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cordelia chase

  1. FaithLehane16

    Xandelia/Cander(Xander&Cordelia) Appreciation

    I just thought of making this thread because I love this relationship. It made me disappointed, bitter, and sad that they were cut short when they should have had a longer term. Xander looked his best when she was in a relationship with her. She gave him confidence and a taste of her world. He...
  2. B

    What was Cordelia doing off-screen in School Hard?

    as I'm on the season 2 re-watch, I wonder what Cordelia (& her Cordettes) were doing off-screen around the time of "School Hard?" (they aren't even seen at the Bronze either where the band Nickel was playing) before the Parent-Teacher Night in which they chaperoned along with Buffy and Willow...
  3. B

    How come Michelle Blake and Holly Charleston won the Homecoming Queen crown in the "Homecoming" episode?

    How come Michelle Blake and Holly Charleston won the Homecoming Queen crown in the "Homecoming" episode? Why do you think they won the crown? Were they in the "in-crowd" dynamic at Sunnydale High? and not in the "loser group" (Willow, Oz, Xander, Giles etc...) unlike "Buffy and Cordelia?" did...
  4. NeddaSai

    Connor's Original Purpose..?

    We all know that after Charisma's pregnancy they decided to include it into the S4 storyline and Connor's purpose as "The Miracle Child" became him impregnating her so she can give birth to Jasmine.. So, what if Charisma didn't get pregnant? The original s4 storyline was Cordelia becoming the...
  5. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordy's worst outfits

    Hi all, So while I am creating this thread I was wondering, does Cordy even have bad outfits? And then I remember Season 3 or Angel... The clothes aren't horrible but she looks like a yoga teacher...which is not good for Cordy!
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordy's best outfits

    Hi all, So Cordy is the Queen Bee of style so I just can't overlook her for a best outifits list. Here is one of my favorite: I know everyone loves Buffy's dress in the prom and I do to but Cordy was to die for in this simple but gorgeous dress!
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordelia's saintness

    Hey all, So I am at a Ats season 3 re-watch and I wanted to discuss Cordelia's saintness. I have read a lot of comments from @MrPole and others were they mentionned Cordelia's saintness and how she got a bit OCC in season 3. So my questions are: Do you think Cordelia's character changed in...
  8. Puppet

    The Sisterhood - Book One

    The Sisterhood - Book One A Buffyverse fanfic set around the end of seasons 5 and 2 respectively. Crosses over with the CW show Supernatural but knowledge of this show is unnecessary to read (and enjoy) the story. Summary; At the end of Belonging, Cordelia ends up somewhere very different from...
  9. smgismyqueenjpg

    Is Cordelia asexual?

    I saw this playlist about Asexual!Cordelia. I was wondering if anyone else thought of this like I have. Doubt this will get any replies. Well, I just had to post about it. ;)
  10. MasterXPosed

    Was Cordelia a hero?

    I've noticed some people on here didn't like Cordelia on Angel, or just thought she was ruined because of season four's arc. However, besides Jasmine, do you think she earned the hero status? She fought hard with Angel for three years, the visions killing her day by day. She hid her status of...
  11. I

    Help Should I watch Angel

    I don't know if I should watch Angel Personally, I am not particularly interested in Angel himself, I am actually focusing on Cordy but when you talk about her you can't skip Angel and from what I have heard Angel the character was a HUGE part of her development, and that development happens...
  12. Rogueslayer

    Had an odd dream

    I had an odd dream that I think would be kind of a good idea for a fanfic. I dreampt that I had the power to control demons. so like, I could influence cordelia, and I could only control Angelus but not Angel. I think this would be a good fanfic idea but I don't have a lot of time to write it...
  13. B

    Something I've wondered about the visions

    Like what made them hurt so much, why were they so painful? was it because of what they were seeing, people being killed or injured? or did the powers that be make them painful for a reason? sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm just not understanding how they can be painful. Like getting...
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