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  1. cateddy

    Question HELP! I have no idea what to read

    Im currently watching the Buffy tv show and know there are comics, but I'm really more of a book person. I've seen that there are quite a few books and comics about angel, buffy etc... but I have only really seen people talk about the comics. Are the books worth reading or not? also if they are...
  2. telperion66

    Why are the comics so expensive?

    Hey guys, I'm a big Buffy and Angel fan, have been for many years. I really want to read the Buffy and Angel comics that continue the respective series' beyond what we saw on TV. But, really, I can't afford the prices for what I'm being asked to pay for them on places like Amazon.. Anyone...
  3. WillowForEver

    Help Willow: Goddesses and Monsters

    Anyone have the Willow: Goddesses and Monsters one shot comic? I used to have it downloaded on my computer but now, years later, I can't seem to find it. I searched online and I can't seem to find it anywhere there too, aside from in a youtube video. I'd prefer the full picture files! Thank you
  4. EarthLogic

    How do you reconcile perceived OOC character behaviour?

    When a character's behaviour takes a noticeably different/odd turn, how do you process this change? Do you find a way to make it make sense in line with their previous characterisation or do you find yourself taken out of the story and forced to see it simply as terrible writing? For me, the...
  5. Grace

    Fray (Re)Read

    @dcai0830 and I are planning to start reading Fray soon if anyone wants to join us to discuss the series and its implications for Buffy Season 12. Here's our planned schedule: Week One (March 18): Fray #1-#4 Week Two (March 25): Fray #5-#8 Week Three (April 1): Buffy Season 8 #16-19 Time of...
  6. EarthLogic

    Gage has tweeted.

    For those of you Comically-inclined: Something is afoot. Methinks it goes by the name of 'Season 12'. (Do I need to put spoiler tags on this?)
  7. Evil Seal

    Georges Jeanty is the nicest guy

    "Jeanty" is pronounced like "gentil" in French, which means "nice". Coincidence? I think not! I met him today at the Paris Comic-Con and he was really sweet. We talked for more than an hour. He signed and drew some stuff, I asked him some questions, we joked around, he actually learned my name...
  8. Grace

    Speculation on Season 11 #12?

    Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but the promo for Season 11 #12 is: (Not sure if solicitations count as spoilers but I want to be safe.) Any speculation on how we might get to that for Buffy?
  9. EarthLogic

    Question for the Bangelfolk - Spuffy in the comics

    So recently I find myself flirting with 'shipping again. I used to be an unabashed B/A fan in my teens ('cause, duh!) but have since been reluctant to call myself a 'shipper since a) for me authenticity of character trumps romantic pairing, always and b) I'm rather uncomfortable with labels as I...
  10. smgismyqueenjpg

    The Last Season?

    There has been a lot of talk these past few months about Season 10 being the last. But this talk is not from Dark Horse themselves. They're from other sources. so lets talk about it? :(
  11. smgismyqueenjpg

    Question Tie In Comics & Graphic Novels.

    I was at comic-con a week ago. And I bought 5 tie in Buffy comics & 2 Angel Graphic Novels. Are those canon?
  12. Guy

    A youtube channel about the Buffy/Angel comics

    I don't think this was mentioned here before... idkmybffjill730 It's an entire youtube channel dedicated to reviewing and discussing the Buffyverse comics, which is surprisingly rare. He already reviewed (almost) all of seasons 8-10, and 'After the Fall'. I think it's cool :)
  13. K

    Help Are The Comics Worth Reading?

    So I was adament I'd never read the Buffy comics as I was pretty happy with how S7 left off (bar the death of Anya :() then earlier this year I found myself wanting a new adventure in the Buffyverse and I bought S8. I enjoyed the comics, albeit I have to read twilight a few times to get my head...
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