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  1. Miss Muffet

    Connor, not Dawn

    Weird thought I had: What if Dawn and Connor had had each other's roles? Connor would be Buffy little brother and Dawn would be Angel and Darla's child. How would this change the series, considering they'd respond to events differently?
  2. Wesxfred

    Was Wesley right to take Connor?

    Recently, I was doing another rewatch of Angel season 3 and it made me empathize more with Wesley and his reasons for taking Connor. In my opinion, I think Wesley was right to take Connor, but the way he went about it (ie: going to Holtz) was completely wrong. Wesley had been completely...
  3. NeddaSai

    Connor's Original Purpose..?

    We all know that after Charisma's pregnancy they decided to include it into the S4 storyline and Connor's purpose as "The Miracle Child" became him impregnating her so she can give birth to Jasmine.. So, what if Charisma didn't get pregnant? The original s4 storyline was Cordelia becoming the...
  4. Mrs Gordo

    Question Connor/Dawn is it weird?

    I am doing some research and need to know what you all think of this pairing. I think I'm having my own inner struggles as to how I feel about them together.
  5. MarieVampSlayer

    Would you have forgiven Wesley?

    Ok so I am always on the fence with this one. On one side I understand Wesley's action in kidnapping Connor because he was really trying to save him. On the other side, his actions really destroyed Angel and Connor's relationship. What do you guys think? Would you forgive Wesley or try to...
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Connor's evolution

    Hi all! I know a lot of you are not fan of teenage Connor so I was wondering what would you do differently? If you kept him as baby Connor how would you progress the story and keep him alive? If Connor came back from the Hell dimension what would you change in his personnality? Would you make...
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordelia and Wes friendship?

    Hi all! So I have read a lot of post about this and agree totally that Cordelia should have visited Wes after his betrayal. But I was wondering what would she have said? Do you think she would help him get better, ignore him like Gunn or would she do like Fred and tell him he was wrong but...
  8. MarlieTheSlayer

    Question Would Angel have killed Connor?

    So I was reading some reviews and while reading one about the first episode "Deep Down", the following section got my attention: ''But there are limits to his moral triumph. The fact that he could even consider killing his son is a disturbing turn for him. What I find most revealing about the...
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    Why Angelus didn't torment Connor?

    Hi all! So I was commenting on a thread and I realised that I would love to have your opinion on this. I was wondering if you think that Angelus should have been obsess with Connor like he was with Buffy in S2? In S4 Angel would love Connor the most and be as vulnerable to Angelus's pain as...
  10. B

    just read the stupidest thing ever

    so on tumblr this person was going on about the episode where Angel kicks Connor out of his house and gives his big champion speech and whatnot. The person goes : Amazing speech!!! kind of weird coming from him after he tried to kill Wesley!!!! Vampire with a soul my ass!!!! D:< go to hell...
  11. A

    Question Is Connor the first male "slayer"? Discuss.

    Gifted with strength and speed of demonic origin just like Buffy et al; is he not the first male "slayer" in the Buffyverse?
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