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  1. NeddaSai

    If Jasmine provided perfect happiness, how come Angel didn't turn?

    Just something I was thinking about, Jasmine provided everyone with contentment and happiness, how come Angel didnt turn into Angelus because of it? I thought maybe it's because it's fake happiness but he still turned into Angelus temporarily in Season 1 when he was drugged. Thoughts?
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    Was Cordelia really traumatised by Angel's actions?

    Hi all! So this always annoyed me because it doesn't make sense to me and I wanted to have your opinion. When Lorne brings back Cordy's meomory in Spin the bottle she says she can't be with Angel because she has seen his evil doing and is traumatised by it. So to me this is just a plot device...
  3. M

    Question Was it Jasmine who sent visions to Cordelia?

    Hello, I'm rewatching Angel season 4 and I have a doubt: in episode 4x17 Skip says that Jasmine managed events in order to make her birth possible: Connor's birth, Darla's resurrection, and most important Cordelia coming to LA, meeting Angel and getting visions from Doyle: without visions, she...
  4. A

    Question Angel Season 4 almost the best television ever made? (Spoilers)

    In my opinion Season 4 was going to be the best season of TV ever made until the Jasmine storyline was introduced. Jasmine was an underwhelming Big Bad which made all of the fanfare of the past episodes (such as blotting out the sun, bringing back Angelus look ridiculous!) . The reveal of...
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