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  1. MarieVampSlayer

    Say something nice about...

    Hi all, Just a fun games with simple rules. I say a character and you say something nice about him/her. Them you name a character and the next person has to say something nice about this character. Let's begin Willow
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    Beloved tv characters that you hate

    Hi all, I was wondering if you had any tv characters that are very beloved and popular but that you secretly (or non-secretly) hate. It can be from recent or older shows the only factor is that you can't understand why everyone is so head over heels for them. Here are my top 3: 1) Rory...
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Buffy Reboot - Characters that can't be recast

    Hi all, In the wake of the new Buffy rebbot (if it ever happens), I was wondering if there was any characters that you just can't recast. All we know for sure is that Buffy will be back but let's imagine that they keep the original characters. For me, the character I can't see recast is Spike...
  4. CharlieGunn1

    Wasted Potential: Greatest Characters Who Didn't Last?

    Had this question in my head after reading a few fanfics and Comics recently.... So many great characters or at least great character ideas never got a chance to shine because of untimely deaths, or writing decisions to simply send them to the cornfield. So, who in your opinion is a great...
  5. MarieVampSlayer

    Buffy Characters ranked from Buzzfeed

    Hi all, I'm sure a lot of you have seen this but do you agree with ranking? 117 Buffyverse Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best I can't undertand why they would rank Graham lower than a random potential or even Hank Summer (the worst ever!) What do you guys think?
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Best boyfriend/girlfriend in the Buffyverse

    Hey all, I was wondering who you thought was the best boyfriend and girlfriend in the whole verse. They don't have to be a couple just which character seemed like the greatest to be paired with! Here are my choices: Boyfriend: Gunn (in his relationship with Fred) Girlfriend: Cordelia (in her...
  7. buffy1990

    Character Karaoke: Song Choice

    So I was thinking about the songs that the characters themselves chose to sing in different episodes of Buffy/Angel, and how it reflects their personalities/experiences. We have Angel with "Mandy": Well you came and you gave without taking/But I sent you away, oh Mandy/And you kissed me and...
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