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  1. pic.jpg


    Ain't that neat, luv?
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    Angel and Buffy kiss

    Hey all! I was wondering what did you think about the Angel and Buffy kiss in End of days/Chosen? I must say I do love Angel and Buffy together but I feel like it didn't make any sense in the story. Why would they kiss at that very moment? We saw that Spike saw it and the First told him "That...
  3. Kayla Blackmon

    The Big Bad: A Brand New Buffy Web Series

    Hey Guys! A few weeks ago i came across a Youtube channel that went by the name "The Big Bad" and had a pretty cool short film based in the Buffy universe! It's been out a few months, but today they made a video saying that they are gonna make a 5 part series based on their short! I think that...
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