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  1. Miss Muffet

    When did you first ship Cangel?

    Cangel fans, when did you first ship Cordy an Angel romantically?
  2. telperion66

    Cordelia's Transition onto Angel

    I liked Cordy on Buffy, but I love her on Angel. Even in Angel season 1, she shows an immediate growth from the character we knew in Buffy season 3. She shows compassion, and a deeper element to her character that makes the audience want to care about her throughout the various episodes...
  3. G

    If you could meet anyone from season 1-3 who? Can only pick 3 girls and 3 boys who would it be?

    if you could meet 3 girl character and 3 boy character from buffy in real life who would it be from season 1 - 3 only and no spoilers from later season lol as only on season 3, episode 2
  4. G

    Anyone want to do a Cruel intentions film watch along

    Hi everyone I was wondering weather anyone wanted to do a cruel intentions movie watch along? We all click play at around same time and have a group chat or something to message each other throughout the movie. But no spoiler from buffy as I'm still on season 1 sorry for inconvenience but...
  5. telperion66

    Why was the Groosalugg re-introduced in season three?

    At the end of 'Waiting in the Wings', we see the return of the Groosalugg. My question is, why? Angel and Cordy were just on the verge of becoming united as a couple in the storyline, so what do you think the reason was for the writers deciding to interrupt that as a possibility by having the...
  6. Grrr Argg

    Charisma in Veronica Mars?

    I am watching Veronica Mars for my first time, and it's been fun to see some people from the Buffy cast popping in. On Veronica Mars, Charisma Carpender played a con artist posing as a trophy wife named Kendall Casablancas, but we only got to see her as an awesome kick ass woman for about two...
  7. BuffyForever329

    Restless - Angel as the dream guide?

    I remember once reading somewhere (though now I don't know where) that Angel was originally supposed to play the dream guide in Restless instead of Tara, but because David Boreanaz was filming Angel at the time he wasn't able to appear in the episode. I like Tara as the dream guide, but I would...
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordy's worst outfits

    Hi all, So while I am creating this thread I was wondering, does Cordy even have bad outfits? And then I remember Season 3 or Angel... The clothes aren't horrible but she looks like a yoga teacher...which is not good for Cordy!
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordy's best outfits

    Hi all, So Cordy is the Queen Bee of style so I just can't overlook her for a best outifits list. Here is one of my favorite: I know everyone loves Buffy's dress in the prom and I do to but Cordy was to die for in this simple but gorgeous dress!
  10. B

    Wouldn't it have been nice if Xander appeared on Angel?

    I don't care what the rest of the producers thinked, but having Xander appear on an episode of Angel, would've brought a proper closure to the Cordy-Xander relationship, it would give a sense that Xander still cared for Cordelia, even though they were no longer together. He could even open up...
  11. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya and Cordy friends?

    Hi all! I was reading a another thread about Cordy coming back to Sunnydale after her time on Angel and I was wondering what a Anya/Cordy dynamic would be. Do you think they would be friends? Do you think Anya would be jealous of Cordy because of her past with Xander? I could see Anya feeling...
  12. EarthLogic

    Why was Angel sent that vision of the Black Thorn?

    Angel's last stand in Not Fade Away gets talked about a lot in terms of whether it was a good reiteration of the message of the show or whether it was really a futile exercise that in fact betrayed their core mission. But I haven't seen as much discussion about why the Powers sent Angel that...
  13. MarieVampSlayer

    Was Cordelia really traumatised by Angel's actions?

    Hi all! So this always annoyed me because it doesn't make sense to me and I wanted to have your opinion. When Lorne brings back Cordy's meomory in Spin the bottle she says she can't be with Angel because she has seen his evil doing and is traumatised by it. So to me this is just a plot device...
  14. MarieVampSlayer

    Cheesiest scene in Angel?

    Hi all, So I just re-watch Tomorrow and saw the scene where Cordelia is talking to herself as an illuminated figure in a mirroir and oh that was so cheesy. The light, her white outfit, her '' I'm in love'', I just thought that was such a cheesy scene that could have been done so much better...
  15. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordelia and Wes friendship?

    Hi all! So I have read a lot of post about this and agree totally that Cordelia should have visited Wes after his betrayal. But I was wondering what would she have said? Do you think she would help him get better, ignore him like Gunn or would she do like Fred and tell him he was wrong but...
  16. MarieVampSlayer

    Would Cangel be possible if Buffy didn't die?

    Hi all! So I am re-watching Angel S3 and wanted to test something with you. So at the beginning of this season, Angel mourns Buffy who died and decides to move on without her. Coincidentally, he starts having feelings for Cordelia that are different from S1 and S2. So I was wondering, did Angel...
  17. PaulParmar1

    Your Welcome, Buffy or Cordelia?

    So originally in the S5 episode of Angel & the 100th episode "Your Welcome" Buffy was supposed to be on this episode but Sarah Michelle Gellar was busy with other projects so she didn't appear and Cordelia/Charisma for the role instead. Would you have preferred Buffy or Cordelia in this...
  18. BuffMarsters

    Willow with a different hair colour

    I remember reading somewhere that SMG, AH and CC all had the same chestnut brown hair when they first auditioned, and that afterwards Joss said that two of them were going to have to dye their hair to get some variety on the show. We all know that AH got the red. So my question to you is, how...
  19. MarieVampSlayer

    Did Xander love Cordelia?

    Hi all! So I was rewatching Angel S1 and Cordelia mention how she promised herself not to fall for a "loser" after Xander Harris. This shows how important he was to her and I think that we can see thoughout S2 & S3 that she really loved Xander even more than she wanted to admit. But I was...
  20. Puppet

    The Sisterhood - Book One

    The Sisterhood - Book One A Buffyverse fanfic set around the end of seasons 5 and 2 respectively. Crosses over with the CW show Supernatural but knowledge of this show is unnecessary to read (and enjoy) the story. Summary; At the end of Belonging, Cordelia ends up somewhere very different from...
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