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joss whedon

  1. danzalthar

    Question Fans: what are your thoughts on Joss Whedon now?

    Patty Jenkins has just criticized Whedon's version of Justice League + accusations of bad behavior, racism and sexism on set + he's no longer involved with his HBO show The Nevers. How do you guys see it all, specially the older fans? Could his career be heading to over? Any problems with...
  2. danzalthar

    Question Is that sequel series still on?

    Hello cuties! OMG can't believe I took so long to pop up here after twelve years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer worship! Even Whedonesque is done at this point! Haha So, what's new about that proposed sequel series (which the media spread all around wrongly, as a reboot) with a new Slayer and...
  3. S

    Buffy stunt coordinator and double accused Joss Whedon of being an 'egomaniac' and demanding they break up

    https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/12/egomaniac-joss-whedon-faces-claims-buffy-stunt-double-12942160/ What does everyone think?
  4. AshSlays

    The search for the Marsters Spike comic

    So I was listening to cast interviews around when I finished BtVS about the comics and show. I remember listening to this one interview(No, I can't find it anywhere I look) of both Whedon and Marsters where they talked about the Spike special comic they co-wrote. That day, I knew that I needed...
  5. paradiselost

    Old gossips

    Hello guys! This is my first time posting something on here, but I'm sure you can help me clarify something that I "found out" and that shocked me af: it's true that Amy Acker and Joss Whedon had an affair back in the days? I mean, he always seemed kinda obsessed with her and surely loved/loves...
  6. AngeliKat

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Feminism and Joss Whedon

    Hello all! I'd like your thoughts on the feminist reputation of Buffy. I think many of us have felt empowered by the show's multidimensional females, but some argue that BTVS isn't as feminist as we might like to think. Also, how does Joss Whedon figure into your observations? Do you hold him...
  7. EarthLogic

    Has Joss Whedon ever been challenged over his feminism with regard to 'Angel' (the series)?

    Most articles and interviews about Joss and his feminist credentials tend to focus on the progressiveness and inconic status of Buffy but does anyone know if Joss has ever been directly questioned or challenged over his poor treatment of female characters on Angel?
  8. AngeliKat

    Question Do You Love Buffy but Hate Joss?

    My answer? Yes. He's a faux-feminist who cheated on his wife and has a pretty poor track record of problematic female representation, despite the glory of Buffy. Thoughts.
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