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  1. S

    Turok-Han: how many in the final battle?

    How many Turok-Han were there supposed to be in the final battle? Has Joss Whedon ever commented on this?
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    Tv series with the best finale

    Hey all, So I was wondering what are the tv series that you consider to have the best finale? Here are my top 5: 1) Buffy : Not everyone agrees but this one was perfect for me! 2) Six feet under : A perfect ending to an almost perfect serie. 3) Breaking bad: A great serie that knew when and...
  3. Wildfly

    Was Angel corrupted by Wolfram & Hart

    I think there is a consensus after watching the finale of Atvs that Angel wasn't corrupted by Wolfram & Hart, but I am not convinced. Sure, he haven't sold out to the senior partners, but he seems to be a bit of a megalomaniac at the end. It made a good show, but it was a bit disturbing. Take...
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