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  1. Oromous

    Plot vs. Character in Geek Culture

    So, I came across an interesting review of X-Files season 6's third episode, Triangle, written by Darren of them0vieblog, where he discussed the different ways fandoms appreciate genre television like Star Trek or The X-Files. In the review, he talked about how traditionally, certain fans would...
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    If you could remove one character from the verse?

    Hi all, Ok so same as my other thread but with characters. Tell us which character you would remove and why? Mine would be Kennedy. She isn't the worst character but she is the one that is most problematic for me. I don't like her. I don't like her story with Willow. I don't like the actress...
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Which character of the opposite sex would you be?

    Hi all, We often discuss which character we identify the most with and I was curious which character from the opposite sex from yours do you identify with? I would have to go with Angel because I am quite moody and broody by nature. I am more social then he is in general but you have to get to...
  4. Tara MacSlay

    Sorting BtVS characters into Hogwarts Houses

    Which Hogwarts houses do you think BtVS characters would be sorted into? Buffy has to be Gryffindor! Giles is a clear Ravenclaw. Tara a strong Hufflepuff.
  5. Tara MacSlay

    Who is your least favourite character from BTVS?

    We all have a character we love to hate -Riley... I was wondering who yours is and why? As well as Riley (ugh), I feel there's a lot of dislike out there for Anya (which I don't understand) and Dawnie (I TOTALLY understand..)
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