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  1. Miss Muffet

    Should Dawn have died instead of Buffy?

    I've seen people talk about this topic before, but I haven't seen a thread for it, so I made one :) Do you think Dawn should have sacrificed herself in 'The Gift' instead of Buffy? Why?
  2. purpleslvrflwr

    Character you would have love to seen more of

    There are so many characters in the universe I wish had been more fleshed out. Mine are Owen — Super random right? But ok, I do like spuffy (but honestly for this show, I can see how every ship works tbh), Owen was almost William like you know? Soft spoken, liked poetry, like Buffy, liked the...
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Did Dawn create Spuffy?

    Hi all, So I have been wondering about this for a while. We have talked a lot about how Dawn's addition to the core group changed a lot of things in the characters life. But do you think that Dawn's presence created Spuffy? Here are my points that could prove that she was at least in part...
  4. MarieVampSlayer

    If Dawn died in S5 instead of Buffy

    Hi all, I wanted ideas on how S6 would have been different if Dawn had died instead of Buffy. I know a lot of you people would have preferred that so what would you do with the gang going further in S6? Be creative!
  5. Grace

    Sunnydale Fanfic Club: Dawntasia

    This thread is for discussion of the Sunnydale Fanfic Club podcast. The next story will be: Dawntasia by @WillowFromBuffy Summary: "The story is set some time between 'Wrecked' and 'Hell's Bells.' The relationships between the Scoobies are all fraught with tension. Dawn wonders if there is...
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Should they have made Dawn younger?

    Hi all! So we all know that Joss intended for Dawn to be younger but changed that after casting MT. Do you think this was a good decision? Do you think they should have adapted the dialogue of S5 to make her appear older? I personaly wished they had made Dawn older and closer to Buffy's age...
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Dawn's best & worst outfits

    Hi all, Ok first of all Dawn has gorgeous hair. But what about her outfits? Let's list little miss Muffet's best outfits! Here is one that I find adorable: It's not easy to pull-out this look but I think Dawn does it!
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Dawn season 6 & 7

    Hi all! So we can all agree that there was a lot of missed opportunities with Dawn's character after S5. In your opinion, what could they have donwe with her character to make her more important to the storyline? I think Season 6 Dawn should have become more badass after her sister died...
  9. Mrs Gordo

    Question Connor/Dawn is it weird?

    I am doing some research and need to know what you all think of this pairing. I think I'm having my own inner struggles as to how I feel about them together.
  10. Josh the Writer

    The Osiris Theory

    Hey, I'm kinda new to this so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, I decided to address a topic I've been thinking about for a while now. I call it The Osiris Theory. I had this idea and wanted to share it. OK - here we go! In Bargaining Part One, Willow calls upon Osiris (with the help of Anya...
  11. buffy1990

    Dawn and Ben

    As I was rewatching S5 this time around, I kept noticing the parallels/similarities between Dawn and Ben. They both existed in human form for some sort of purpose revolving around Glory. Dawn for the sake of being protected from Glory, and Ben as her human prison. Both of them being killed...
  12. J

    Counting down from 730....

    7.11.17: .I don't know if anyone else caught the hospital wall-clock, when Buffy emerges from her hospital room post Faith stating: "Little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0. - The clock was approaching "7:30am" Just thought I'd share- didn't see that posted anywhere on that specific...
  13. WillowSummers88

    Question Joyce Summers

    I have sometimes wondered why they killed Joyce off so soon. Why not have her stay alive long enough to sacrifice herself to close the portal? Could she not close it? What do you guys think? She could have given Buffy and Dawn a big loving heart warming speech. Instead, she just dies on the...
  14. S Rou

    Should Dawn Have Died At The End of Season 5?

    Should she have? It is no secret that she is extremely loathed as a character... Many fans have questioned why Joss Whedon would keep her on the show while killing off great characters like Tara, Anya, Cordelia, Jenny Calendar, etc. Dawn has always been seen by most as a nuisance and it is...
  15. tinybad

    Which Characters Would You Trade for Those Who Kicked the Bucket?

    Aside from Tara, I've always considered both Anya & Spike to be 2 of my fav characters on the show, and so obviously I was really sad to see them go (I know Spike comes back on Angel, but this question presumes what if he didn't.) To me it would definitely be Dawn, as she's probably the most...
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