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  1. MarieVampSlayer

    Which song would you sing at Caritas?

    Ok so this is very important...If you could choose... Which song would you sing at Caritas so that Lorne can send you on the right path? Can't wait to see your answer :p
  2. Puppet

    The Sisterhood - Book One

    The Sisterhood - Book One A Buffyverse fanfic set around the end of seasons 5 and 2 respectively. Crosses over with the CW show Supernatural but knowledge of this show is unnecessary to read (and enjoy) the story. Summary; At the end of Belonging, Cordelia ends up somewhere very different from...
  3. Spanish Flame

    Birthday video project for Andy Hallett ( Lorne)

    Hello everyone!:rolleyes: Andy Hallett (Lorne)'s 42 Birthday is in few days and I am doing a birthday video with messages from all of us (fans). Since I know I can spam about my Andy Hallett website... I will put it what is all about. I hope it is the right section as well... :D Andy's...
  4. Poetic Life

    Spoiler! Did Lorne Know?

    Lorne can read people as they sing, and can see a few of their possible destinies. I've got that. Depending on what part of their life they're in and what choices they still have to make, not everything is clear. I've got that. But Angel and the rest of them sang for him multiple times and...
  5. Chekaymor

    Hello, fellow undead heads!

    I'm Chelse :) I'm a Faith, Anya, Lorne, and Spike fanatic with a love for writing, blogging, and discussing BtVS.
  6. Wildfly

    Was Angel corrupted by Wolfram & Hart

    I think there is a consensus after watching the finale of Atvs that Angel wasn't corrupted by Wolfram & Hart, but I am not convinced. Sure, he haven't sold out to the senior partners, but he seems to be a bit of a megalomaniac at the end. It made a good show, but it was a bit disturbing. Take...
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