they keep the original characters. For me, the character I can't see recast is Spike...
  18. MarieVampSlayer

    Why Buffy sided with Spike in S7

    Hi all, So I was thinking about S7 and how most of us can agree that it was strange that Buffy sided more with Spike in S7 than with the scoobies. Or was it strange? When I think back at S6 you can see that Buffy isolated herself from her friend a lot and actually felt more comfortable with...
  19. VCA

    Found the entire Buffy & Angel DVD sets at Value Village!!

    I literally just came in to buy a hat I saw a couple of days ago when I stumbled upon this: And then I found the Angel DVDs in another part of the store! They also had some of the Supernatural, Charmed and Friends DVDs. Each season was being sold for $7 and all of the DVDs are in mint...
  20. MarieVampSlayer

    Sarah Michelle Gellar's best moments in Buffy

    Hi all, I have noticed that Sarah is rarely the first person menton when we do a best actor/actress list on this show.However, I think it is fare to say that she did carry beautifully the Buffy show on her shoulders and showed us that she was an amazing actress who can really play anything! In...
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